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Fiberactive Organics has two missions, one is to increase the market for organic cotton in order to promote organic farming throughout the world and especially here in the US. We would like to purchase all of the cotton for our thread from US farmers, but there just aren't enough of them growing organicly. We have been forced to buy cotton from overseas, which is wonderful quality, but I don't like using the petroleum to transport it to the US.  http://www.fiberactivequilts.com

The Hia
The Hemp Industries Association (HIA) is a non-profit trade group representing hemp companies, researchers and supporters. We are at the forefront of the drive for fair and equal treatment of industrial hemp. Since 1992, the HIA has been dedicated to education, industry development, and the accelerated expansion of hemp world market supply and demand.

The hemp industry has positioned itself over the past decade to once again become a major global economic force in the 21st century. Hemp is one of our planet's most important natural resources, and we advocate using it to its full potential.


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