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1 Cute Pooch
Cute pet outfits! Most made in the USA!  http://www.1cutepooch.com

Angels' Eyes
Angels' Eyes®. is the first product specifically developed for BOTH DOGS & CATS to eliminate unsightly tearstains from the inside out! Go From Tear To Clear™

Other products are topical requiring high maintenance and yet will only remove the tear stains temporarily causing it to return worse than before. Angels' Eyes®. also helps to eliminate staining around the mouth and their coats due to licking. Angels' Eyes®. starts working before the tear stains begin and never adds food dyes or wheat which can have negative effects on your pet. All of our ingredients are products of the USA.

Animal Stars
Manufacture - Wholesale - Retail Manufacturing Luxury Pet Products: Crystal - Rhinestone Tags, Hand Painted Tags, Crystal & Opal Leather Collars, Greeting Cards ... slow, painstaking labor of love. Each and every tag is hand crafted by many artists specially skilled in their own area of expertise.

Animal Stars manufactures these jewelry Jewellery quality Tags in the USA, from start to finish. Our collars are also hand crafted from the best leather using only Swarovski crystals or Black Opal from Australia. PRODUCTS HAND CRAFTED IN THE USA

Animals Essentials
Developed by leading experts in the field of holistic animal care, Animal Essentials supplements are made from the best natural ingredients available. Plus, all are safe and easy to use ... with flavors and aromas that appeal to most dogs and cats.  http://www.animalessentials.com

Auburen Direct
You will appreciate the quality craftsmanship of handcrafted products, using the finest full grain leathers and materials. We are so proud, wherever possible, our "AUBURN" logo is stamped into our products.  http://www.auburndirect.com/

Barker & Meowsky
In 1996, our partner and co-founder Alice Lerman was walking dogs in the Chicago area, serving as friend and confidante to all breeds and mixes alike, from the most nervous of Chihuahuas to most the most stately of Greyhounds. As a pet enthusiast, Alice was always on the lookout for high-quality food, treats, and toys for her own dog and cat, as well as fun, decorative items for her home. She searched the world over and discovered that well-designed merchandise was available for our kind, however, it was extremely difficult to find.

When Alice approached us with the idea of opening a shop where you could find everything for your pet and your home, we thought she was barking up the wrong tree. We told her to talk to the paws, 'cause the noses weren't sniffin'. But when she gave us some Howling Hound Biscuits and Kitty Kaviar, Meowsky and I were at a loss for words.

In 1998, we set up shop in our present Chicago location, a beautiful and fun space to experience. Alice has continued to impress us with fun, practical toys and treats like the Catnip cigar and the Chuck-It (a veritable tennis ball launcher), healthy, affordable, and delicious foods, and tony accents for any home.

We at Barker & Meowsky celebrate and promote the bond between people and their pets through fashion, humor, and art. Our toys are not only cool; they serve a particular purpose for the pet in question. We specialize in service. Tell us what you're looking for, and if somebody on earth makes it, we'll find it.

If you're in Chicago, please drop by our store and see us. All quadrupeds get a yummy treat! (Four legs good; two legs so-so.) With all of life's hassles and hardships, it's the little snuggly friends that you can always count on to make you smile. And that's why we're here.

Big Dog Boutique
Unlike most style-minded pet stores, our dog collar size options don't end at the medium sized dog! Our dog collars are make to fit a wide range of sizes from petite pups all the way up to "plus size" dog breeds. Our dog collars are made in the USA with the highest quality materials.  http://www.bigdogboutique.com/

Big Paw Designs
Big Paw Designs, an on-line store, provides unique, hand made pet accessories ideal for pampering pets. Items are suited for that special gift for a fellow pet lover. Offerings include a variety of pet necklaces, collar charms, and pet lover gifts. The items are ideal for dogs & cats; small & large.  http://www.bigpawdesigns.com

Bio-Derm Laboratories, Inc. started when a german immigrant anmed Claus Pohl brought his family to america in 1971 and now 35 years later Bio-groom is manufactured on a 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility in texas.  http://www.biogroom.com

Bliss Pets
Made in the USA products for your loving pets.  http://www.blisspets.com

Blue Buffalo Company
Now you can feed your dog or cat like you feed your family with the BLUE line of natural, healthy and holistic foods for dogs. All BLUE recipes contain real meat as the first ingredient, along with wholesome whole grains, garden veggies and healthy fruit—the kinds of things you put on your own dinner table.  http://www.bluebuffalocompany.com

Cain and Able Collection
Our adventure started as a small bone of an idea way back in 2001, but with the support and enthusiasm of our family and friends – both human and canine, we decided to put the paws in motion and get our all natural products on store shelves and available to the public.

We never cut corners in quality, and we don’t think short term on anything that we do. We pay attention to the needs of our customers and their humans.

Canine Earth
All Canine Earth™ products are certified organic under USDA National Organic Program standards and display the USDA Organic seal. Naturally self-preserving, petro chemical free and hypo allergenic.  http://www.canineearth.com

Catron Fashions
Original handmade creations and dog costumes,. Some never seen in pet apparel. Great quality dog clothes. Made in the USA. Summer shirts, pants, visors. t-shirts.costumes. Alterations done Free! Outtfits featured in "Anchorman"Big small, we cloth them all! Our outfits have been featured also on Dateline NBC and Animal Planet, Nuts for Mutt. We also design original dog outfits for movie.  http://www.catronfashion.com

Circle Pet Products
We hope you enjoy our line of kitty toys, always handcrafted, always made in America, always made BETTER than the rest.   If we don't have the flashy "stuff" well its because our toys are good, and wholesome, like wooden blocks, erector sets, tinker toys  and "monopoly".  http://www.circlepetproducts.com

Citrus Magic
Everywhere you look you'll see where Beaumont Products touches the world we live in. Whether it's the highly effective hospital cleaner used in your doctor's office or the truly all-natural air freshener in your home bathroom, you'll be amazed where you might find us. When creating our products we focus on efficacy, value, and using safe, natural, and renewable resources whenever possible.  http://www.citrusmagic.com

Claire Thomas
Claire's fascination with pets began when she rescued a lovely and adorable Shih Tzu, name Baby. Baby inspired her to create a pet collection that not only is luxurious but comfortable.  http://www.petlovecnt.com

Cloud Star
The home kitchen has long been outgrown... although Melton and Johnson are still sampling treats off the line every day (along with Samantha and her more recently adopted furry sister, Nala), Buddy Biscuits are now manufactured in a fully-automated process. That's not to say that love isn't still baked into each batch. There is love. Lots of love.

Cloud Star is dedicated to preserving the environment that belongs to all of our animal and human friends. Recycled products and soy-based inks are used whenever possible.

Collars and More
CollarsandMore.com is your source for dog collars for your large breed dog. Many of our collars are sized in sizes up to 34" - big enough for a Mastiff or a St. Bernard!  http://www.collarsandmore.com

Complete Natural Nutrition
In 2005, Complete Natural Nutrition set out to develop products that would make a significant difference in the daily lives of dogs and cats. We understood that pet parents did not need another treat, cookie, raw hide or body part to feed their companion pet. Rather, we set out to provide frustrated pet parents with treat solutions for their beloved pets; pets with specific health issues like diabetes, overweight, finicky, allergies or on restricted diets. We set out to provide discriminating pet parents, who read labels and who want US made, US sourced ingredients with the world's healthiest treats.  http://www.completenaturalnutrition.com

Critter Cord
Cord protectors for your pets.  http://www.crittercord.com

Deni Axelander Designs
Deni Alexander was a theatrical costume designer in the New York City Area. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and received her Master of Fine Arts, Theater Degree from the Suny Purchase Conservatory Program in Purchase, New York. While enjoying the costume design process, Deni decided to translate her love for dogs and creative notions about clothing into one-of-a kind dog wear designs.

Her mission is to design fun, original and creative dog fashion with a strong commitment to fit and comfort for our best friends. She strives to create original designs while maintaining the happiness and comfort that our pets deserve. Many times we can find cute garments for our dogs, only to purchase them, get them home and be disappointed that they do not fit. Deni has spent years fine tuning and perfecting designs and patterning that will achieve both beauty and function.

products literally wipe out infecting agents. They also treat those difficult-to-heal “hot spots.” A wide variety of skin diseases can be easily averted if DERMagic products are applied at the first sign of an itch, bite, cut or infection. DERMagic works where everything else fails. We guarantee it!  http://www.dermagic.com

Designer Doggie Wear
Tired of those knit sweaters, the ones that stretch out and have legs that your dog hates? Us too! So we came up with a coat that fits comfortably and works well! You and your dog will love these coats! We know, because we have been dog breeders for 23 years and know what dogs like.  http://www.designerdoggiewear.com

Dog Chewz
Our goal is to create elegant products to pamper pets and their owners with a focus on small dogs...cats too. Toys and bowls are made in China but have been tested and are safe. All other products are made here in the USA  http://www.dogchewz.com

Dog Fancy
DOG FANCY is the world's most widely read dog magazine, celebrating dogs and the people who love them. First-time and seasoned owners turn to the magazine for expert information and entertainment.

Each issue includes cutting-edge medical developments, health and fitness (with a focus on prevention, treatment and natural therapy), behavior and training, travel and activities, breed profiles and dog news, issues and trends for purebred and mixed-breed dogs. The magazine informs, inspires and entertains readers while promoting responsible dog ownership.
Throughout its more than 35-year history, DOG FANCY has garnered numerous honors, including being named the Best All-Breed Magazine by the Dog Writers Association of America.

Doggie Paw Delites
Doggie Paw Delites are truly the finest dog treats you will find anywhere. All of our treats are baked using only the highest quality natural human grade ingredients. [No preservatives or additives] Not only do we have a panel of canine experts but people taste test all of our treats to make doubly sure that they are the tastiest. Your dog will agree “Doggie Paw Delites” are a bark and a wag above the rest.

We love our dog Sophie, our grand dogs, and our neighbor dogs. Holidays were always dog treat time. It is amazing how many holidays we could think of so we would have an excuse to make special treats for all of the dogs in our lives. It was always a pleasure to make fun treats for the four legged people that have enriched and blessed our lives. Out of this love to pamper our pets and everyone else’s too “Doggie Paw Delites” was created.

Doggone Good!
Doggone Good! is owned and operated by Elizabeth Heyenga. Started in 1995, the company has grown to a full-scale manufacturing and mail order enterprise. I began by offering items I used and enjoyed in training, travel and play. Product design grew as customers gave me their wants and needs, and before long I had far more ideas than time!

I have a passion for design. Taking something from my mind's eye and making it reality is a very exciting process. Meeting demands for top flight equipment from trainers and enthusiasts is challenging and rewarding. I have been blessed with kind and interesting customers, many I now count as friends.

I am honored to be well-received and am a growing company, but like being a small business and focus on keeping the level of quality I demand and the "personal" touch I value alive and well. There are lots more ideas than time even now, and many more years of excitement to come.

Dolce Vita Pets
Whether you have an adorable puppy, a happy rascal in his prime, an older canine member of the family who is dear to you, or an independent but affectionate feline, your pet’s comfort and well being can be improved through gentle, therapeutic heat from a Therabed.  http://www.dolcevitapets.com/about.cfm

Elmo's Closet
Hi! Welcome to Elmo's Closet! Elmo was a flat-coated retriever who loved to take long walks. It was back in 1998 that his collar broke during a walk along the boardwalk and I made him a snazzy new collar. We liked his new collar so much and we received such rave reviews from other pet owners, that we were inspired to start Elmo's Closet.

At Elmo's Closet, we handcraft collars and leads that are as practical as they are fun and whimsical. When you browse through our fabric collections, we're sure you'll find something you like - whether its for everyday wear or for your seasonal attire. All our collars and leads are lovingly handcrafted in the U.S.A. with the highest quality materials.

Fab Dog
Fab dog was created in 2002 with one goal in mind: to produce the most fabulous pet accessories in the world. Today our products are available at fine retailers worldwide. We pride ourselves on our innovative designs that combine the perfect balance of style and practicality. All of our products are made with the finest materials and safest hardware. With quality in mind, our expert craftsmanship and exclusive designs sets us apart from the pack.  http://www.fabdog.com

Fancy Lulu
Fancy Lulu pet boutique offers a complete selection of designer quality and the must-have items of the season with affordable price tag! Don't let Hollywood celebrities be the only one who can spoil their pets with luxurious pet clothing and product, now you can,too!  http://www.fancylulu.com

Feline Fido
We are an independently run online pet boutique that specializes in making pets "fashionably aware" through our unique ribbon dog and cat collars, leashes and harnesses.
We have custom designed many of our collections and believe in giving back to our community. We regularly donate products for use in charity auctions and rescue events to raise money for breast cancer, autism, spay & neuter and animal rescue.

Fu Fu Fashions
Fu Fu Fashions is the place to have that special outfit made for your little precious darling. All garments are made by hand to fit just right. All you have to do is find the fabric and style that you like and order.

Dog Clothes are designed for pets less that 12 lbs. please!

Specializing in the toy breeds like Yorkshire Terrier, ( Yorkie ), Maltese, Chihuahua, American Hairless ( AHT ), Toy Poodle, Mini Dachshund ( Doxie ), Italian Greyhound, Chinese Crested, Shi Tzu, Mini Schnauzer, Pom, Fox Terrier, Min Pin, Rat Terrier, Affenpinscher, Manchester and other tiny dog breeds.

Also for hairless cats!

Funny Fur
Urban Chic Designer Dog Clothes

Fashion forward styles for the pet fashionistas and discriminating fashion addicts. Pamper your pets with designer dog clothes, designer dog carriers, luxurious dog beds, novelty dog toys, organic shampoos, and other fashionable pet accessories.

Gordon MacIntyre
From the heritage of the Scottish Highlands comes these fresh lathering cleansers for the health and well-being of your pet. Rare botanicals and uniques fragrances combine to calm and nuture the skin and energize the spirit.

Designed by noted verternarian and dermatologist John Gordon, the formulations feature 100% natural fragrances blended with a mild conditioningt cleanser intended for regular use.

Happy Tails Spa
Launched in 2004, Los Angeles-based happytails sells and markets all-natural happytails spa products for the dog about town;

All our products are manufactured in an FDA approved lab with better than human quality ingredients to pamper, soothe and beautify today's harried hound.

We wouldn't use anything on our dogs tha we wouldn't use on ourselves.

I Believe in Dog
'i believe in dog' is a not-for-profit program of C. Liston Communications. We'll donate 40% of profits from the sales of 'i believe in dog' merchandise to non-profit dog rescue groups... until we can afford to donate more.

The phrase "i believe in dog" was coined by Claire Liston to communicate with others who share her love of domestic dogs. It is not intended to be sacreligious, but a belief in the wisdom of knowing such simple, honest, loyal creatures.

The human-dog connection is unique-- a tradition older than history itself-- and one that is common to people in the most remote parts of the world. The trust that humans and dogs develop for each other in daily interaction transcends borders, language and religion.

Who are all these good looking dogs?
All the dogs on the pages of ibelieveindog.com came from shelters, were rescued by dog rescue organizations, and were eventually adopted into loving homes. Help us save their friends!

Keepers of sheep... and of secrets.
Protectors of castles... and of children.
Teachers of trust... and of truth.
Models of sanity... and of soul.
Believe in dog.

I See Spot
I See Spot has something for all types and sizes of dogs from 1-2 lb. teacups to larger breeds up to 65 lbs.

From its most popular line of Personality Tees and Tanks with creative sayings such as ?Does this shirt make me look fat??, Americanine Idol, and Desperate Housedogs, to its Dresses and More category for the more fashion conscious dog and owner.

It is here a dog can don our trendy Skull Print sundress or go for a more classic "Chanel" look. I See Spot?s specialty sections for weddings and its newly styled jacket section are ones not to be missed. Looking for a gift for that puppy shower you?ve been invited to?

Check out our Gift Boxes section for an item or two to be long enjoyed by the recipient.

Isabella Cane
Isabella Cane was formed to celebrate the beauty of our dogs and of all they mean to us. Our dogs have special meaning in our lives and we honor this relationship. We were inspired by our own dogs, who make us deliriously happy.

We understand that design creates asymmetric value, as Designers and Architects we bring this understanding and a love of Design to everything we create. We are committed to creating the best products available today for the dogs we love and for the dogs you love.

J.W. Hulme Co
When I was a youngster, my granddad’s den and gear room was a source of fascination and discovery; old sporting prints, books, photographs, stuffed birds, guns, fishing rods, trip logs, his World War One saddle bags and his great grandfathers’ civil war saber and epaulettes over the fireplace.

Among the collection was a time worn, rugged old duffle bag of unique design that one sad day became my inheritance from an era of classic sportsmanship. The duffle had come from granddad’s crony Horace Thompson, who picked it up in the New York Abercrombie & Fitch Store near the turn of the century. Mr. Thompson had bought the Gokey boot business from Noah Gokey and gave the bag to his bootmakers to produce and subsequently had them made by Duluth Tent and Awning Co.™ for Gokeys®.

Over fifty years later, my friends at Gokeys® and I decided to add features to that heirloom bag and create a whole line around it. My company, J.W. Hulme Co.®, which had been making awning and canvas products since 1905, manufactured the bags, cases and luggage I designed to complete our classic line based on that original bag. The immediate success of our line under the Gokeys® and Orvis® brands established it as a sporting bag class of its own and inevitably spawned numerous copies.

In 1996 we decided to dedicate ourselves to both preserving and broadening the collection by designing, producing and branding the line under our own name. In that same year we shipped our first catalog. While other brands turned to overseas manufacturing or less expensive materials, J.W. Hulme adhered to the original standard of granddad’s bag. We recognized that our best of class passion for the integrity of classic design, materials, craftsmanship and attention to detail is esteemed by our customers. That’s what excites us. That’s why we call our line J.W. Hulme, The Original… and so, the legendary collection that started with granddad’s legacy carries on.


Jackson Sage
Richmond, Virginia based Jackson Sage, LLC specializes in handcrafted herbal skin care products. All products are specially blended by Erika Hollen using the highest quality oils, butters, herbs, and essential oils.

Jackson Sage complete skin care products focus on the healing and repairing power of nature combined together to balance, tone, repair and treat skin. You will find that every element included serves a purpose either to aid your skin or to soothe your mind.

The labels are easy to read and included natural fresh ingredients. With limited preservatives and high quality ingredients, products are created in small batches to ensure freshness and potency.

Jackson Sages offers exceptional skin items from facial scrubs, cleansing oils, lip treatments, body creams, and bath teas.

Free of harsh chemicals that dry or irritate skin and using only the simplest and purest ingredients, Jackson Sage products are perfect for Sensitive, Dry or Oily Skin. Our products make an excellent and natural addition to your skin care routine. Skin from head to toe will become clearer, softer, smoother and balanced, naturally.

Kathy Santo
We believe that doing the best we can for all dogs means helping you replace their chemically filled products with all-organic products. And rest assured, we are committed to non-synthetic and eco-safe manufacturing. You will be very happy with the pleasant aromas and true effectiveness of our products.  http://www.kathysanto.com

Kauffman's Animal Health, Inc
Kauffman's Animal Health, Inc. was founded in 1978 by Leon J. Kauffman as a small family oriented business with the intent to manufacture, package and market a line of nutritional supplements and premixes aimed at feed manufacturers and feed dealers.

The company is currently owned and operated by Dave and Tom Kauffman, with help from their father Leon, the founder of the company, and other family members. Including family members, the company currently employs ten full time employees. It is our employees that truly drive our company. Our low turnover and high employee loyalty are your guarantee of rock solid quality.

LebaLab Inc.
If you've ever tried to brush your animal's teeth, you'll know it isn't the most pleasant task, especially if your companion hates the procedure. Imagine how much easier it would be if you could just pop something in his mouth that would clean his teeth simply and naturally.

Enter Leba III by LebaLab Inc. an easy-to-use herbal product that you spray in your animal's mouth every day over a period of several weeks. Leba III works by stimulating the enzymes in the saliva and gradually cleaning away the plaque buildup that can lead to periodontal disease.

The product not only does away with home brushing but also helps protect your pet from the trauma of undergoing anesthesia for a professional cleaning.

Little Lily
One day in September of 2002, on a West Hollywood street, Lara Alameddine and Daniel Dubiecki were walking Lily, Lara’s family dog, a 5 pound Yorkie. Lily stepped on a shard of glass, injuring her paw. At the request of Lily’s vet, they set out to find a pair of protective dog shoes so this would not happen again. Lily did not approve of the ineffective and awkward looking shoes they found, so they set out to create something comfortable and cute enough for Lily's good taste. Lilyboots were invented and Little Lily was born.  http://www.littlelily.com

MA Snax
Ma Snax Superior Treats are delicious & nutritious whole grain organic dog biscuits. Ma Snax is committed to using the finest human-quality organic ingredients in our fresh baked treats.

Naturally w in fat and full of flavor with many varieties to tempt your four legged friends and family members. Make Ma Snax Superior Treats part of your everyday life by rewarding your dog with the best! they’ll know you care, they’ll be delighted!—Ma Snax.

Mammal Mama
Mammal Mama manufactures formulas to support animal milk production. Many animals may need the support of certified organic lactation herbs for increasing milk supply to: feed a large litter Incease or extend dairy milk give a boost to the family’s milk providing animal.  http://www.mammalmama.com

Mammoth Pets
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Maple Springs
Maple Springs Farms is a small working farm situated in the dairy country of north-central Pennsylvania. Nestled amongst the Armenia mountain range, the water and air are fresh and pure, offering an ideal area to produce our quality products.

Most of our products are all natural and always fresh. We offer handcrafted soaps, maple syrup, health and beauty care items made with pure refined emu oil, custom embroidered wedding gifts, custom embroidered baby gifts, custom embroidered anniversary gifts, nature, dog and wildlife limited edition art prints and books and everything else in association with Amazon.com.

Made in the USA and a family owned business. The secret to our products is the simplistic approach we take in making them. We are a simple processor, meaning that we use the least amount of steps as possible during our manufacturing process. We want to retain as much of the natural benefits as we can. We do that by staying away from any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives  http://www.merrickpetcare.com

Metro Paws
Metro Paws® offers one-of-a kind collection of pet tutus, hair bows & barrettes, negligees & pet portraits.  http://www.metropaws.com

Moon Valley Collars
Welcome! Moon Valley Collars is a family operated pet products business located in the beautiful Valley of the Moon. We take great pride in the superior quality and large selection of handcrafted pet products  http://www.moonvalleycollars.com

The Garmon Corporation manufactures the NaturVet®, GreenTree® and Pet Organics® lines of pet products. We specialize in manufacturing high quality natural products.

We offer natural alternatives to conventional drugs and pesticides that may cause harmful side effects.

Nutro Products
At Nutro Products we have more than 80 years of experience creating great-tasting, nutritious pet foods. We understand that your pets aren't just companions—they're important members of your family. That's why we've created premium pet foods made from quality ingredients for every life stage  http://www.nutroproducts.com

Oscar Newman
Oscar Newman luxury pet couture is the ultimate fashion house for discerning pets and their owners. Offering an elegant line of apparel and accessories, Oscar Newman is committed to delivering exclusive, irresistibly distinctive fashions for an upscale clientele. World-renowned, and popular among celebrity clientele, Oscar Newman has also been exclusively featured in E! News Live, as the designer to celebrity pooches. Oscar Newman designs have been spotted on the Emmy red carpet on the pup of Star Jones-Reynolds, as well as the pooches of Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, Hilary Duff, Britney Spears, Tori Spelling, Paula Abdul, to name a few. Oscar Newman has also created several exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces for Swarovski® Crystal.  http://www.oscarnewman.com

We encourage you to try Oxyganic®….and are so very confident that you will join with the testimonials of our many satisfied customers as to the high standards and success of our product.

We proudly stand behind our product, and offer a money back, 30 day guarantee that you will be as impressed with our product as so many of our customers have for the last 15 plus years.

And don't forget…..Oxyganic® is a green product, and is made in America! We take pride in our product, because we know that you will too! Together, we can create a healthier world for our pets and ourselves.

Patio Pacific, Inc.
America's finest pet doors for over 35 years!

Patio Pacific, Inc, was incorporated in 1976 specifically to market a new type of pet door--the 'panel' pet door for sliding glass door. This new product, the 'Instant' Pet Door, was the first of it's kind to offer an adjustable height capability which was desperately needed because sliding glass door tracks are not all the same height. It is a tribute to Lucile, founder of the company, that she had the vision to see a need in the market and the initiative to start a company from scratch to meet that need.

Sadly, the new pet door suffered from poor engineering and was quickly eclipsed by other, better, brands. Patio Pacific continued, however, by selling those as well and moved toward specializing in pet doors only.

I purchased the company in 1984 and in about 1991 introduced the Thermo Panel, the worlds first dual-pane, insulated glass panel pet door. That patio panel was followed not long after by the Quick Panel, a single pane glass product with a 'spring-load' height adjustment making installation a breeze.

Though a major improvement over anything yet on the market, the Thermo Panel installation was more difficult than our customers liked and in 2002 I introduced the Thermo Panel II which incorporated a spring loaded height adjustment similar to but better than the Quick Panel making installation quite simple. Then the Quick Panel was upgraded to the Quick Panel II by incorporating the new, improved height adjustment. These projects benefited greatly from the help of a talented local design and manufacturing engineer, Scott Ganaja, who was able to upgrade us from 'home-made' to the top tier of finely engineered and manufactured products.

Paw Naturaw
Paw Naturaw offers the first line of USDA Certified Organic, Raw, Frozen Diets for Dogs in America • 100% Human-Grade Ingredients.  http://www.pawnaturaw.com

Pet Flys
We would love to post a picture of your pet ridin'n'style in their Pet Flys carrier or stylin' in a Pet Flys outfit!!

So please send us your pets picture, name, city and state you live in and we'll pop it up....make sure to include a little bio on your pets favorite toys, treats and friends

Petkin Inc. is an innovative California based consumer products company founded in 1989 on the key principle of making better products that are easier to use. Every product Petkin develops must pass two very simple yet important tests before ever being sold: one, is the quality of the product the best it can possibly be and two, is the product easy to use. Currently, Petkin offers an extensive line of easy to use pet care products and a growing line of easy to use baby care products all designed with quality and ease of use in mind.

Petkin began in 1989 after it's founder David Goldberg, an animal lover, discovered that old fashioned pet care products were simply too messy to use and potentially harmful to pets. So David set out to make life easier for people and healthier for pets by developing a line of pet care products that were safer and easier to use.

10 years later, David decided to use the same principals of safety and convenience that proved so successful in the pet care industry and apply them to the baby care industry. David always believed that "pets were like babies that never grew up", so expanding into the baby care business was a natural step for the company.

Today Petkin offers an extensive line of easy to use pet care products and a growing line of easy to use baby care products all designed with quality and ease of use in mind.

PetzLife Oral Care Spray & PetzLife Oral Care Gel work fast and naturally to remove plaque and tartar on dogs and cats. It also safely kills bacteria on contact, helping to eliminate bad breath.  http://www.petzlife.com

Planet Dog
Over the past several years, we have evolved into an award-winning, socially responsible, values-based design house.

The fire in our belly is to concept, innovate and develop premium products "made for dog, by dog lovers" all the while being fully dedicated to satisfying both you and your best friend's needs.

Police Dog Houses
Police Dog Houses are dog houses made from K-9 Law Enforcement dog house plans and now these dog house plans are available to the general public in various sizes and models.

Dog houses made from our plans are in use by K-9 police professionals around the world. These are people who rely each day on durable quality housing for their valuable working dogs. We have been in business for 31 years and have built numerous dog houses. These police dog house plans are the final result of years of response to feedback from police K-9 handlers, veterinarians, and K-9 owners. That is why so many people have come to depend on these proven police dog house plans. Now private owners too can benefit from our experience. Build the same police dog house for your pet using our dog house plans.

Premier Pet Products
Premier was founded by pet-people, for pet-people. We believe in providing safe, innovative and effective tools that help improve relationships between people and their pets.  http://www.premier.com

Preston Leashes
Find the perfect handmade leather leash and leather collar for your dog or cat, and have it shipped to you anywhere world wide. There are a wide variety of sizes to choose from.

Our genuine leather is soft and supple, unlike many of the harder poor quality leathers you find in many pet stores these days. Many leathers on the market are baked in a day, but our leather is dried gradually over time. Your Preston made leash is soft from the very first time you use it, and it breaks in well over time.

All of our leather products are handcrafted using 100% genuine leather with brass fittings. Both our leather and nylon products are extremely durable. Preferred by trainers and wholesalers for our fine quality and low prices.

Nothing says Pride like your sweet baby in a classic Pride-Pup.com 6-paw rainbow shirt or big Rex in a flashing Bear Flag collar & leash. Pride for Pups… Who knew?

Pride-Pup.com means truly distinctive fine gifts and practical pride wear for dogs and cats and maybe even …….well, we do custom orders so just ask us! Whether feeling glamorous or laid back, help your pup make his Pride statement or watch her curl up in style and comfort. It’s all part of the “Out”pet experience.

It’s finally time to share Pride-Pup.com™ “Out”fits – and much more – with the whole extended family, something special for every mood or occasion. We focus on quality fabrics and designs that fit, all-natural products, distinctive designs and styles that reflect our identity with taste, fun and dreams.

Various items made in the USA.

You buy pet food for its nutrition, but your pet probably isn’t absorbing enough of it. Absorption rates can be lower than 30%. So you pay big money for nutrition, but your pet doesn’t get it. Your pet may suffer as a result. PROZYME® is proven to increase the absorption of vital nutrients, including essential fatty acids, by up to 71%. This increased absorption provides natural relief from the following difficulties, just ask your veterinarian about this highly specialized enzyme formula  http://www.prozymeproducts.com

Pucci's Palace
We believe that every dog should be given just as much kindness, affection and joy as they give us everyday. Our dogs are more than simply our pets; they’re our everyday companions, our confidants and most importantly, our family.  http://www.puccispalace.com

Pup Gear
PupGear Corporation offers pet owners innovative solutions that make it easier to include the family pet on vacations and travel adventures.  http://www.pupgearcorporation.com

Puppy Stairs
This company was formed because we at Puppy Stairs have a desire to help animals by enabling them to live a better quality of life. We are happy to present a product that not only helps pets who are injured, elderly or have developed bone and joint diseases; our product helps prevent injury.  http://www.puppystairs.com

Quick  Return  Tags
We sell retail, wholesale and have several plans for saving money on your volume orders. We purchase our blank tags from the same U.S. company as our military does. We do not buy the poor quality tags from the Asian market. These tags are not stainless steel and they will rust.  http://www.id-ideas.com

Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorials
Personalized pet memorials for your loved ones are a wonderful way to commemorate the lives of those who gave us so much love and companionship.

A finely engraved stone will remind us of them here, until we meet them again there, and cross the Rainbow Bridge together.

Richell USA
Welcome to Richell USA, manufacturer and distributor of a unique selection of storage, and pet products! At Richell USA, our goal is to offer innovative products and uncompromising quality. For example, Richell's Sports Storage Box is designed for the outdoorsman in mind. It's made of durable polyurethane and proudly bears the "Made in the USA" mark. Available in three sizes, each storage box is perfect for for holding hunting gear, camping equipment, fishing accessories and even tack supplies!

In addition, Richell's pet category includes an impressive selection of quality pet products. From indoor pet gates to matching pet pens, beds and feeders, we strive to offer pet owners a wide variety from which to choose. Afterall, we strongly believe that "because pets are family too" they deserve the very best!

Road Wagz
Roadwagz is a division of JM International, is a family business with over 40 years of experience in the fashion industry, including designing and manufacturing in both the wholesale and retail markets. Roadwagz is a designer of pet apparel and accessories for stylish pets and their owners. Roadwagz takes pride in the quality of all their designer pet apparel and accessories which are manufactured primarily in the U.S.A. as well as in Europe and Asia.  http://www.roadwagz.com

Ruff Ruff and Meow
Our hip and humorous dog clothes consist of dog apparel like t-shirts and tank-tops, sweatshirts, doggie wristbands (for that "sporty pooch"), bandanas , hair clips , and even matching human tanks (so you and Fido can go out in matching styles)! From clothing and accessories to dog treats, dog steps and small dog carriers , Ruff Ruff and Meow's online doggie boutique makes it easy to be your one stop shopping site for dog fashion and gifts for your beloved pooch, small or large!  http://www.ruffruffandmeow.com

Safe and Sound Pets
Hearing Protection for Dogs
Inspired by pilots who know the noise level of the cockpit is unsafe for man or beast....

Your dog's keenest sense is smell and number two is hearing. If you think something is loud, your dog is probably in pain. After heredity, long exposure to loud noise is the biggest contributor to deafness. Good news though... noise-induced hearing loss is different in one very important way... it can be reduced or prevented altogether.

Scott Pet, Inc.
The motto at Scott Pet has always been "Helping Pets Lead Quality Lives." We pride ourselves in our understanding of dogs, their needs, and what is best for their health and overall happiness.

Our goal is for the pet experience to be an enjoyable and positive one, by providing products that are designed and manufactured with quality and practicality in mind.

Scott Pet was established in 1975 by Mr. Tom Scott (who retired from the company in 1996), expanding from a three-person garage operation, specializing in sporting dog supplies, to an employee base of 200 with over 400,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and distribution space. We now manufacture and distribute over 4,000 items.

Skamper-Ramp is the only pet water safety device that gives you all the following.....Protect pets and other critters from drowning by allowing them to get out of the water on their own:
~Patented design
~Award-winning device
~Approved by the American Pet Association, receiving their "Seal of Approval" as a humane, safety device that makes life easier for pets and their owners.
~Easy to assemble, durable, robust and lightweight.

SNAPWARE® Airtight Canisters
SNAPWARE® Airtight Canisters are designed to keep dry food fresher far longer than traditional plastic containers. Shatterproof Flexiglass® provides an oxygen barrier 40 times greater than other plastics to keep moisture and air out. Convenient Snap Lock lids open and close easily, and are fitted with a special silicone seal to ensure airtight storage.

Snap N Serve™ All Purpose Food Storage
Snap ‘N Serve™ is food storage that’s stylish enough to serve from on your dining room table and strong enough to go from freezer to microwave to dishwasher. Innovative Snap Lock lids keep your favorite foods fresh. These containers are shatterproof and stainproof, and they stack in the refrigerator and nest in the pantry to save your valuable space.

Make-A-Gift™ Containers
Homemade cookies, candies and other treats are even more appreciated in a SNAPWARE® Make-A-Gift® container. It’s the perfect way to give a gift that will be enjoyed long after the occasion. Simply fill the container and address the included gift tag.

Pet Treat Jars
Pets enjoy fresh treats just as much as people do. That’s why SNAPWARE® has created a line of airtight jars, specifically designed to keep your four-legged pals’ treats as fresh as the day you bought them.

Snap ‘N Stack Seasonal Storage
SNAPWARE® Snap ‘N Stack Seasonal Storage boxes have patented Snap Lock trays that protect all your valuable seasonal items and make decorating easy. Trays unlock so you can see all your items at the same time, and then stack for space saving storage.

Sustainable Pet Design
The Greenrrrof Animal Home smells good, grows plants, attracts butterflies, filters water, insulates, and repels fleas naturally.  

Tail Wags
a tail we could wag creates fun fashion accessories for pets and the people who love them. Since 1988, the casual look, quality craftsmanship, brilliant color and fun-spirit of our products have been inspired by nature itself and a passion for the great outdoors. As you browse our website or catalog you will see the driving force for what we do has always been a genuine love for man's best friend. We are reminded everyday of their amazing faithfulness, unconditional love and joyful nature. Two decades ago it was a poem by W. H. Auden that really captured the essence of our company and led to our somewhat unusual name; "...in moments of joy, all of us wish we possessed a tail we could wag."

In partnership with some very special Mayan artisans living in the highlands of Guatemala, we have created a look and feel that is not only unique but helps support their small community. We take the color and texture of the Mayans' hand-woven crafts , then assemble and finish the products in the US for uncompromising quality and craftsmanship, delivering durable and colorfast products.

The Bark
The Bark is the voice of modern dog culture. It is both the acclaimed print magazine and an online forum, Bark Unleashed. The Bark brings readers a literate and entertaining approach to canine culture through essagys, stories, poetry, reviews, interviews and artwork.

The Bark offers fresh viewpoints on emerging social and behavioral isuses, ideas on health, recreations and activism - while focusing on the relationship between humans and dogs.

Since 1997, The Bark has become America's most exciting and talked about pet magazine and is distributed quarterly in bookstores, newsstands, airports, pet stores and other pet-friendly establishments. Called the "New Yorker" of dog magazines, it has been featured in a host of publications.

The Midas Touch Health
Midas Touch is dedicated to providing you and your pets with premium, healthy food and environmentally safe cleaning products.

At our Berryville, Virginia store you will find a variety of organic groceries, supplements for you and your pets, medicinal and culinary herbs, fresh roasted coffee, original art from local artists, teas, resource books, and much more.
Our selection is varied and new items are added weekly.

The Organic Bug
Through the offering of a wide variety of quality contemporary eco-friendly merchandise and health-oriented products, we invite individuals to use their purchasing power as a vote for social and environmental change, while delivering an incredibly interesting and informative one-stop shopping experience for today's busy retail.  http://www.organicbug.com

The Snood Factory
A Dog Snood is a "must have" garment for the serious dog owner. If you show your dogs, especially those with long hair and/or long ears, outfit them with one of our hand-made Dog Snoods to keep their head area clean until they are ready to show.

The Dog Snood keeps the dog's ears from falling into the water bowl, or from getting matted when the dog eats. As dogs tend to get close and curl up when they are eating, and certainly don't conform to our own table manners, they tend to get their hair mixed with their food, which is where our Dog Snood comes in. Also, as many owners will testify, dogs love to run around and explore, with their perfectly groomed hair often taking the brunt, with burrs and weeds and seed pods getting tangled up in their grooming.

The Spectrum Group
Since it’s inception in 1989, Spectrum Labs has been committed to providing the very best in vet allergy testing. Having performed hundreds of thousands of tests, we are dedicated to utilizing and improving on available testing methods, which gave rise to our unique patented SPOT testing technology. This technology provides the highest specificity and sensitivity to our results. By doing this and keeping our focus on our clients, and their patients, we have secured our place at the forefront of our industry.

Veterinarians currently serviced by Spectrum Labs reside in all 50 states as well as more than 30 countries around the globe.

Trii-Tronics’ latest generation on e-collars once again has the dog training world excited. From multi-dog expandability to our 2-hour charging system, the G2 EXP Field and Pro Series and Sport G3 family of e-collars offer all the features that you’ve asked for.

With the G2 EXP and Sport G3, simply add collars as your needs grow. In a matter of seconds, expand to controlling up to 3 collars (up to 6 collars on some models) even while in the field.

Take a look at our complete product line and decide which unit best suits your training needs and goals

U.S. Sheepskin, Inc.
U.S. Sheepskin, Inc. is your place to find sheepskin seat covers, sheepskin slippers, sheepskin hats...rugs, pillos, horse tack, sports accessories and more!  http://www.ussheepskin.com

Urine Gone!
Find out why millions use Urine Gone™. Urine Gone™ effectively removes new or old stains and odors from carpets, mattresses, furniture. Urine Gone™ works just about any washable surface or fabric! Just darken the room and use the included Urine Gone™ "stain detector" black light to show urine messes. Spray Urine Gone™ on and let it dry. Urine Gone’s™ enzyme action immediately goes to work. Making stains and odors disappear, Urine Gone™ keeps pets from re-marking their territory. Clean and deodorize with Urine Gone™. Urine Gone™ makes odors go away. Urine Gone™ isn’t only for pet messes! Use Urine Gone™ in the bathroom too!  

US Bones
USBones.com was developed to support our Rewards Fundraising program through online sales.

Rewards Fundraising originated when we realized just how many groups were interested in using our gift baskets for their fundraising events.

As parents and pet owners, we realized we needed to be using our own homegrown products to support the fundraising efforts of schools and animal shelters. And, so we did.

Walking your dog at night can be risky. Dark-colored dogs especially can be hard to see by moonlight - especially to drivers already overwhelmed by other traffic, street lights, signage, cell phones, and other distractions.

The Dog VizVest from Warntex USA keeps your pet safe by making it easy to see. The flourescent orange and yellow stripes are reflective to make them stand out. And the washable vest is made of 100% Polytex TM for lasting durability.

The Dog VizVest is easy to apply on and comfortable for your dog.

The Dog VizVest is Patent Pending

Wacky Magnets!
Wacky Magnets™ wafer-thin magnets are fun, whimsical, collectible and eco-friendly. Wacky Magnets are beyond the refrigerator. Give these whimsical gift magnets to friends, family and to waiters along with your gratuity or for any fun occasion. Wacky Magnets™ are thin enough so that you can mail one inside a card or letter without affixing additional first-class postage.

Some have described our magnetic products as recycled collectibles because we use found, and/or eco-friendly materials and techniques- 'green art.' Our hand crafted magnet themes are colorful and slightly zany magnetic art pieces that appeal to cat and dog lovers, whimsy enthusiasts, serendipity mavericks along with the top-selling "it's a guy thing" magnet collection. We have a magnetic product for all your whimsy or gift-giving needs. We have produced hand crafted laminated magnets since 1997

Wags ~n~ Wiggles Barkery
We use only high quality, all natural ingredients, such as whole
wheat flour, rolled oats, cornmeal, peanut butter and eggs. Our
treats are also people-friendly. We hope to see you soon!

Water Rover
It was a hot August night in 1998, and Stan and Ruth Greenberg were walking their adorable Schipperke, Black Bear, on a popular local walking path. As Black Bear was starting to droop in the heat, Ruth struggled to squirt some water from her drinking bottle into his mouth.

This was not the first time they encountered this problem, Stan realized. Looking around, he saw that many of the other dogs on the path were also showing signs of dehydration. There’s got to be an easy way to give dogs the water they need when you’re away from home, he thought. And that’s when the idea for the Water Rover™ portable pet water bowl was born. The rest, as they say, is history.

At G4 Ventures, we understand that your pet is a member of your family. We know how important it is to you to take good care of your much-loved companion – and we’re dedicated to bringing you products that will help you to do so.

G4 Ventures, Inc. is a privately-held company located in Orange County, California. Water Rover™, our first product, is available online as well as in hundreds of stores in the U.S. and Canada. We’re pleased that Stan’s invention, the Water Rover™, is helping hundreds of thousands of pet lovers to keep their pets hydrated and avoid the type of problem that Stan and Ruth had on that hot August night years ago.

West Paw Design
We are often asked, "Why does West Paw Design choose to manufacture pet products in the USA?" This is a question I enjoy answering, because all of us at West Paw Design share a passion for what we do!

West Paw Design is a company that becomes more unique every day. Not simply because of our outstanding products, quality and service, but also because we design, manufacture, sell and ship our dog and cat toys and bedding all from under one roof -- in Bozeman, Montana, USA.

We have talented and hard working employees who labor over the finest details of production, shipping and customer service. We value our team atmosphere that leads to creative breakthroughs in our product development, business and manufacturing processes. At our core, we are a true manufacturer who makes products rather than simply writing a purchase order for goods from overseas.

Wet Nose Dog Bakery
Natural, homemade dog and cat treats baked fresh with human-grade quality ingredients, Wet Nose Dog Bakery offers a variety of tasty biscuits and cookies for your favorite dog or cat!

Have you ever read the ingredients list on store bought pet treats? I don't want to feed my pets anything I can't pronounce, and I don't think you do either. How about treats made with fresh milk, real cheddar cheese, whole wheat flour, molasses, honey and peanut butter! That is just a partial list of the wholesome ingredients we use in our treats.

Whether you’re looking for some puppy treats for a birthday party or healthy cookies as a reward for man’s best friend, you’ll find something here to fit any occasion, or no occasion at all!

Wetnoz provides unique collections for your pet and your home. For larger dogs we offer raised dog feeders up to 5 cups, and in our small pet accessories line we have the 3/4 cup Pee Wee Pet Bowl. From the Ultra Collection made from highly polished surgical grade stainless steel, to the Metro line that combines stainless steel fused to brilliantly colored translucent plastic, our goal is to integrate design and functionality.

Our stainless steel bowls offer a hygienic, chemically-inert eating surface while providing style and grace to your kitchen. We offer ergonomically correct elevated feeders that allow your pet to eat with less of the stress involved from floor elevation bowls. Designed for anti-whisker stress, our feline food dish brings serenity to meals.

Wiggles is the brainchild of Ruth Regina, a master wig maker whose notoriety in her field spans half a century. The love of her art and the love of animals made an odd and unique coupling twenty years ago when a friend asked her to make a wig for her beagle. One order turned into many, one interview turned into a series of high profile engagements and thus Wiggles Dog Wigs was born.

Wiggles takes the same level of quality found in her hair products for Ruth Regina's two legged customers, for those on all fours. A true professional at custom wigs, Ruth designs and manufactures the wigs specifically for canines keeping their comfort the primary concern.

Wrap Rascal
The Wraprascal company produces a garment that discerning dog owners hope their dogs will truly enjoy. The WRAPRASCAL® dog coat demonstrates both style and quality not seen in the average mass market product. When your dog wears a Wraprascal garment, ?The day truly belongs to the dog!?  http://www.wraprascal.com

Available in six mouth-watering flavors and a Variety Pack, our dog treats are made from all natural, human grade ingredients. There are no chemicals or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

In addition, all of our dog treats are wheat, corn, soy and salt free, making them especially good for dogs with common food allergies.

Zuke's is built on a simple premise. We love our pets and want what's best for them. After all, they've seen us naked and they don't judge us when we drink directly out of the milk carton. It's that unconditional love between pet and owner that drove us to create our line of premium, all–natural pet treats & chews. It all began on a hike with my dog Zuke in 1995, I noticed that he'd become exhausted, so I broke off a piece of my energy bar for him and he perked right up. It was then that I realized pets need healthy, all–natural treats, just as much as people do.
Unlike other treats that are comprised of unrecognizable 14 letter ingredients, Zuke's is formulated to provide the specific nutrients your cat or dog needs. Our products include the finest meats, premium grains, fruits, vegetables and oils available. With Zuke's treats you'll never find any harsh preservatives like BHA, added animal fat, nasty by–products or artificial colors or flavors. In other words, we don't put anything in our products that we wouldn't eat ourselves—except for Mark in accounting—he's not so crazy about beets.
As a further testament to the confidence and love we've put into our entire line, Zuke's offers a money back guarantee on everything we sell. That's the 80's movie equivalent of standing outside your house with a boom box over our head. That's how much we stand behind our products.
We hope you have as much fun trying out the entire line of Zuke's treats with your pets as we had making them.


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