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While Coca Cola is an international bottling company, every bottle sold in the US is made in the US.  http://www.coca-cola.com

Cowie Wine Cellars-Arkansas
The winery became bonded on August 17, 1967. In the late 1970's he began construction on the current building (the third winery building) at the site of former St. Ann School at Carbon City. The Cowie children (all seven) have helped with building construction and the wine making.  http://www.cowiewinecellars.com

Goose Island Soda
People just don’t smile the way they did in the days of vintage movies or 50s TV shows. At Goose Island, we believe it’s time once again to take a big, refreshing swig of your favorite soda and go with the urge to flash that toothy grin.  http://www.gooseislandsoda.com

Juicy Juice
Made from 100% fruit juice with no added sugar, Nestlé Juicy Juice is a delicious, easy way for you to ensure your kids get at least one of their daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables.  http://www.juicyjuice.com

Leeners specializes in food and beverage homecraft supplies for everything from homebrewed beer to homemade cheese and sausage. The company is owned and operated by Eileen Leverentz with help from her husband Jim.

Leeners opened in Macedonia, Ohio on October 6, 1996. The original retail store was dedicated to homebrewing and winemaking. By 1998 we had expanded our product lines into the many You-Make-Kit activities you now find on our web site.

Nesquik has 25% less sugar than other power and syrup brands. It has a great taste that kids will love. Nesquick has 33% more calcium than milk alone!  http://www.nesquik.com

Rice & Soy Dream
The roots of Rice Dream and Soy Dream go back to 1971, when Robert Nissenbaum, one of the original founders, had opened Morning Dew Organic Food Market in St. Louis, MO.

It was one of the first organic/natural food stores in the United States. Robert was very passionate about the relationship between diet, health and well being, as well as very concerned for the environment. He explored the natural vegetarian diet, macrobiotics, yoga, and organic gardening. He used his store as the vehicle to share his ideas and inform others about the benefits of this new way of living.

Vermont Sweetwater Bottling Co.
Vermont Sweetwater Bottling Company is a small Vermont family owned and operated bottling company, producing six all natural beverages, made with only the finest ingredients .

The idea for their first product was born when brothers, Bob and Rich Münch were drinking maple sap, while doing some backyard maple syrup making. They both agreed that the maple sap tapped right from the maple tree, with a little carbonation would make a terrific soft drink and so, the birth of Vermont Sweetwater Bottling Company.

In June of 2000 the new flavors were introduced at the New York Fancy Food Show, with great success. The excitement at the exhibit was intensified by the overwhelming approval of all the satisfied tasters.

The new flavors like there older counterparts, Vermont Country Apple Jack, Vermont Tangerine Cream Twister, Vermont Raspberry Rhubarb Ramble and Vermont Mango Moonshine have no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

All six proudly display the Vermont Seal of Quality and the brothers pride themselves that their Vermont sodas are really made in Vermont.

Wild Mac
e Wild Mac Kona Coffee Company sells the finest gourmet coffee in the world.

Our Kona coffee is shade grown at the perfect 2000ft. elevation.
Nestled in the shade of the endangered Ohia and Kopiko trees, (our Kona is bird and bee friendly) hand picked and dried in the warm Hawaiian sun.
Our estate Kona consists of peaberry, extra/fancy and fancy grade beans. We use NO pesticides or chemicals. Your Kona is roasted in small quantity's to ensure freshness. So do yourself a favor and brew up a cup of the Wild Mac flavor.


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