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Karens Baskets
Welcome to Karen's Baskets. I am Karen Zane and have been making baskets since 1991. I started teaching the Judy K Wilson 36 rib basket in 1999 after apprenticing with Judy for two years. Judy designed the basket and taught it for twelve years. After going on to other medias of basket weaving her baskets were still sought after and she ask if I would like to teach it.  http://www.karensbaskets.com

Mountain Trail Baskets
Mountain Trails Baskets is a family oriented business that intends to create a long lasting impression not only on customers, but in structure of our baskets. We want our baskets to be known world-wide by taking pride in creating and maintaining the most structurally sound baskets on the market. Our team will always act professional in serving our customers and suppliers by maintaining a long lasting relationship.

Baskets are Handcrafted in the USA with an Unconditional Life-Time Guarantee. What is the Guarantee? If your basket ever becomes damaged, we'll either repair it or replace it at no cost other than shipping fees, "NO EXCEPTIONS/NO EXPIRATION", regardless whom purchased the basket for gift giving or personal use. Every basket we have ever sold carries our guarantee to our valued customers. "We stand behind our Guarantee with over 20 years of satisfied customers."

Nantucket Lightship Basket Shop
In 1856 when the first Lightship was commissioned to warn ships of the dangerous shoals off the southern shores of Nantucket, many of the sailors took basket making materials with them to relieve themselves from the long hours of boredom. It is from this era that the baskets received the "Lightship Basket" moniker, and reached a state of refinement that caused them to be widely sought after. The very first "purse" basket was produced during this era by the Lightship Captain Charles Ray. His grandson, third generation basket maker "Mitchy" Ray, taught the Nantucket style to Jose Formosa Reyes who popularized the purse form decades later.  http://www.nantucketbaskets.com

Simply Nantucker Baskets
Nantucket baskets and Nantucket basket purses are individually hand crafted by an experienced Nantucket basket weaver.  http://www.simplynantucketbaskets.com


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