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Big Ears Rabbit Farm
Furtilizer is a unique, 100% organic liquid plant food made from the natural nutrients found in rabbit droppings. The unique molecular properties of Furtilizer make it a truly superior product!

Simply put, it works like no other organic plant food on the market.

California Organic Fertilizers, Inc.
Since 1990 , COFI™ has produced premium, organic, Nitrogen-based fertilizers. Use of our products has resulted in increased yields and the highest quality produce available.  http://www.organicag.com

Cricket Poo
What Aubrey didn't know was how much, er... "poo" millions of crickets would produce each week.  "What will we do with all that poo?" he wondered.  "Well", he thought, "I reckon it might be a good fertilizer", so he put some on his garden, and... WOW!  Aubrey grew the biggest, juiciest tomatoes, and the nicest cucumbers, squash, bell peppers, hot peppers, and okra around, and Helen's flower beds soon became the envy of all her friends.  Everyone wanted to know what their secret was.  Aubrey shared his secret with friends, and thus the use of "cricket poo" as an organic fertilizer was born.  http://www.cricketpoo.com

To provide a quality organic fertilizer product for use in agriculture, urban areas, and other non-agricultural situations that conforms to environmentally sound production systems. Thus, ensuring the future of soil conservation and viability, protection of the environment and waters, and the health and welfare of people.  http://www.e-2001.net

eBio Organices
eBio Guano will add microbial elements and  key nutrients to the soil critical to healthy growth.  These elements will meet the large production requirements and high quality standard of farmers. eBio Guano will eliminate the need of harsh chemicals.  Chemical products will only promote diseases in plants and will kill the necessary micro-organisms in the soil that sustain healthy growth, thus deteriorating it over time.  Only a superior fertilizer such as eBio Guano  provides the key nutrients and microbial enzymes needed in the soil to fight diseases naturally.  http://www.ebioexpress.com

McGreary Organics
Our fertilizers are specifically blended to meet the needs of crops grown in a large variety of situations. Our fertilizers effectively “time release” nutrients maximizing plant uptake substantially reducing the amount of nutrients lost by leaching.  http://www.mcgearyorganics.com

MultiBloom and MegaGreen fertilizers are made from naturally fortified 100% catfish protein. These all natural plant and lawn foods deliver thicker growth and brighter colors without any synthetic side effects.  http://www.multibloom.com

Neptunes Harvest
The Neptune’s Harvest division came about as an endeavor to fully utilize the fresh fish that we process. When a fish is filleted, (the process of cutting the edible portion from the fish) up to 70% of it is in the form of heads, skeletons, scales and fins. In 1986, when Neptune’s Harvest was started, this portion was being brought out on fishing boats and dumped back to the sea. Clearly there was a need of more economical and environmentally sound method of use for this valuable by-product. Ocean Crest Seafood’s and Neptune’s Harvest, in conjunction with the state of Massachusetts and its local universities, has developed a process through which we changed an environmental hazard into an environmental benefit, the result being Neptune’s Harvest liquid fish fertilizer. After several years of trial and error and further refinements we now believe that we have the finest fertilizers (either organic or inorganic) available today.  http://www.neptunesharvest.com

North Amercian Kelp
North American Kelp has been in the business of producing quality kelp products for the agricultural and horticultural industries for 28 years. In fact, over the years you've probably used lots of our products under private product labels. We know what we're doing!  http://www.noamkelp.com

When you hold a PlanTea pillow in your hand, take a sniff. You catch a whiff of sweetness in the dried flowers and vegetables; and a touch of salt air in the dried kelp. Yes, it smells sweet. Imagine, a plant food that smells sweet.  http://www.plantea.com

The Hia
The Hemp Industries Association (HIA) is a non-profit trade group representing hemp companies, researchers and supporters. We are at the forefront of the drive for fair and equal treatment of industrial hemp. Since 1992, the HIA has been dedicated to education, industry development, and the accelerated expansion of hemp world market supply and demand.

The hemp industry has positioned itself over the past decade to once again become a major global economic force in the 21st century. Hemp is one of our planet's most important natural resources, and we advocate using it to its full potential.

The Organic Farm Store
It is our pleasure to bring you a number of high quality, organic products made only from all natural ingredients.

From our Close to Naturenow pet products, to our Bath and Body line and our organic soil amendments and fertilizers, you'll feel good about using our effective, earth-friendly products.

West Coast Marine Bio-Processing
Our company manufactures KELPGROW an organic cold processed liquid kelp product used as foliar spray in agriculture and gardening.  http://www.marinebioprocessing.com

Beginning with our formation in 1982, the mission of Westbridge has been to develop and manufacture environmentally safe products for agriculture, turf, lawn and garden. Our mission has since expanded to include a line of odor control and bioremediation products for agriculture, industrial and municipal wastes using the same sound scientific methods and an overall biorational focus. We have also refined our custom formulation techniques and have expanded into contract manufacturing.  http://www.westbridge.com

Wonder Grow
Wonder Grow’s" unique formula provides a Multipurpose Plant Food. For example, it can be used as a starter fertilizer, penetrant, anti-stress, root builder and for mineral nutrition. Use "Wonder Grow" on seeds, seedlings, transplants, vegetable, herbs, annual and perennial flowers, ornamentals and lawns during the growing season - Fall, Spring and Summer.penetrant, anti-stress, root builder  http://www.wondergrow.com

Worm Power
Quality Vermicompost has been proven by agriculturalists and scientists in multiple field and laboratory studies to be the best long-term, natural soil fertility enhancing product available.  http://www.wormpower.net


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