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Lawn and Garden

Cooks Garden
Fresh from the us! Produce, flowers, gardening supplies and kitchen supplies!  http://www.cooksgarden.com

Garden and Yard Products
Markers Inc. now manufactures innovative new garden products and yard products employing the use of this PATENTED ground socket anchor for multiple pole applications.  http://www.garden-and-yard-products.com

Therm-O-Rock West, Inc.
Therm-O-Rock West has been processing perlite and vermiculite minerals since 1981. Our knowledge and expertise in processing these minerals, along with our dependable product delivery makes us the market leader in the Southwest region. Therm-O-Rock serves customers with high volume demands and diverse packaging requirements. If you are new to us and would like to view our sample products, be sure to visit the perlite products or vermiculite products section. We ship truckload and half truckload quantities to many locations.

Perlite is used as a component of soilless plant mixes where it provides aeration and moisture retention for superior plant growth. Perlite is sterile and weed free with a neutral pH. Its light weight makes for ideal container use. Perlite is also used as a carrier for fertilizer, herbicides and pesticides and for pelletizing seed.


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