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Adams Extract
Adams Extract & Spice LLC currently produces well over 100 extracts, spices, and food colors in a variety of sizes, but the company will always be best known for its vanilla extract, ADAMS BEST.  http://www.adamsextract.com

Alpharetta Spice Co.
We are a boutique spice blend company located in Alpharetta Georgia. The company began out of a growing frustration with the selection and condition of herbs and spices available in grocery stores.

Often the selection of herbs and spices you get from your local grocery store have added preservatives, flow agents, or have deteriorated while sitting on the shelf for an extended period of time, resulting in poor quality. Our answer to this is to never add preservatives or flow agents, and to keep a very limited inventory - 100 bottles or less - so that the resulting quality is always extremely fresh.

Annies and Consorizo
Welcome to Annie’s Naturals, creator of deliciously unique all natural and organic salad dressings, marinades, sauces and condiments.  http://www.consorzio.com

Foods Alive
A line of dehydrated Certified Organic Golden Flax Crackers with flavors including, Italian Zest, Mexican Harvest, Maple & Cinnamon, and Regular. Using only the finest certified organic, vegan, kosher, and wheat free ingredients, we created simple functional whole food that everyone can enjoy.  http://www.foodsalive.com

Giff's Original
Giff's Original condiments and sauces change ordinary meals into extraordinary meals.
Giff's Original products are fresh, lively and inspiring. The intense and complex flavors lend a unique character to your favorite foods. The savory flavors will awaken your taste buds and excite your plate like no other condiment.

Maple Grove
Over the years, we have developed products at the request of retails, which respond to a variety of dietary concerns. Fat free, sugar free, gluten free, all natural, and dairy free are among some of our product attributes.

Our goal is great tasting, ‘good for you foods’. Whenever possible, our products are all natural. We also offer a line of organic foods and our commitment to quality is your satisfaction – we guarantee it!

Valley View Lavender Farm
Established in 1999 and located in the Magic Valley area of South central Idaho, we grow over 5,000 lavender plants in 14 different varieties. We grow Lavender so we KNOW Lavender.  http://www.valleyviewlavenderfarm.com


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