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Blankets Blankets
Welcome to blanketsblankets.com by Vermont Fleece Co. makers of the finest embroidered Polartec® Fleece Blankets that we personalize with embroidery to commemorate your special occasion or holiday. An embroidered fleece blanket is a gift not only to look at but also to use for years to come. An embroidered fleece baby blanket or a monogrammed fleece blanket becomes a special keepsake as do a birthday blanket or wedding blanket. With Polartec® being produced in Massachusetts, we offer an entirely made in the USA gift.

The blanket edge is sewn with an over-lock stitch, with thread matching the color of the blanket. In the Vermont Tradition, all stitching is done by a local Vermont Co-operative of stitchers.

Our blankets are machine washable and dryable, non-pilling, 100% polyester, keep moisture away from the body, are light-weight, yet warm and hypo-allergenic. Best of all, our fleece blankets are "so soft, warm and cozy!"

Castle Ware
Featuring natural fibers from around the world and an untiring attention to detail, Castleware products are manufactured in America by masters of the trade.

Lustrous silks and textural Romanian hemp blend together to form an exciting collection rich in details such as beautifully handmade tassels and French trims.

equita (Italian for fairness) is a design-conscious boutique showcasing the lastest in green, sweatshop-free and Fair Trade essentials for the body and home. O

ur line includes: men's and women's designer apparel; home furnishings; kitchen and bath; jewelry and handbags; bodycare; baby clothing and toys; sport and wellness gear; and specialty gourmet treats.

Green Textile
Green Textile has been a premier manufacturer, converter and distributor of circular knitted fabrics since 1938. Our unique combination of vertical manufacturing, combined with "hands-on" company-directed and managed converting, allows us to operate with the flexibility necessary for today's "just in time" delivery markets, while maintaining the quality of a fully vertical mill.

We produce a wide array of fabrics for the juvenile, automotive, apparel, medical, retail products, and specialty-niche markets. We can produce fabrics using a wide variety of fibers such as cotton, polyester, poly/cotton, nylon, acrylic, polypropylene, and lycra blends.

Heart of Vermont
At Heart of Vermont, when our customers and friends have needed to breathe freely, snore loudly and soundly, and dream peacefully, we’ve done our best to help them transform their bedrooms by using the softest, coziest, snuggliest, “nesting” materials we can find.  http://www.heartofvermont.com/

Honeysuckle Dreams
Honeysuckle Dreams is dedicated to the creation of beautiful, lovingly handmade 100% ORGANIC COTTON dolls, stuffed animals, quilts and pillows with naturally-dyed fabric and thread colors! All made at home in Maryland.  http://www.honeysuckledreams.com

Kid Bean
KidBean.com is your Vegan Family Superstore!

We specialize in labor-friendly, earth-friendly products made in the USA!

We invite ou to browse our large selection of organic cotton baby clothes, organic baby bedding, wooden toys, cloth diapers, organic baby slings, organic baby care products, and more!

We carry hundreds of items for children and adults, too! In everything we do, we strive to have the most positive impact on people, animals, and the planet we all share.

Kushtush Organics
Healthy, eco-safe organic bedding for your family, and baby's natural nursery. Organic sheets, pillowcases, blankets, comforters, mattresses and toppers, bed pillows and more.  http://www.kushtush.com

Our truly unique baby gifts include organic cotton layette sets nestled in wooden gift baskets and cozy fleece blankets personalized for baby. While we deign the world's most beautiful natural fiber clothing for your best-dressed infant, we also thank you for thinking of us when you think of others.  http://www.laurenceleste.com/

Native Organic
Welcome to Native Organic Cotton featuring organic home furnishings. Each product we produce is manufactured by us from the raw cotton fiber to the finished item.

We contract with American farmers for U.S. Certified long staple organic Pima cotton and experience insures your satisfaction. Native "From the Dirt to the Shirt"

Rawganique.com: Sweatshop-free organic linen, cotton, and hemp clothing and hemp products made in USA, Canada, & Europe (not China) under fair labor conditions.

Our hemp products are made from certified organic European hemp (chemical-free), not Chinese hemp. We do not carry clothing made from soy (issues with Genetically Modified Organisms — GMOs — and pesticides and chemical fertilizers), bamboo (issues with chemicals and acids in the manufacturing process), PET (recycled soda bottles: issues with outgassing and chemicals), or wood fiber (made from new wood, plus acids & chemicals in processing).

Sachi Organics
We collaborate with organizations whose mission is to involve us in a partnership which sustains and encourages, rather than exploits, the rich craft ritage of communities around the world by buying only from democratically organized artisan co-ops that pay a fair price to the producers. We also buy from other manufacturers whose goal is to be in harmony with the planet by using environmentally sustainable raw materials and by employing conscientious production methods.  http://www.sachiorganics.com

The Hia
The Hemp Industries Association (HIA) is a non-profit trade group representing hemp companies, researchers and supporters. We are at the forefront of the drive for fair and equal treatment of industrial hemp. Since 1992, the HIA has been dedicated to education, industry development, and the accelerated expansion of hemp world market supply and demand.

The hemp industry has positioned itself over the past decade to once again become a major global economic force in the 21st century. Hemp is one of our planet's most important natural resources, and we advocate using it to its full potential.

Tierra Wools
Visit our more than 100 year old weaving studio & showroom to see a glimpse of a time when the Rio Grande weaving tradition maintained village artisans though long cold winters.

Then, Rio Grande weavers quenched a deep thirst for color, harmony and spirituality by weaving for family, church and community.

Warped & Wonderful
All of the items listed on this site are handwoven by me. Unless noted, I have one of each item for sale. You can select from silk scarves, wool throws, merino wool scarves, cotton baby blankets, and cotton kitchen towels (or do you prefer to call them hand towels, dish towels, or tea towels?) and more.
Not sure if the color you see on your screen is the right match for your home or wardrobe? I can send you a sample of the yarns used so you can see the real color of the item before you make a purchase. Simply contact me and I will mail the yarn sample to you at no charge.

With the possible exception of the cotton kitchen towels, all items shown on these pages are ready to be delivered. Selected colors of the cotton kitchen towels may need to be woven for delivery, so be sure to check the table of available towels when placing your order.

Every item is finished in a fashion that will stand up to the type of washing appropriate for that item. I believe in washing everything I make prior to offering it for sale so my customers can see what they are really getting. Handwoven cloth right off the loom and washed handwoven cloth have a very different look and feel. The cloth will also shrink when it is first washed as the threads bend and conform to the weave structure of the fabric.

White Lotus
Everything you purchase from White Lotus Home is handcrafted of the finest materials we can find. We seek out the finest hardwoods, fibers and fabrics and offer you superior finished goods.

Everything that we make ourselves, from bolsters to mattresses, has been crafted with the utmost care.

Each piece is made entirely by hand with the help of a sewing machine, one at a time, to ensure the quality that you demand and the uniqueness that our customers have come to value since 1981.


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