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Kidlfyx Koncepts
Combining strengths is what my partner and I work at doing everyday. Both of us spend long days working as early interventionist for children with communication disorders. Kristi, an early intervention speech pathologist, and myself, a pediatric audiologist, share many of the same little patients. It was those early connections and lack of parent-friendly choices that formed the beginnings of Kidlfyx.  http://www.kidlfyx.com

Posture Pump
When the spine has lost its curved shape, the discs are compressed and rich lubricating fluid is unable to penetrate. This causes premature aging in the form of stiff dry joints. When the spine is properly curved, nutrient-rich fluid is "imbibed" or drawn into the discs by their "sponge-like bellows action," promoting spinal balance and joint wearability.

Posture PumpĀ® was invented & patented by a doctor with over 25 years experience for home care of neck pain, back pain and stiffness

Welcome to socks4life.com, the Web's #1 sock outlet. We currently offer over 100 different styles and colors of socks that should fit most any need. All of our footwear is first-quality and at the most competitive prices on the Web  http://www.socks4life.com


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