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A.V. Thomas Produce
A.V. Thomas Produce grows, packs and ships fresh conventional and certified organic sweet potatoes and yams year 'round. We are a farm direct wholesale sweet potato and yam produce supplier.
Located in Livingston, California – the heart of the San Joaquin Valley – our company has been family-owned and operated since 1960. A lot has changed, but our commitment to providing customers across the United States with the finest quality sweet potatoes and yams has remained a priority.

Abigail's Bakery
We are a strictly wholesale company working to supply the health food and organic food stores. Our breads are a perfect match for any organic earth friendly health conscious environment. Great gift baskets too.  http://www.abigailsbakery.com

Alba Drinks
Well-known for its quality non-fat dry milk, shake, and hot cocoa products, ALBA meets retail demand for nutritious dairy beverages.  http://www.albadrinks.com

Alexia® Foods, Inc. produces a full line of 100% all natural, trans fat free, premium frozen products for the oven, microwave or fryer that deliver outstanding gourmet flavor from freezer to table in just minutes.  http://www.alexiafoods.com

Alti Plano Gold
All of AltiPlano Gold's cereals have been tested to the most rigorous gluten-free standards available, the ELISA Assay test. In this test, the Neogen Veratox® Gliadin test, our cereals were rated at Below The Level of Detection or less than 10 parts per million (ppm). The Neogen Veratox® Gliadin test is equally cross-reactive with gliadin/gluten for wheat, rye, and barley. One ppm is equal to 1 mg of gluten in 1 kg of sample product.  http://www.altiplanogold.com

Alvardo Street Bakery
Welcome to Alvarado Street Bakery, a global supplier of Certified Organic Whole Grain Breads and Bagels, made with Sprouted Wheat.  http://www.alvaradostreetbakery.com

Ambassad Organics
At Ambassador Organics™, we go to great lengths to bring you great-tasting coffee, tea and spices. That's why we search worldwide for farmers growing the highest quality Biodynamic® and organic foods for a healthier, more robust, and sustainable world for generations to come.  http://www.ambassadororganics.com

Since then Amy’s has created over 88 frozen meals, including pizzas, pocket sandwiches, pot pies, entrées, snacks and whole meals. In 1999, we introduced a grocery line that now includes canned soups, beans and chili as well as jarred pasta sauces and salsas. Our foods are carried by all natural food stores, supermarkets and some club stores in the United States, Canada and abroad.  http://www.amys.com

Ana's Pastry
Whether you are watching your health or your weight, looking for a healthy breakfast treat, a low-fat snack food, or a healthful, tasty muffin, look no more... You have found your favorite Pastry Site!  http://www.anaspastry.com

Apple and Eve
It’s hard to believe, but Apple & Eve has enjoyed more than 30 pure and fruitful years! In 1975 we launched our very first product, Apple & Eve Pure Unfiltered Natural Apple Juice.

Three years later, we introduced the first 100% cranberry juice blend in the U.S.

Now, three decades later, the children who grew up on Apple & Eve juices are serving Apple & Eve juice to their own families.

Back to Nature
It was 1960, in Pasadena, California when we decided the best way to move forward was to go back. Back to simplicity. Back to goodness. Back to what was real. Back to honest ingredients, unadulterated tastes, intriguing textures.

Foods created for those who believe over-processing does not mark progress and artificial flavors rob from true taste. If this describes you, you'll understand why we think it's so important to go back.

Back to Nature. Back to pure taste.

Bake'mmm™ BAGELS!
Thanks for stopping by to get acquainted. Welcome to the bagel experience of a lifetime…Organic Bake'mmm™ BAGELS!

Whether they're shipped right to your door or you've picked them up at your local grocery store, you'll have a wholesome, mouth-watering, piping-hot bagel right at your fingertips.

Bella Baby Foods
My life changed forever when Bella was born. When it was time to give her solid foods, my only choice was to buy jarred baby food, which contain preservatives that allow them to remain on shelves for extended periods of time. I was really worried about feeding Bella a baby food with additives.  http://www.bellababyfoods.com/index.asp

Blackwells Organic
Blackwell's Organic desserts are health conscious without sacrificing taste; each ingredient is truly a whole food.Our soy gelato and fruit sorbetto are made without preservatives, additives or extracts. Our frozen treats are cholesterol free and completely vegan.  http://www.blackwellsorganic.com/

North America's Leading Producer of Antibiotic & Hormone Free Healthy Meats, Organic Meats and Organic Jerky. Selling Direct To The Public At Wholesale Prices!  http://www.blackwing.com/

Boston Snacks
At Boston's, we make a wide variety of kettle-popped popcorns and other delicious snacks. Be sure to try them all!  http://www.bostonssnacks.com

Bountiful Fruit
Welcome to Bountiful Fruit
Selling only the fruit we grow, Bountiful Fruit specializes in gifts that are sincere, unique and absolutely delicious. Whether you need a gift for a family member, friend, or client, choose from the best our orchards have to offer all year long.

Caesars Pasta
Caesar's Pasta Products is a family owned and operated business that has provided the finest frozen pasta available to millions of satisfied consumers for nearly 40 years. Over the decades many innovative ideas were introduced to the food industry by Caesar's; but nothing has excited us more than what we unleashed in September 2005: "CAESAR'S IS ORGANIC!" That's right, Caesar's Pasta is now certified organic by NOFA-NJ under the auspices of the USDA.  http://www.caesarspasta.com

Cal-Organic Farms
Our headquarters are located in Lamont California at the southern most end of the pristine San Joaquin Valley, 15 miles southeast of the city of Bakersfield. The San Joaquin Valley is known as one of the world's premier agricultural growing regions. The bounty of sun and good weather in Lamont allows us to continue the tradition of quality that we are known for.

We also farm in some of the most beautiful and richest soils outside of the San Joaquin Valley, to help us provide you with year-round supplies. The areas that we grow include the Tehachapi Mountains, Antelope Valley as well as the Coachella and Imperial Valleys.

Capurro Farms
After 80 years as the leading mixed vegetable grower, packer and shipper,we have built our success
on a steadfast commitment to several key principles that makes our business unique and puts our customers first.

Our Commitment to Business Independence and Entrepreneurship -
our third generation family-owned and operated business continues
to thrive on opportunities that set us apart in this industry.

Our Commitment to Continuous Product Innovation is grounded in solid research and development. Our goal is to stay on the leading edge of how our products and packages can best be put to work by our customers,
affording them ever increasing returns from their mixed vegetable category.

Our Commitment to Long-Standing Relationships and Practices provides the platform from which we offer unique, worldclass service. The strategic location of our packing sheds and distribution coolers is one example of the expanded
services we can offer our customers.

Our Commitment to Quality and Food Safety Assurance is unmatched in the
industry. Long before it became mandatory as part of the business, we invested in the testing and measuring of all aspects of our farming, harvesting and packing processes to assure our customers of complete and documented food safety practices and trace ability.

At Capurro Marketing, mixed vegetables are not just a side line,
they are our only line! Therefore, we provide our customers with
products and service that cannot be topped...ever.

Visit the Mediterranean with Casbah and discover a world of new flavors. Taste recipes perfected by generations of artful cooks passionate about good food and good health. We make a complete line of versatile and great-tasting vegetarian prepared mixes and side dishes for you and your family. All your favorites, and perhaps a few new tastes are here including CousCous, Falafel, Tabouli, Saffroned Jasmine Rice, Tahini, Toasted CousCous (often referred to as Israeli CousCous), Gyros, Baba Ganoush, Hummus, and more.  http://www.casbahnaturalfoods.com

Cascadian Farm
Today, Cascadian Farm® has become a leading grower, manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of delicious organic products, from frozen fruit to breakfast cereal. The company's products are sold throughout the U.S. in natural food stores and select supermarkets.  http://www.cascadianfarm.com

Now, under the leadership of Anthony and Robert Basile, Catania-Spagna has grown into an industry leader serving many distinct markets: Retail, Food Service, Bulk, Organic, Specialty, Private Label and Export.

By continuing the family tradition of uncompromising quality, we have earned the loyalty of trade customers and consumers alike.

Celestial Seasonings
Founded in 1970, Celestial Seasonings is the leading brand of natural and specialty teas in North America. retails love Celestial Seasonings herb, wellness, green, black, organic and white teas for their delicious all-natural taste and creative packaging.  http://www.celestialseasonings.com

CF Fresh
CF Fresh is a leading supplier of certified organic fruits and vegetables as well as select agricultural commodities. We sell to wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, and food service operations roughout North America.

We also export overseas. Our wide selection of fresh organic produce is available year round in a growing number of natural food stores, member co-operatives, supermarkets, and other outlets.

Chino Valley Ranchers
"Cage Free" eggs from Chino Valley Ranchers mean that our flocks are not kept in small cages as are most commercial hens in egg production.

We maintain environmentally-controlled "community houses" where our chickens have the freedom to roam the floor of the houses. These houses have ample floor space and poles with roosting and nesting areas, like the hen houses "back home on the farm."

CIRANDA® is a worldwide supplier of certified organic foods to manufacturers and distributors. We are ready to serve your needs from warehouses in Los Angeles, New Jersey, Minnesota and Ontario.

We also deliver to markets in the Americas , Europe and Asia . As a certified organic handler since 1994, CIRANDA® assures organic integrity by overseeing every step of production from the farmer’s field to our customer’s door.

Clif Bar
We want a simple approach in an energy bar—not complicated formulas or gimmicks. Don’t you? It’s just an approach that makes sense.  http://www.clifbar.com

Clover Stornetta Farms
Clover Stornetta Farms is a locally owned and operated dairy processing plant in Northern California. We work closely with our family farmers to bring our retails the cleanest, tastiest and best quality dairy products on the market.  http://www.cloverstornetta.com

College Farm Organic
College Farm® Organic hard candies and NATUREPOPS™ lollipops prove that it’s possible to make delicious, premium quality confections using only “real” ingredients like sugar cane, cream, butter, coffee, chocolate, and fruit.  http://www.collegefarmorganic.com

Country Choice
We founded Country Choice Organic with the idea that it should be easy to eat organic. After all, you shouldn’t have to trade great taste for a product that’s better for you…and the planet.

Today we offer a wide range of delicious cookies, heart-warming hot cereals and convenient healthy snacks. All are certified organic and certified delicious (if we do say so ourselves).

Crummy Brothers
What does “taste” mean to you? Flavor? Style? Sophistication? If you answered, “Yes. Yes. And Yes!” Then, here (finally!) are organic cookies to satisfy your discriminating palette and your sweet tooth. Crummy Brothers Organic cookies are a decidedly grown-up delicacy - with depth, character, and the highest quality organic ingredients.  http://www.crummybrothers.com

Dagoba Chocolate
DAGOBA was founded in 2001 by Frederick Schilling, who was then just 30 and on a mission. He was determined to create exceptional, innovative chocolate that would benefit people, planet, and industry. Family, friends and dedicated employees have come together to realize this vision on a wider scale than any one could have imagined.  http://www.dagobachocolate.com/default.asp

Dakota Beef
Dakota Beef LLC is committed to providing the purest, most flavorful certified organic beef in the marketplace. In accomplishing our mission, we will preserve and protect our environmental resources, treat our livestock humanely, contribute to our communities and earn a fair return on our business investment.  http://www.dakotaorganic.com/index.php

DCI Cheese
If you've ever really wondered where a certain cheese comes from, how it tastes, or the best way to enjoy it, you'll find everything you're looking for right here.  http://www.dcicheeseco.com

Deardoff Family Farms
We are now known as Deardorff Family Farms and pay homage to our heritage by engaging in sustainable farming practices that use fewer chemicals, protect the environment and yield healthier, better-tasting produce for our customers. Our experiences over four generations have made us an authority on delivering our produce to retail, foodservice and wholesale clients around the world.  http://www.deardorfffamilyfarms.com

At DeBoles we pride ourselves on providing only the best organic and all natural pastas to those seeking a healthier lifestyle. For over 75 years our extensive line offers great variety in shapes and flavors to please every palate, plus superior nutrition.  http://www.deboles.com

Del Monte
We make the foods that nourish and enrich families, including the center of many families — pets. Just a glance at our products reveals familiar brands you know and trust. You probably even have many of our brands in your pantry right now.  http://www.delmonte.com

Dixon Ridge Farms
At Dixon Ridge Farms, we grow, buy, and process California organic walnuts.

Established in 1979, we are proud to continue a century-long tradition of family farming. We feel good about the way we grow our walnuts and the way we treat the Earth.

Earth Best
Earth's Best is part of The Hain Celestial Group, Inc., one of the largest natural and organic food and personal care products companies. Its well known brands include Celestial Seasonings® teas, Terra Chips® gourmet vegetable chips, Westsoy® soy milk, and Health Valley® cereals, soups, and bars to name a few.  http://www.earthsbest.com

Earthbound Farm
We’ve been farming for more than 24 years now, and we’ve become the world’s largest grower of organic produce. But our roots remain strong: our founders still guide the company, and our original commitment to farming organically has never wavered. We’re dedicated to bringing the benefits of organic food — fresh, flavorful, and healthy — to as many people as possible.

At Earthbound Farm, our unwavering commitment to organic farming comes from our concern for health. Farming organically helps keep our consumers and our environment healthy by avoiding the use of harmful chemicals. Organic farming focuses on building the fertility of the soil with natural materials, resulting in rich, vital field ecosystems that produce fruits and vegetables as pure and healthy as they were intended to be.

At Eaturna, we’re not out to change the world—just the way it eats. So, we seek out only the finest ingredients, from organic flour, to antibiotic and hormone-free meats and poultry. Everything on our menu is always chef-created, freshly-prepared, and delivered daily, so we don’t need to use preservatives or additives (heck - even some of our containers are all-natural and fully compostable!).  http://www.eaturna.com/home.asp

Free Range Organically Grown Fryers...
Eberly's whole organic fryers are plump, meaty, free-range raised birds with a rich, natural buttery flavor. Fed on organically grown grains and pure fresh water, they mature to tender, juicy frying size of 2 ½ to 5 lbs. in 6 to 8 weeks.
Free Range Organically Grown Turkeys
All Eberly free range, organically grown turkeys receive only the best Certified organically grown grains, and fresh water. No poultry or fish protein supplements are added to their diet. They are allowed to grow to size naturally, and receive no growth hormones. The result is a naturally superior turkey with more abundant flavor than birds raised in Turkey "factories," greater meatiness and tenderness.

Our 14 to 20 week hen turkeys weigh from 8 to 22 lbs. and are available fresh year around. We deliver them individually packaged or packed on ice. Each case contains 3 to 5 turkeys, depending on size.

We let our tom turkeys grow for 16 to 24 weeks for full meatiness filled with savory and succulent goodness. They weigh from 22 to 34 lbs. when prepared for market. We pack them 2 to 3 birds per case. They may be ordered either individually packaged or on ice.

Eco Bags
All products in our store are manufactured fair-trade and fair-labor. We carry products manufactured with SKAL®-certified organic cotton, recycled cotton, hemp and hemp-cotton blends and natural untreated and unbleached cotton as well as other natural, renewable fiber products and sturdy reusable source goods.  http://www.ecobags.com

Eden Foods
Today Eden is the oldest natural food company in North America, and the largest independent manufacturer of 'dry grocery' organic foods. We have put down deep roots at our headquarters in Clinton, Michigan, about 20 miles southwest of Ann Arbor.

Here is where we manage grower relations, manufacturing, import / export, trucking, quality control, customer relations, marketing, web sites, etc. All EDEN food is received at, and ships from our main and secondary warehouses in Clinton, or from the Eden Warehouse West in San Francisco.

The majority of Eden foods, over 95%, are sold in natural food stores, co-ops, and supermarkets via traditional grocery and natural food distribution channels. Web, employee, and wholesale sales make up the remainder.

Looking for a "Taste–full" selection of top–of–the–line turkey, chicken, pork and beef products? Emil’s Gourmet products always deliver outstanding "cooked–at–home" taste and texture to satisfy any appetite. Count on us for handmade, natural grain–fed goodness, slice after delicious slice.  http://www.emilsturkey.com

Endangered Species Chocolate
The greatest gifts are those that touch many. Endangered Species Chocolate originates in lands where farmers are paid fair wages and ensured ethical working conditions to produce flavorful cacao. Our chocolate bars are made in a place where Reverence for Life is celebrated everyday – not just on holidays. A gift from Endangered Species Chocolate is also a gift to species, habitat and humanity.  http://www.chocolatebar.com

Estee Foods
The #1 brand in the medically-directed/diet category for over 50 years, Estee markets sugar-free and fructose-sweetened foods for people with diabetes, and others on sugar-restricted diets.  http://www.esteefoods.com

Ethnic Gourmet
A wide variety of frozen meals offering tantalizing tastes from all over the world. Each delicious recipe has been carefully prepared using the rich, aromatic spices, bold, unique flavors and bright, colorful ingredients that give each cuisine its truly distinctive taste.  http://www.ethnicgourmet.com

Fairfield Farm Kitchens
Our commitment to supporting small family farms, and buying ingredients from regional suppliers whenever possible, makes these foods you can feel good about. Both, our Moosewood line of vegetarian and vegan organic soups and entrees and our Organic Classics line of protein-based organic soups and entrees, support the expansion of pesticide-free farming, while offering you organic choices for vegetarian, chicken and beef dishes.  http://www.fairfieldfarmkitchens.com

Flavor Producers
Flavor Producers Inc. is a privately held company based in Valencia, California.  Since 1981, we have developed and maintained new business throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. 

We work closely with each customer, creating flavors that meet the needs of each individual finished product. 

Specializing in fruit and confection flavors, Flavor Producers custom formulates flavors that are kosher certifiable, natural or artificial, liquid or dry and available in a non-gmo format upon request.

Florida Bottling
Our ingredient listings are simple. Both our Lakewood Organic juices offer ingredient listings that are easy to read and understand. There are no chemicals, preservatives or artificial ingredients. The result-delicious, premium quality juices.  http://www.floridabottling.com

Florida Crystals
Simply Organic... the source for the only organic sugar made in the U.S.A. Our sugar is made from the only 100% certified organic sugarcane grown and harvested in the United States. Florida Crystals pioneered certified organic sugarcane on our Florida Farm. It is produced in accordance with the USDA's National Organic Program.  http://www.floridacrystals.com

Food for Life
Food for Life’s breads are healthier because of the live grain difference! Using freshly sprouted, certified organically grown live grains, our exclusive sprouting process significantly increases valuable nutrients.

Each line includes products specifically developed to meet particular dietary requirements. Special categories include organic, sprouted grain, wheat-free, gluten-free, and yeast-free baked goods.

Foods Alive
A line of dehydrated Certified Organic Golden Flax Crackers with flavors including, Italian Zest, Mexican Harvest, Maple & Cinnamon, and Regular. Using only the finest certified organic, vegan, kosher, and wheat free ingredients, we created simple functional whole food that everyone can enjoy.  http://www.foodsalive.com

To this day, my family's organic grapes are fresh-off-the-vine and specially dried to make extra plump, juicy and delicious Jumbo Raisins.  Our commitment to providing you and your family with a safe and nutritious snack begins in our beautiful vineyards. 

Our farms use no synthetic chemicals or artificial fertilizers.  At Franny's we are dedicated to providing a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible snack for you and your family.  Our investment in ecological farming methods secures future generations to come.

Free Bird
As it turns out, the best things in life really are free. Like our chickens, they're free of antibiotics and hormones. Free to wander in barns, without cages. And always fed a natural corn and soybean diet, free of animal byproducts. And you'll have a free conscience, knowing that all our chickens were raised on sustainable family farms. So, enjoy our delicious FreeBird Chicken--guilt free.  http://www.freebirdchicken.com

French Meadow
Lynn Gordon created the award winning French Meadow Bakery in 1985. Our bakery is the longest continuously certified organic bakery in the country.

French Meadow Breads are known for both their great taste, texture and their healthy benefits. Twice, French Meadow has been named by Bon Appetit Magazine as one of the Ten Best Bread Bakeries in the US. All French Meadow breads are made with organic stoneground grain, unrefined sea salt and purified water. French Meadow is committed to baking the most nutritious and best tasting breads available, while educating retails on the benefits of organic and supporting small family farms. We use only certified organic grains and non-genetically modified ingredients that are grown in balance and harmony with nature.

Frontier Natural Products Co-op.
Frontier Natural Products Co-op specializes in natural and organic products.

Our products are found in natural products stores and specialty shops throughout the United States and Canada. (Items you are unable to find in your local stores can be ordered right here on our website.)

By offering easy access to high-quality, competitively priced choices that are both environmentally friendly and socially responsible, Frontier seeks to lead the way in bringing nature — and peace of mind — to our customers.

As the SUPER super juice company, Frutzzo brings you high antioxidant, free radical-fighting juices and juice blends in all-natural and organic varieties.

Radically free of artificial preservatives, artificial colors and added sugar, our juices feature nutrient-dense and delicious ingredients such as pomegranates, blueberries, acai and the newly introduced Yumberry.

Galaxy Granola
Galaxy Granola is made with only 100% certified organic multi-grains, including oats, spelt and barley. We never, ever, use oil, preservatives, additives or other stuff that you might have used in chemistry lab (we didn’t like chemistry much anyway).

Instead, we only use ingredients that are made by other companies who, just like us, prioritize quality, taste and sustainability above all else.

Garden of Eatin
The #1 organic tortilla brand in the U.S., Garden of Eatin' is known for its best-selling Blue Corn chips. We are now introducing organic potato chips that are GEI-free in four new varieties.  http://www.gardenofeatin.com

Garden Spot Distributors
Garden Spot is a full service wholesale distributor of the highest quality organic, natural and specialty foods.

With more than thirty years experience in the health food industry, we pick and choose the brands we represent based on integrity of ingredients, nutritional value, and the special dietary concerns of your customers.

Gardens by Grace
Gardens by Grace is a company specializing in certified organic and wildharvested herbs, berries, barks, roots, teas, spices and bath and body.

Our products can be found in natural marketplaces and specialty shops throughout the United States! We pride ourselves in maintaining the most opulent selection available, excepting nothing less than the highest quality possible and most competitively priced products.

There is no stronger committment than a parent's promise to their child.

Introduce your baby to delicious,
healthy foods in the first four years,
and you’ll lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating.

Get Mint
Our oil is 100% natural, pure, and has no chemical additives.  This high grade essential mint oil is  available to you, directly from the producer  Crosby Mint Farms!  http://www.getmint.com

Giorgio Food
Giorgio is America’s Favorite Mushroom – and a whole lot more.

Today in our ninth decade of service, Giorgio Foods is a fully integrated grower, processor and distributor of the finest fresh, frozen, canned, jarred and value-added mushroom products for retail, Industrial and educational markets.

The Giorgio brand has been carefully nurtured  over the years as the third generation of Giorgis hold steadfast to a level of quality that has set the industry standard.

Golden Valley Natural
Welcome to Golden Valley Natural. We specialize in delicious All-Natural meat products. These products are made from animals that have never received artificial growth hormones or antibiotics, have always been fed a 100% vegetarian diet, do not include artificial ingredients, and are minimally processed. Whether you are looking for a beef prime rib roast for the holidays, buffalo hot dogs for a backyard BBQ, or a bag of peppered turkey jerky to munch on, you have come to the right place. We make meat products that are not only delicious, but are nutritious and healthy! Please browse our website to learn how our ranches were the first in the USA to have a non-hormone certified beef herd, tour our state of the art processing plant, and meet our staff that have years of experience in the meat and livestock industry.  http://www.goldenvalleynatural.com

Grant Family Farms
The main crops we grow are Cabbage, Lettuce, Spinach, Summer Greens and Herbs, Broccoli, Summer and Winter Squash and Wheat. We grow these products not only for the fresh market, but also for the frozen and processed industries. However, we also do other wonderfully creative things such as make garlic and pepper garlands and very decorative Christmas wreaths for the festive season. We are flexible, creative and have the ability to tackle just about any special project or idea... with flair!  http://www.grantfarms.com

Green Earth Market
"General Store" - the convergence point for making better, higher quality, more environmentally responsible products available for everything people go to a Walget or Tarmart for.

Working to make the world a better place and to thrive in business by doing actual good. Offering baby gifts to lawn mowers, bedroom furniture to patio furniture, pet supplies to mosquito traps, gift baskets to atural bedding.

Recycle and buy recycled products! Buy organic and sustainable products! Green Earth Market - "The Best Things In Life Are Green."® Organic, Natural; Better - Promoting good stewardship f this wonderful Earth God has given us.

Hain Pure Food
For over 75 years, Hain Pure Foods has been providing wholesome and delicious products in their natural pure form without the use of artificial colors, flavors or preservatives that alter your foods' natural qualities. Hain Pure Food strives to bring you the all-natural products you want with the full flavor nature intended.  http://www.hainpurefoods.com

Happle Gourmet
Happle's commitment to quality desserts is available in a delicious, wholesome, truly organic form. Using only the finest organically grown superfruits available, our USDA Certified Organic pies are handmade individually, just for you.  http://www.happlegourmet.com

Happy Baby
Fresh frozen organic baby meals in 15 flavors with a great variety of meats, veggies, grains and fruits for baby’s budding palette.  http://www.happybabyfood.com

Harrys Snack
Here at Harry's Premium Snacks, we make a variety of All Natural and organic snacks including pretzels, potato chips, and tortilla chips. Our first product was the Hampton Recipe Potato Chips -- hand cooked in a kettle, batch by batch, for a delicious, crunchy, all natural potato chip.

Then we developed Harry's authentic Sourdough Pretzels, using a 130-year-old San Francisco gold miner's recipe. We prepare all our snacks the old-fashioned way, using only the finest wholesome ingredients.

Hartland Mills
We grow and buy certified organic wheat because we believe that organic farming will help to preserve the quality of our soils and water and to maintain the health of our rural communities. We produce and sell certified organic flour because we believe that our ultimate customer, the bread eater, expects and deserves the safest and most healthful food possible, as well as an opportunity to choose an agriculture that fosters human and natural communities. In these Heartland Baker pages, you will find quality data on our flour, bakery profiles, useful tips, and bread formulas. As we continue to develop this site, expect to read farmer profiles, harvest tales, and mill stories. If you have comments or queries, please contact us via mail, email, or telephone.  http://www.heartlandmill.com

Health Valley
What you will find in Health Valley products are all-natural, highly nutritious ingredients that promote good health and well-being.

You'll also find great taste—rich, sweet, spicy and savory flavors that make meals and snacks something to stand up and cheer for. Yes, there are guilt-free alternatives that satisfy hearty appetites and tough-to-please food critics. T

ry some of our soups, cereals, bars, chilis or crackers and cookies, and see for yourself.

Heidi's Raspberry Farm
Heidi’s Raspberry Jam starts with hand selected raspberries grown in Corrales, New Mexico. The jam is made in small batches, by hand with loving care. I slowly cook the raspberries to a brief and delicate boiling phase. This method ensures that the precious vitamins and beautiful color of the natural fruit are preserved for your exquisite raspberry experience.  http://www.heidisraspberryfarm.com

Helen Foods
We are the producer of a variety of convenient frozen products including Tofu Steaks (GardenSteak™ and Vegetarian Chicken) and a line of Frozen Meals featuring Helen’s Tofu Steaks: Mexican Cheese Enchiladas, Indian Curry, Thai Yellow Curry and an Italian Farfalle with Basil Pesto. A complete meal experience that is delicious, organic & gourmet.  http://www.helensfoods.com

Hillside Candies
Hillside Candy is our company’s corporate umbrella name for three brands of candy. The brands are Golightly Sugar Free Candy, in business since 1980 (though the business started many years earlier), Hillside Sweets, a line of sugar-based hard candy, and GoNaturally, a line of USDA certified organic candy. These 3 Made-in-America lines are sold in drug store chains, mass merchandisers, grocery chains, supermarkets, gourmet stores, rebaggers, gift basket companies and other businesses. Each of Hillside’s lines offers quality, consistency and delicious taste.  http://www.hillsidecandy.com

Hollywood Oils
We've been making great cooking oils and other products for almost 50 years, and we're commited to producing and selling high quality, healthy foods made from the finest all-natural ingredients.

Our oil, mayonnaise and vegetable juice products are pure and delicious, with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. They're perfect for all your cooking and baking needs. We'll be adding some great recipes to the site.

Homemade Baby
At Homemade Baby, we’re committed to helping your baby learn healthy eating habits that last a lifetime. Our wholesome family recipes use only the most pure Organic Ingredients.

And our unique FRESH CHILL™ preparation locks in the nutrients and delicious fresh food flavors – so your baby enjoys the benefit of a nourishing homemade meal!

Horizon Organics
Horizon Organic® is committed to expanding organic agriculture to ensure everyone is able to buy high-quality, great-tasting products that are produced without the use of antibiotics, added growth hormones and dangerous pesticides.  http://www.horizonorganic.com

Imagine Foods
A variety of delicious, ready-to-serve, organic soups and broths. Their garden-fresh flavor is preserved by their aseptic package, making them richer than soup from cups or cans.  http://www.imaginefoods.com

Indus Organics
Our organic herbs and spices, organic seeds, and food products are 100 % ORGANIC because we have not used fertilizers and chemical pesticides for generations. All our products are 100% certified NOP organic and meet the guidelines of EEC 2092/2091. We combine the advances made in organic farming and information technology to implement the modern organic practices.  http://www.indusorganics.com

Jacob's Farm
Located on the California coast, forty-fives miles south of San Francisco, JACOBS FARM grows a complete line of culinary herbs (including hard to find exotic herbs), English peas, sugar snap peas, arugula, red beets, edible flowers, fava beans, and olallieberries.  http://www.jacobsfarm.com

Kashi™ 7 whole grains make you feel good enough to get off your rump and never look back, but why take our word for it? Try some and see for yourself. Then, get off that couch and get moving!  http://www.kashi.com

Kookie Karma
Kookie Karma produces both a raw and holistic line of cookies and snacks. They are made with organic ingredients and without soy, gluten, wheat, dairy, animal products, additives, fillers, peanuts, corn, refined sugar and flour. They are Certified ORGANIC, Certified Vegan and Certified GLUTEN FREE.  http://www.kookiekarma.com

Late July Organic Snacks
The ingredients for our new snacks are a throwback to the days before modern agribusiness. Unlike conventional, pesticide-sprayed crops grown for high yields rather than flavor, organic crops are fragile and expensive, but the payoff is immense: superior flavor, peace of mind, and a cleaner, safer environment.

Our recipes are inspired by a bygone era as well. Through our snacks, we hope to perpetuate the tradition of the small, local 19th century snack maker that was once found all across the country.

We hope you enjoy them.

Little Bear Foods
We make a wide variety of products from great snacks like tortilla chips, popcorn, dips, and puffed snacks to great ingredients for your next Mexican-style meal like refried beans, taco and tostada shells and seasoning mixes.

All of our products are made from the finest ingredients, and they contain no hydrogenated oils. Taste the Little Bear & Bearitos difference today!

Maddy's Organic Meals
As a Midwesterner, M.O.M. is committed to using certified organic ingredients from the Heartland. There are no additives or preservatives of any kind… it’s just pure, healthy organic food. Each spoonful will delight your baby’s taste buds and your spirit.  http://www.maddysorganicmeals.com/

Maranatha Nut Butters
Maranatha® (pronounced "mare-uh-Nah-thuh") has been crafting organic and natural nut and seed butters in Ashland, Oregon, since 1982. Each variety is finely ground in small batches and contains no unhealthy trans fats, hydrogenated oils or preservatives - just the authentic taste of the purest ingredients.  http://www.maranathanutbutters.com

Maverick Ranck
Denver – Maverick Ranch Natural Meats, a family-owned business based in Denver, Colorado, has its eye set on the future - Organics. As a leading company in the natural meat industry and the first company to offer retailers a one-stop shop for multiple all-natural proteins, founder and CEO Roy Moore has a new vision: supplying consumers and grocery retailers with 100 % certified organic meat and poultry. “Organic is the future and it’s our family’s goal to keep our leading-edge by blazing the path for others to follow,” says Moore. The news does not come as a surprise to organizations like the Organic Trade Association. According to OTA’s 2004 Manufacturer Survey, the Meat, Poultry and Fish organic category is projected to have average annually sales growth of 31% over the next couple of years.

Maverick launched its new vision at this years’ FMI / All Things Organic show in Chicago, May 7th – 9th. “It’s the perfect setting to announce our future Organic path to the industry,” said Charlie Moore, vice president of sales and marketing and family owner. “Many of our current retail partners have enthusiastically encouraged us to pursue organics and it’s our goal to have the largest product selection of organic meat, poultry and oven-ready items within the next five years,” added Moore. To learn more about Maverick Ranch, visit our web site at www.maverickranch.com or to schedule an interview with Charlie or Roy Moore at the All Things Organic show www.atoexpo.com , call 800-497-2624 ext.107.

Mel-O Honey
Mel-O® Honey, Inc. has been in business since 1923, serving some of the largest retail, wholesale and food service companies in the world. From our roots, we have focused on delivery of products that have the best quality at the best price.

Located in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, our claim to fame is Mel-O® Honey,

Mesquite Organic Foods
Mesquite Organic Foods supplies grass-fed organic beef to locations across the U.S. Our customers include fine restaurants, butchers, delis and consumers. Order online and experience for yourself tender and healthy beef. I  http://www.mesquiteorganicbeef.com

Mountain Sun
From a small town in Colorado to the Cedarburg Mountains of South Africa, for over 25 years Mountain Sun has been searching for and making America's best tasting juices from wholesome, premium natural fruits.

Unlike most commercial juices, our juices contain no added sugar, high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, artificial flavors or colorings. Our juice is delicious, smooth and bursting with the taste of real fruit. Pure fruit.

Muir Glen
Since our company's founding over a decade ago, we've been committed to helping farmers choose to grow tomatoes organically. All of Muir Glen's tomatoes are field grown and vine ripened under certified organic practices — no synthetic pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, just gorgeous tomato taste, true to nature. Taste Muir Glen and we know you'll agree, the great care we take in processing our tomatoes shows in our products' spectacular flavor.  http://www.muirglen.com

Nancy's Yogurt
Today, Springfield Creamery has 84 products in its Nancy's line, including honey yogurt, low fat yogurt and nonfat yogurt, lowfat cottage cheese, organic lowfat cottage cheese, kefir, cream cheese, nonfat yogurt drink, organic nonfat yogurt, organic whole milk yogurt, organic sour cream, and Nancy's newest product: organic cultured soy.  http://www.nancysyogurt.com

NatJulie Great! Products offers Julie's Great Nuggets ™ Cereal--it's not granola, an "O", or a flake! Certified organic, it's crunchy and chewy with 3 grains and raisin bits in clusters.  http://www.natjulie.com

Nature's Path
Primary producer of certified organic, delicious ready-to-eat cereals and sprouted Manna Bread. Nature's Path cereals are marketed across North America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim.  http://www.naturespath.com

Nest Fresh
Our fresh cage free and organic eggs are humanely produced from hens that are uncaged and free-roaming in barns, or outside. We are dedicated to ensuring sustainable products.  http://www.nestfresh.com

New England Natural Bakery
New England Natural Bakers' offices, manufacturing and warehouse facilities are located in scenic Franklin County Massachusetts, at the foot of the beautiful Berkshire Mountains. • bars (snack, cereal, and trail mix) • granola cereal • muesli cereal • trail mixes (fruit/nut and cracker types) • flavor roasted nuts  http://www.nenb.com

Nile Spice
The innovator in all-natural soup cups. Nile Spice soups are a healthy alternative to vending machine lunches or fast food, and they're quick and delicious!  http://www.nilespice.com

Our family of products provides the perfect bar for your lifestyle, your nutritional needs and your taste buds. Anyone who wants a delicious healthy snack will find a home in the NuGo family of products.

NuGo delivers the most delicious tasting bars on the market today. And we've got you covered: for a delicious family snack, a diabetic snack, a low glycemic diet, a protein lover, a vegan, a desire for milk free snacks, an organic choice, to a healthy general nutritious snack there's a place for you in our NuGo family of bars. We go where you go. Our family is low in saturated fat, all natural, and chock full of important vitamins and minerals. NuGo does not contain any hydrogenated oils nor trans fatty acids.

Welcome to a new way to do chocolate. Indulgent yet healthy, these thincredible cocoa crisps fulfill your chocolate desires without filling your calorie quota.

O'Coco's amazing flavor comes from the finest organic ingredients like dark cocoa powder, real vanilla, and evaporated cane juice. O'Coco's are low in fat and contain nothing artificial. So you can feed your chocolate craving and keep your conscience clear.

Ohana House
OMNI FOODS has been creating great tasting potstickers for over 25 years. It all started in a small shop in Kalihi, Hawaii in 1981.  http://www.ohanafood.com

Olivia's Organics
Olivia's Organics Salads

For three generations, our company has delivered the freshest fruits and vegetables to you and your family. With our new organic salads, Olivia's Organics continues this tradition by offering a product that not only tastes good, but is good - good for you, good for the community and good for the planet!

Olivia's Organics salads are grown on carefully-selected organic farms in the fertile valleys of Northern California and Arizona. The dedicated organic farmers who grow our salads organically cultivate their fields with earth friendly methods such as crop rotation, organic compost application and natural mineral additives. Most importantly, all of our salads are grown without the use of pesticides, chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, bioengineering or ionizing radiation.

Olivia's Organics salads are all natural and contain no preservatives. They are packaged locally on the East Coast and are delivered to your food stores within twenty-four hours to maximize freshness. Olivia's Organics salads are just a day away!

Once Again Butter
We offer both natural and organic bulk peanuts, cashews, and almonds that are available either dry or oil roasted.

And don’t forget the wildly popular tamari almonds! We also offer Raw Honey (Clover,Wildflower,Orange Blossom,Honey Creme) available in 1 Lb.

Organic Prairie
Organic Prairie meats are produced by an independent cooperative of organic family farms. But you might say we're pioneers! We began producing our delicious meats—without the use of antibiotics, synthetic hormones, or pesticides—back in 1996. We insisted on third-party organic meat certification long before federal organic standards were established. We were the first in the industry to ban animal by-products from our cattle's diet. And we played a vital role in shaping federal organic meat certification standards—the strictest in the industry.  http://www.organicprairie.com

Organic Valley
We think it's a simple truth. The earth's most delicious, most healthful foods are made when farmers work in harmony with nature. That's how this farmer-owned co-op produces organic milk, organic cheese, organic butter, organic eggs, organic juice, organic soy beverages, organic produce, and organic meats.

Working with nature is what inspired our original seven farmers to form an organic farming cooperative in 1988. Today our membership has grown to over 1200 family farms, and our high standards shine through in our delicious, award-winning, certified organic foods.

Organically Grown Company
Organically Grown is the largest wholesaler of organic produce in the Pacific Northwest, as well as a proud supporter of organic farmers.

We're not your typical produce supplier. Our passion for organic fruits and vegetables drives us to provide our customers with the freshest and most delicious, organic produce on the market.

Panorama Meats
Our beef comes from cattle raised naturally by family ranchers on the lush green pastures and hillsides of the American West. Our free-range cattle live the way cattle were meant to live. They enjoy room to roam, grazing on grass and forages when they want to, not according to a schedule. Panorama cattle are always treated with respect and handled humanely. They’re never fed grain or animal by-products — food they were never meant to eat.  http://www.panoramameats.com/panorama/main/home/

Petaluma Poultry
Petaluma Poultry is fully committed to sustainability: a comprehensive program of sustaining the environment, natural resources, profitability, our workforce and community.

Sustainable Farming

Dedicated to farming practices that renew natural and human resources, we manage our ranches with great care to preserve the land, air and water. We grow our chickens in roomy, naturally lit barns, allowing Rocky the Range chicken and Rosie the Organic Chicken access to the outdoors. Our chicken feed, based on corn and soy, is free of animal by-products, animal fats and antibiotics; Rosie’s feed is 100% certified organic. As part of the company’s extensive recycling program, we send chicken manure to rice farmers who, in turn, provide us hulls to spread over the earthen floors of our poultry houses.

We are committed to a sustainable grown, environmentally sensitive Washington State Agriculture. This means that we plan on leaving the farms and soils of the
Okanogan Valley better than we found them.

Pine Creek Organic Orchards At Pine Creek Orchards we Grow and Pack Organic Apples, Pears and Cherries for commercial sales.

Our Fruit is100% organically grown.

Pine Creek Packs Organic fruit packing and drying facility offers fresh organic fruit and bake-dried apples, pears, and cherries.

Potandon Produce
Who we are:
• Potandon is an independent company owned by five prior Pillsbury managers and six grower/shippers.
• Full-line supplier of potatoes and onions from all major production areas in North America

What we do:
• Exclusive sales agent for Green Giant Fresh potatoes and onions
• Exclusive sales force for Sunspiced potatoes
• Market share leader in Idaho with over 35,000 dedicated acres
• Market leader in the United States with 10% market share

What we have to offer:
• Impressive network of over 60 co-packers in 24 states with another 9 co-packers in Canada
• Flexible sourcing network throughout North America to deal with quality, weather, disease, etc.
• In-market distributors to deal with unanticipated spikes in demand, transportation issues, or quality issues.

Pure Fun
Pure Fun™, our core principle is to provide products that are free of known allergens with NO pesticides, NO Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's), NO cholesterol, NO transfats, NO chemicals, NO gluten, NO synthetic flavors and NO artificial FD&C colorants. Pure Fun™ is truly "Better for you candy©", retaining the natural nutrients of pure cane juice. The Pure Fun™ brand is synonymous with the highest organic, Kosher and Vegan standards.

Pure Fun™ has been certified by Organic and Kosher organizations and recommended by nutritionists, Vegans, Greenpeople, Peta, Feingold, palliative care organizations, and health associations internationally. Pure Fun™ is also better for the environment; all our suppliers must conform to Fair Trade practices. In addition, we use only organic sugar cane grown by farmers who "green cut" the cane by hand - field burning and chemical sprays are absolutely forbidden. Our earth-friendly farmers even use crushed cane stalks to fire their boilers and generate electricity. Sweet!

We intend to consistently manufacture candies that are completely natural and always free of synthetics and pesticides

Radlo Foods
You'll find our retail products under Born Free®, BF Family™ RF Radlo Foods™ and Egglands's Best® brands. We offer RF Radlo Foods™ brand food-service products. Please contact us for a retail location near you or to have one of our sales directors contact you about farm fresh eggs and egg products.  http://www.radlo.com

Rice & Soy Dream
The roots of Rice Dream and Soy Dream go back to 1971, when Robert Nissenbaum, one of the original founders, had opened Morning Dew Organic Food Market in St. Louis, MO.

It was one of the first organic/natural food stores in the United States. Robert was very passionate about the relationship between diet, health and well being, as well as very concerned for the environment. He explored the natural vegetarian diet, macrobiotics, yoga, and organic gardening. He used his store as the vehicle to share his ideas and inform others about the benefits of this new way of living.

Rio Grande Organics
Currently, we have 1200 acres of mature trees that produce pecans consisting of three varieties:  Wichita, Cheyenne, and Western. 

We use an independent, third party to audit and verify that all of our materials and methods conform to National Organic Program practices.

Today, we operate two orchards: the Quemado orchard along the Rio Grande River and the Crystal City orchard along the Nueces River.

Rosas Farms
We keep our commitment to organics very much in mind in all that we do including our efforts to support causes that benefit children's health and the family and arisan farmer. Please visit our web site often to learn more about our upcoming charity events.
We are pleased to offer you a selection of the finest, organically raised ALL grass-fed organically raised beef, organically raised chicken, a fine selection of wild caught seafoods and all grass fed butters and cheeses. In addition to these items, we are now offering speciality items such as grass-fed lamb and venison, franks, bacon. lobster, certified organic shrimp. A full line of MSC certified sustainable seafoods and Rosas Farms organic grass-fed non-homogenized milk.

A wide variety of frozen pastas and authentic pasta meals that can be ready in 10 minutes.  http://www.rosetto.com

Rudis Bakery
Today, we create our baked goods in a state-of-the-art bakery in Boulder, Colorado. We are proud that we have adhered to our mission to produce high-quality, great-tasting certified organic products using century old techniques along with modern baking methods which enhance the quality of our products.  http://www.rudisbakery.com/home

Seeds of Change
Our Mission ~ In 1989, we at Seeds of Change started with a simple mission: to help preserve biodiversity and promote sustainable, organic agriculture. We sought to do this by cultivating and disseminating an extensive range of open-pollinated, organically grown, heirloom and traditional vegetable, flower and herb seeds. This is still our mission.
We seek out traditional varieties from the Americas and treasured heirlooms from abroad, many of which are in danger of being lost due to the rapid consolidation within the seed industry and the decline of indigenous agriculture and seed-saving knowledge.

In addition to our seeds, we've since grown to offer a broad selection of 100% organic seedlings, pears, apples, as well as gardening tools, books and an extensive line of our own organic foods. We believe there is a solution to one of modern day's largest environmental crisis: The loss of diversity and erosion/pollution of our precious soil. Our conventional agricultural methods are polluting our planet, ourselves and future generations, as well as squandering our valuable soil, water, and energy resources. We believe we can make a change to all of this: starting with our seeds.

They began a Chocolate business that grew into a household name in their community. After years of building a thriving business, they realized that they needed to shift their attention to organic products. Being long time vegetarians (since 1970) and health conscious retails themselves, they felt they needed their personal beliefs reflected in their business, thus the beginning of Sjaak’s Organic chocolates.)  http://sjaaks.com/home

Skylar Haley
We're thrilled as our group walks down the aisles of the major retailers and supermarkets to see our line of essn sparkling juices and Stoneridge Orchards dried fruit on the shelves.

We add dried peaches to the Stoneridge dried fruit line in December 2005, and ready ourselves for a very productive new year.

Smart Chicken
Smart Chicken® was founded in 1998 with a vision to produce the safest and most natural fresh poultry available‚ A Higher Degree of Fresh Chicken™. We introduced air chill technology to the United States, replacing the standard immersion/absorption method of chilling poultry. In addition to minimizing the use of water during processing, air chilling allows us to guarantee that no water is ever added to our chicken, providing a more wholesome and satisfying dining experience.

We believe it is important for you to know our chickens are raised and processed the right way, from egg to shelf. Our chickens are fed only the finest grain produced in America's Heartland, are never given antibiotics or hormones nor fed animal by-products. We pioneered the utilization of CAS in the United States so that our birds are handled with care in every aspect of production, from our spacious, free roam farms to our production facility and beyond. Our combination of humane treatment, sustainable practices and state-of-the-art facilities guarantee you a true, premium product

Snikiddy is a new line of organic food products designed to embody and encourage a healthy lifestyle for children. Packaged with fun activities that promote physical and mental wellness, these organic foods are healthy snack alternatives that parents can feel good about giving to their children (or eating themselves!).  http://www.snikiddy.com

Sommers Organic
We've developed a line of affordable, convenient products that are always prepared under the most rigorous organic regulations. That guarantees that Sommers Organic™ meat is pure, healthy and always tastes great.  http://www.sommersorganic.com

South Texas Organics
Welcome to South Tex Organics, the nation’s largest distributor of Organic Texas Citrus! Established in 1984, South Tex Organics was started with a desire to provide everyone with fresh, organic citrus fruits and vegetables. Starting with 60 acres South Tex Organics now harvests from more than 500 certified acres. South Tex Organics is a leading organic wholesale and mail-order shipper.  https://www.stxorganics.com

Spectrum Organice
Maker of natural and organic culinary oils, vinegars, condiments and butter substitutes under "Spectrum Naturals®" and essential fatty acid nutritional supplements under "Spectrum Essentials®".  http://www.spectrumorganics.com

Stone Buhr
In 2002, JOG Distribution, Inc. purchased the brand from Unilever/Bestfoods. Today, the company continues to honor the brand's rich tradition by offering consumers a wide selection of quality wheat flours. At the  http://www.stone-buhr.com

Sunspire was founded in 1979 by Janet Jennings, a fourth generation "chocolatier" who used her family's old-fashioned chocolate making know-how to create all natural chocolate products for baking, snacking and candy making.

Fueled by Janet's vision and our decades of chocolate experience, we stand by our belief that the best way to practice our craft is without any artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or additives, using only the highest quality ingredients. We invite you to "bake the difference" with Sunspire Baking Chips in your favorite cookies, cakes, frostings and candy recipes.

Sutter Foods
Sutter Foods is a family owned and operated business from Northern California. We are one of the largest growers of 100% certified organic prunes.

We deliver superior quality to the marketplace because we are directly responsible for the quality of our fruit from the time the trees are blooming to when the fruit is picked, dried, packaged, and shipped to our trading partners.

Sweet Pea Baby Food
SWEETPEA BABY FOOD is a new line of frozen organic baby food that tastes as fresh and natural as homemade. The six introductory varieties (Sweet Potato, Broccoli, Banana Blueberry, Veggies & Chicken, Lentils & Root Veggies, Veggies, Beef & Barley) are unique recipes formulated by chef Jordan Wagman and Dr. Joey Shulman, a leading pediatric nutritionist.

SWEETPEA BABY FOOD comes in easy-to-use trays, making it a delicious, nutritious and convenient option for busy, health-conscious parents.

Tasty Baby
Welcome to Tastybaby.com - your Online Community. We're thrilled to have you as part of our Tasty World! This is a unique online magazine with exclusive celebrity interviews, a blog & a hip "green" guide. Tastybaby makes delicious & healthy frozen organic baby food, & we're planet-friendly, too.  http://www.tastybaby.com

Tea-n-Crumpets™ has been providing loyal customers since December of '94, with organic crumpets, superior quality teas, jams, tea accessories and gift items from around the world.We will be adding extra features over the next few months, so come back regularly.  http://www.tea-n-crumpets.com

Founded in 1990, Terra has pioneered new varieties of exotic vegetable chips and potato chips that have carved a new niche in the natural snacks market.

Terra has always had a tradition of creating chef-inspired masterful combinations of unique vegetables with a variety of fabulous flavors. From Terra Exotic Vegetable Chips, to our Red Bliss®, Terra Blues®, Golds®, Potpourri® and Kettle Blends Potato Chips, our commitment to bringing you healthy gourmet snack foods has led to many innovations under the Terra brand such as our recently introduced full flavor Unsalted Potato Chips.

The Baker
The Baker has restored the art of traditional bread-making to its former glory. Once again, pure, wholesome unrefined ingredients are being skillfully crafted into truly splendid, completely nutritious, irresistibly mouth-watering breads and rolls.  http://www.the-baker.com

The Chocolate
As true chocolate makers, we carefully steward our cacao (cocoa beans) through the process of roasting, blending and conching in order to coax out the distinctive flavor imparted by each unique growing region. We are proud to be the first roaster of Fair Trade Certified™ cocoa beans and the only roaster of organic cocoa beans in the United States. Our production is guided by our passion for chocolate and our ultimate goal — to lead the industry with the excellence and integrity of our offerings  http://www.theochocolate.com/

The Hia
The Hemp Industries Association (HIA) is a non-profit trade group representing hemp companies, researchers and supporters. We are at the forefront of the drive for fair and equal treatment of industrial hemp. Since 1992, the HIA has been dedicated to education, industry development, and the accelerated expansion of hemp world market supply and demand.

The hemp industry has positioned itself over the past decade to once again become a major global economic force in the 21st century. Hemp is one of our planet's most important natural resources, and we advocate using it to its full potential.

The Jojoba Company
HobaCare Jojoba is the pure extract of the jojoba seed, which has been grown and then pressed and filtered to The Jojoba Company's exacting specifications. HobaCare Jojoba is exceptional due to the high quality of its seed source and the manner in which we have the seed pressed. "HobaCare" is the brand name we give our jojoba to distinguish it from so-called generic "jojoba oil" obtainable elsewhere. Our HobaCare Jojoba is available as "pesticide-free" (as close to organic as you'll find available) and as "Certified 100% Organic". Please refer to the end of this section for a thorough discussion of pesticide-free and certified 100% organic HobaCare Jojoba.  http://www.jojobacompany.com

The Organic Bistro
Organic ingredients, thoughtfully combined with optimal nutrition in mind. Organic Bistro™ Whole Life™ Meals are inspired by people who want to eat well and feel well. Each delicious flash-frozen meal delivers nutritionally rich gourmet food for a healthy lifestyle.  http://www.theorganicbistro.com

The Organic Cow
Certified organic is our pledge to you that all of our products are produced without dangerous pesticides or chemicals. Our cows are treated with respect and dignity, fed a certified organic, vegetarian diet and never given growth hormones or antibiotics.  http://theorganiccow.com

The Organic Planet
We source organic food commodities and ingredients from around the world and distribute them in the USA and Canada. We maintain distribution centers on both the West coast and the East coast.

Dried fruits, nuts, peas, beans, lentils, popcorn, edible seeds, specialty grains, sweeteners, cold pressed oils, spices, mostly under our 'Organic Planet' brand.

The Pure Bar
Organic PURE bar is a delicious, healthy, food bar made with organic and raw ingredients. Each bar is amazingly chewy and sweet with flavorful ingredients like cocoa, cherries, cinnamon, a variety of nuts, and sweet, healthy dates. Organic PURE bar is fortified with gentle brown rice protein and low glycemic agave nectar. It provides 15 essential vitamins and minerals, 400 mg. of healthy omega III fats and 4 grams of organic fiber. Organic PURE bar is a raw food. The ingredients are cold processed or not cooked. Most other bars are heat-processed or cooked. Heat processing destroys the beneficial enzymes and dramatically reduces the nutritional value of the bar. Organic PURE bar retains these beneficial enzymes; purer bar...healthier bar.  http://www.thepurebar.com

Thistle Dew Farm
In 1974, Ellie and Steve Conlon left suburban Philadelphia with one son, two dogs, a cat and two beehives, ready to begin a new life in West Virginia. Guided by their deep rooted faith, the Conlons launched several agricultural enterprises and served as foster parents. The Quaker principle “...that of God in everyone and everything...," has guided them in their lives and their business.

From this beginning, the Conlon Family and ThistleDew Farm has grown to include four sons, three dogs, four cats, 700 beehives, beeswax candles, beeswax skin and lip cream, honey mustard, bee beards, pollination and a honey of a gift shop!

Beekeeping is not only environmentally friendly, it is also a unique, creative and challenging family agricultural endeavor for the Conlons, who strive to offer their customers high-quality products at a reasonable cost.

Steve “The Beeman” Conlon is nationally known for his amazing beard of bees and provides demonstrations of this fascinating display around the country, and has appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” At ThistleDew, “the proof is in the pudding…er, HONEY!”

Thompson brings its 126 years in premium chocolate manufacturing to the organic industry. Our venture into organics began in 2002.  http://thompsoncandy.com

Truly Organic Baking
Our promise to you is to provide true organic goodness; making sure all our products are created From the Heart…For the Heart™

We strive to produce affordable and convenient organic baked goods and organic baking mixes. By choosing the finest ingredients, we are providing you with the healthiest choice for your mind, body and spirit.

US Mills
U.S. Mills aims to create a family of healthy food brands that offers an array of products, appeals to a range of ages and tastes, and supplements a healthy diet throughout the course of a person’s life.  http://www.usmillsllc.com

Veggie Wash
Veggie Wash® is the all-natural way to remove wax, soil and agricultural chemicals from produce. Because it contains only food-derived ingredients and is never tested on animals, you can enjoy the freshest-tasting fruits and vegetables, along with the peace of mind that comes with using environmentally safe products.  http://www.veggie-wash.com

Vere (pronounced "very") was born from a passion to create the most sophisticated, pure, healthful chocolate imaginable. The goal was to craft an extraordinarily delicious chocolate that was rich with cocoa, low in sugar, totally natural and could stand up to the world’s best chocolates.  http://www.veregoods.com

Roots - What do Ben & Jerry’s, Burton Snowboards, the Jog-bra® and VerMints have in common? They were all born in the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont. Continuing a proud Vermont tradition of innovation and excellence, we created VerMints, an absolutely all natural line of mints and pastilles, for people who want to refresh their breath with true flavor rather than chemicals and preservatives.  http://www.vermints.com

Walnut Acres
At Walnut Acres, we strive to make delicious and convenient foods and beverages of the highest quality. Our interesting and flavorful recipes are created by chefs and every product is always certified organic.  http://www.walnutacres.com

War Eagle Mills
The War Eagle Mill is the ONLY working undershot grist mill left in the United States. The mill produces stone buhr ground whole grain flours, meals, bran, and cereals from Certified Organic Grains. Our milling process is superior as the products are slowly stone ground and have not been chemically adulterated in any fashion. These grains are grown by local farmers specifically for War Eagle Mill and are hand packed and packed by the War Eagle Mill team members. Needless to say, we are an operation who cares about the Whole Grain Message as well as the team members who work at the mill, many for more then 15 years. Our message to our customers is "Grown by American Farmers, Hand Packed by American Families." Products / Services: Organic whole grain flours and meals, specialty grains (flaxseed, barely, amaranth, quinoa, millet, thick rolled oats, basmati rice, steel cut oats, wheat bran). Organic bread mixes, breakfast cereals, and dessert mixes.  http://www.wareaglemill.com

Wasserstrom's full range of food service capabilities can be found in restaurants and a variety of other food service operations throughout the world. Large or small, whatever your needs, Wasserstrom has the personnel, experience, expertise, resources and technology to efficiently provide all the equipment and support services you require. Their equipment is made here, not all the small ware.  http://www.wasserstrom.com

And while well known for those unique and flavorful products, Welch's actually offers many other items in its portfolio—some 400 to be exact—ranging from refrigerated juices and cocktails to frozen and shelf-stable concentrates to sparkling juice cocktails and a variety of single-serve products in all shapes and sizes.  http://www.welchs.com

Available in natural food stores as well as mainstream supermarkets, Westbrae Natural's array of vegetarian foods includes beans, soups, pastas and vegetables. In addition, customers can find condiments, Japanese ramens, rice cakes and wafers, and yummy cookies, all made with integrity and the high Westbrae Natural standards.  http://www.westbrae.com

The number one brand in non-dairy soy beverages, WestSoy beverages are available in aseptic, wedge, and new refrigerated varieties. WestSoy is known as the category innovator, with differentiated products including Soy Shakes in grab-and-go convenience-sized containers.  http://www.westsoy.biz

Yves Veggies
The North American leader in the production of award winning meatless, low fat and cholesterol free products. Yves makes over thirty meat and cheese alternative products to meet America's quickly growing demand for Healthy lifstyle products.  http://www.yvesveggie.com


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