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AG jeans
Keeping thier commitment to the made in the USA label and dedicated to the continued development of the brand with the utmost attention to detail and quality  http://www.agjeans.com

All American Clothing
Most of our clothing is UNION MADE IN THE USA. However, when we cannot find something union made, we will offer "Made in the USA" products. Currently only three of our products are not union made, but they are "Made in the USA"  http://www.allamericanclothing.com

American Ranchwear
Each Schaefer Outfitter garment is proudly American made in our family owned and operated factory, which means we design, engineer, cut, sew and inspect each and every garment featured in the product line. In fact, Schaefer is one of the last full line apparel manufacturers left in this great nation of ours.

We not only produce American made garments, but firmly stand behind purchasing American made raw materials right down to thread, snaps and labels.

The result of your support is not only heart felt to our small company and its employees, but to the hundreds of folks from coast to coast in the textile industry who provide the finest raw materials possible.

Apparel USA
Need American made products - then think of Apparel USA Corporation. Our product line consists of numerous styles of jackets, fleece, woven shirts, polos, tees, henleys and more. ALL are USA MADE and most items are also UNION MADE.  http://www.usamadeapparel.com

Bicycle Clothing
Bicycle clothing is what makes or breaks the bicycling experience. It determines if you're comfortable while riding, and therefore happy! Your bicycle clothing keeps you warm, dry, well padded, and safe. We have cycling apparel that breathes, keeps you dry, has Velcro for convenience, and 3M-brand reflective elements for safety. We have bike shorts that have padding where it's most critical, and bicycle jerseys and other garments that have extra room where it's needed most. We designed our bicycle clothing thoughtfully; and we take bicycling, bicycle clothing and bicycle accessories very seriously.  http://www.bicycleclothing.com

Blue Canoe
Blue Canoe manufactures the highest quality organic cotton clothing. We offer a wide range of organic cotton yoga apparel and organic cotton casual clothing as well as organic cotton lingerie.

Our lingerie collection includes bras that give all day comfort and 5 styles of organic cotton panties. Blue Canoe organic clothing makes wonderful travel wear. Our comfortable, versatile styles not only pack well, but will dress you well for sightseeing, hiking, the spa, and out to dinner.

Blue Canoe Baby is a newer addition to our family of products. Now you can dress your baby in soft, pure, organic cotton baby clothes in fun Blue Canoe colors. MADE IN THE U.S.A.

For over 115 years, Carhartt has manufactured premium workwear known for exceptional durability, comfort, quality of construction, and fit that you can feel in the fabrics and see in the performance.  http://www.carhartt.com

Cotton Field USA
We work with a small number of farms, weavers and dye-houses that are chosen for the environmental sustainability. We choose our people for their commitment to producing good work and we do our best to create an environment of compassion, optimism and humor in what is known to be a stressful industry.  http://www.cottonfieldusa.com/home.php

Cotton Mill
We're still here sharing what we believe in -- and that is the integrity of our lines which are all produced exclusively in the US and Canada.  http://www.cottonmill.com

Thank you for visiting our storefront and embarking on a truly unique dress buying experience. My daughters and I created DressByDesign to give you the freedom to design your own classic, feminine dresses. Our user-friendly, online design process allows you to create the perfect dress to fit your sense of style, your lifestyle, and your body from the comfort of home.  http://www.dressbydesign.com

Earth Wear
Established in 1993, Earth Wear is a source for eco friendly chemical free organic cotton clothing for infants children and adults all made in the USA. Earth Wear offers quality promotional silk-screen advertising on organic cotton T-shirts for wholesale customers. At Earth Wear™ we don't offer as many "Extras" in our natural fiber Infant baby and children's organic cotton clothes line as some of the other clothing manufacturers.  http://www.earth-wear.com

Earths Creations
The quality of life for future generations depends on the choices we make today. For us at earth creations, acting resonsibly as a company is an important tqask. We are excited to announce that now our youth and infant t-shirts are made from 100% organic cotton.  http://www.earthcreations.net

Ecoganik is a California based fashion designer manufacturer and is an active member of the Organic Trade Association, the OTA Fiber Council Committee and Co-op America Business Network. The Organic Trade Association is a membership based business association which brings together policy makers, certifiers, growers, shippers, processors, manufacturers, and retailers in North America and Mexico to promote the integrity of the organic standard in North America. Ecoganik is a brand name that stands for quality, beauty, versatility and simplicity in women and men fashion.  http://www.ecoganik.com

At ECOLUTION®, true to the original ideals that inspired our conception in 1990, we have dedicated ourselves to working with hemp fiber to produce premium quality natural textile products in the most environmentally-sound way possible.

Thank you for your interest in our company. We appreciate your support.

English American Tailoring
We manufacture the highest quality garments available today. Our employees are committed to providing our customers with a quality product and a high level of service at competitive prices. Elegance is not an accident, we work at it. Luxurious fabrics, excellent fit, and the latest styles combine to create a fashion statement that is truly available nowhere else.  http://www.englishamericanco.com

Filson does make some of their own clothes and items. They do tell you on their web site which ones are made in the USA.  http://www.filson.com

Guesset Clothing
Wear Our Trademark Gusset
Diamond Gusset Brand Jeans are different because of the unique gusset sewn into the crotch. So you're more comfortable, you have more room just where you need it, and you have a lot more freedom to move. See more about our trademark gusset here.

Gusset Clothing
Diamond Gusset Brand Jeans are different because of the unique gusset sewn into the crotch. So you're more comfortable, you have more room just where you need it, and you have a lot more freedom to move.  http://www.gussetclothing.com

Jensen Apparel
Jensen Apparel has been manufacturing men's and ladies' tees for over 20 years. We pioneered junior tops and were the first to offer men's long sleeve pocket tees. Our specialty has always been the largest selection of pocket T-shirts available and we are still the leaders with the addition of tall pocket tees in short and long sleeve styles. Our junior styles have evolved into a longer fit with combined ringspun cotton and Lycra added to make a supreme comfortable knit. We have also taken our junior line to the next level and created misses sizes in the same great styles and fabrics. We have always been committed to providing quality garments and customer service because we are the manufacturer as well as the distributor.  http://www.jensenapparel.com

Jita Swim and Ilsand Wear
Custom hand crafted mix and match bikinis and one piece swimwear and womens clothing

We offer 114 different colors and prints to choose from, 18 mix & match bikini top styles
16 mix & match bikini bottom styles.

Johnson Woolen Mills
Located in the village of Johnson, Vermont, just north of skiing mecca Stowe, Vermont, the clothing company still makes the same woolen shirts, jackets and the famous iceman's pants that have been best sellers for decades.  http://www.johnsonwoolenmills.com

Justice Clothing
All of the clothes at Justice Clothing are made in the USA and Canada by unionized workers.  http://www.justiceclothing.com

Kasper Organics
The goal of making organic cotton clothing and hemp products available at affordable prices. I focus on the basic items people need and use most. And I try to be responsive to my customer's needs. Especially those who are chemically sensitive (mcs).  http://www.kasperorganics.com

Kell Spot
Kellsport sweatshirts are recognized as the highest quality sweatshirts available in the industry. Kellsport brand sweatshirts are requested by more utility companies throughout the country than any other sweatshirt brand. Construction companies, homebuilders, electrical and plumbing trades, landscapers and tree companies, all prefer Kellsport sweatshirts for their employees and corporate gifts. The Kellsport sweatshirt line includes heavyweight hoods, zippers, crewnecks, heavyweight thermal sweatshirts, and 100% Cotton Sweatshirts, all Made in U.S.A.  http://www.kellsport.com

Live Free, Inc.
We at Live Free, Inc. are dedicated to providing unique, appealing products of the highest quality. All of our products are created to inspire our customers, and those who see our designs, to think about American freedom and greatness.  http://www.livefreeonline.com

Thanks for stopping by! Everything on this site is handmade by me. I've been making hippie clothing for about seven years now. All my clothes that are currently for sale, including hippie patchwork dresses, apron tops, skirts and bags can be found in my Closet.  http://www.marshamellow.com

Modest Apparel USA
Welcome to Modest Apparel USA.com . We believe that a modest woman is a beautiful woman.It is our intention to provide women with a wide selection of modest clothing. There will be more modest dresses and culottes added soon, so check back often. We know you will be pleased with the quality of our dresses. All our garments are made from top quality fabric and are manufactured right here in the United States of America. We stand behind all of our clothing 100%. If you are not satisfied with any of our garments please return it to the address below within 30 days of purchase, with the reason you are returning the garment. Many of our styles can be fit to size or be special ordered in the fabric of your choice.  http://www.modestapparelusa.com

Not Your Daughters Jeans
Tummy tuck jeans "allows you to wear one size smaller" exclusive crisscross feature to tuck the tummy. Extra soft fabric.  http://welcome.www.notyourdaughterjeans.com/index.aspx

Olivia Helen
The philosophy is quite simple. Our garments are designed entirely for the woman sporting the garment ... just for her ... to be feminine, comfy and cozy.  http://www.oliviahelen.com

Peggy Jennings
We never discuss whom we dress, but our clients are, by and large, all first ladies. Mrs. Bush and Mrs. Clinton, obviously first ladies, but so also are CEO's of major corporations and chairwomen of major charitable functions, and honorees and Mothers of who are hosting social functions.

PEGGY JENNINGS has always made every piece in her own facilities to insure maximum quality control. Quality is also reflected in the fact that every piece is silk lined, all button holes are hand bound, buttons are glass, natural shell or metal.

Pointer Brand
Pointer Brand High Back, Low Back and Carpenter Overalls, Carpenter Jeans, Blue Jeans, Coveralls, Hunting Clothes, Denim Jackets, Shorts and Shortalls for Adults and Children. All made in
the USA, since 1913.

Prison Blues
The Prison Blues® factory was created in 1989 to manufacture jeans, yard coats, and work shirts made by and for Oregon inmates.

Marketing began to fuel interest in Prison Blues® products that translated into more work opportunities for more inmates to work in the factory making our authentic, prison-made blue jean brand.

Rawganique.com: Sweatshop-free organic linen, cotton, and hemp clothing and hemp products made in USA, Canada, & Europe (not China) under fair labor conditions.

Our hemp products are made from certified organic European hemp (chemical-free), not Chinese hemp. We do not carry clothing made from soy (issues with Genetically Modified Organisms — GMOs — and pesticides and chemical fertilizers), bamboo (issues with chemicals and acids in the manufacturing process), PET (recycled soda bottles: issues with outgassing and chemicals), or wood fiber (made from new wood, plus acids & chemicals in processing).

Rivers West
The products found on this website are the most durable ever made. Feel free to take them through briar patches, thorn bushes, or even over barbed wire fences.

At Rivers West, we don't expect you to hunt from your truck. And we don't think you should have to worry about your gear. That's out job. If anyting goes wrong with any of our products within the first 12-months of ownership, please call us and it will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

Round Belly
Most of these fabrics are baby soft organic cottons and hemps. With every washing they grow more perfect for wear. In fact, these may be the only rnity clothes you ever cried over being done with (but no worry, that's why we offer nursing and women's).  http://www.roundbelly.com

Round House
Round House Classic Blues overalls are the Round House signature style that first came off the line in 1903.

As our flagship overall, it represents the strength and ability of American Made. We offer it in 118 different sizes - from a 28" waist to a 74"!

Solar Eclipose Sun Protective Clothing
Solar Eclipse is made with a patented fiber called Supplex which blocks 95% to 99% of all UVA and UVB rays. That's equivalent to wearing a SPF 30+ sunscreen - without the need to keep reapplying lotion. With Solar Eclipse, all you need to do is get dressed.

Our fashionable, lightweight, easy-care clothing keeps you cool, comfortable and shielded from solar radiation all day long. And because the sun protection is woven right into the fabric, it will never wash out. Every Solar Eclipse garment is hand-crafted to our high quality standards in the USA, and meets or exceeds the rigorous sun protective certification requirements.

Sub 4 USA
Today, Runner’s Gear Inc., owner of the Sub 4 brand, still maintains the same patriotic ideology that Tom inspired. We manufacture ONLY in the USA and use ONLY USA made fabrics. We refuse to pay major athletes the ridiculous sums that our competitors do in order to promote their products. Those huge promo payouts are reflected in higher consumer prices whereas we on the other hand have kept our prices low even in the face of competing against cheap overseas manufacturing.  http://www.sub4usa.com/

Swami Sportswear is a manufacturer of men's, women's and children's sportswear. All of our products are 100% Made in USA using legal domestic workers. Like all American companies, we have a choice between importing our products from one of the common manufacturing outposts of the world or making them here at home - for us the choice is simple. We are proud to carry the "Made in USA" label on our garments and will never put our name on any imported product.  http://www.swamiwear.com/

Texas Jeans
Texas Jeans was founded long ago with one idea in mind. Keep it American. Owner and President Wallace Thompson wanted to have a jean that was top quality, rugged, and great fitting. But he also wanted to keep the price so everyone could take advantage of this idea. Many other big name brand jean companies moved their production overseas to keep their costs down, yet for some reason the price of the jean went up!

Mr. Thompson vowed his factory would never go overseas, nor would he compromise quality for cash. He would bring a great fitting, high quality, reasonably priced jean to the masses. 100% made in the USA Texas Brand Jeans became not only a jean, but a idea. American workers making an American product of top quality priced right.

Made in Portland Oregon. Naturally dyed eco-friendly fashion.  http://www.tinctoriadesigns.com

True Religion Brand Jeans
Jeffrey Lubell founded True Religion in 2002 with the intention of redefining premium denim. His vision was to make quality, American-made, authentic, timeless, great fitting, 1970’s inspired jeans wear, with a trendsetting appeal for today’s consumer.

Today, True Religion Brand Jeans is known not only for its denim, but also for its knit and woven sportswear, such as t-shirts, western shirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants that all have that vintage feel.

True Religion’s commitment to perfect fit, timeless style and that hippie bohemian chic flair have solidified True Religion’s brand position as a leader in premium denim and casual sportswear globally.

Wave Shoppe
Wave Shoppe manufactures floral Hawaiian shirts for luaus, featuring men and women's Hawaiian print shirts and authentic handcrafted Hawaiian apparel for men and women in traditional and vintage prints. Wave Shoppe mens Hawaiian shirts with Corvettes, cu  http://www.waveshoppe.com

Wickers was started in 1981 by Anthony Mazzenga, the founder and current CEO and Chairman, as Anrotex Inc., which was primarily a fabric company. In 1990, seeing an opportunity in the performance underwear market, Anthony combined the innovative fabric company with performance garment manufacturing to create Wickers Sportswear, Inc. In 1998 he set up Wickers Europe to market performance underwear garments primarily in the UK. Wickers.com was set up in 2000.

Since its inception, Wickers has been a leader in the development and introduction of performance fabric technology. Wickers pioneering development of its propriety Akwatek fabric, established a new standard by which all other wicking technology fabrics were judged. The fabric has been tested by independent agencies and found to have capabilities superior to that of standard "wicking" fabrics for thermoregulation in performance sports apparel.

Wittmann Textiles
Look to see where the product is made they have both USA and Turkey. I put them on because to fine USA sleepwear is so hard and they have it. Snuggle up in our super soft 100% Cotton Sleepwear. Our Original Tee-PJ Nightshirts are made in the USA by Union Labor with USA Premium Ring Spun Cotton - a rarety in today's market! Tee-Pjs are unique with no side seams - like sleeping in nothing at all. We have quantity pricing so that you can save big and sleep well!!! We offer a huge selection of Turkish Terry Cloth, Flannel, & Waffle Robes in many sizes to get that perfect fit. Other quality products include Bath Wraps, Flannel Nightshirts and Nightgowns, Sleeping Caps, Underwear & Socks. Our 100% cotton sleepwear will be a valued part of your wardrobe. Think of us for your special gifts and holiday shopping. We can send a personalized message (no charge) from you and send it directly to your special person (reasonable gift wrapping available)! Thank you for stopping by and visiting. Have a great day!  http://www.wittmanntextiles.com


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