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Thank you for visiting our storefront and embarking on a truly unique dress buying experience. My daughters and I created DressByDesign to give you the freedom to design your own classic, feminine dresses. Our user-friendly, online design process allows you to create the perfect dress to fit your sense of style, your lifestyle, and your body from the comfort of home.  http://www.dressbydesign.com

English American Tailoring
We manufacture the highest quality garments available today. Our employees are committed to providing our customers with a quality product and a high level of service at competitive prices. Elegance is not an accident, we work at it. Luxurious fabrics, excellent fit, and the latest styles combine to create a fashion statement that is truly available nowhere else.  http://www.englishamericanco.com

Peggy Jennings
We never discuss whom we dress, but our clients are, by and large, all first ladies. Mrs. Bush and Mrs. Clinton, obviously first ladies, but so also are CEO's of major corporations and chairwomen of major charitable functions, and honorees and Mothers of who are hosting social functions.

PEGGY JENNINGS has always made every piece in her own facilities to insure maximum quality control. Quality is also reflected in the fact that every piece is silk lined, all button holes are hand bound, buttons are glass, natural shell or metal.


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