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Bob Red Mills
Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods produces more than 400 products, including a full line of certified gluten free products and an extensive line of certified organic products. With a wide variety of whole grain products, from flours and hot cereals to baking mixes and grains, Bob’s Red Mill has “whole grain foods for every meal of the day.”  http://www.bobsredmill.com/

At Eaturna, we’re not out to change the world—just the way it eats. So, we seek out only the finest ingredients, from organic flour, to antibiotic and hormone-free meats and poultry. Everything on our menu is always chef-created, freshly-prepared, and delivered daily, so we don’t need to use preservatives or additives (heck - even some of our containers are all-natural and fully compostable!).  http://www.eaturna.com/home.asp

Foods Alive
A line of dehydrated Certified Organic Golden Flax Crackers with flavors including, Italian Zest, Mexican Harvest, Maple & Cinnamon, and Regular. Using only the finest certified organic, vegan, kosher, and wheat free ingredients, we created simple functional whole food that everyone can enjoy.  http://www.foodsalive.com

King Arthur Flour
Here at King Arthur, we’re doing all we can to hold the line on prices by making our business as efficient as possible. Despite our best efforts, there’s no way for us to entirely absorb the impact of the current record-breaking wheat market. We’ve reluctantly had to raise our flour prices.

But at the same time, we’re making sure that the price you pay for King Arthur Flour is money well spent.

Last time America faced a wheat challenge, many flour companies around the country uniformly purchased lower-quality, less expensive grain, thus compromising the bakeability of their flour. But to us, that’s artificial savings. Flour milled from reduced-quality wheat means trouble in the kitchen. Bread won’t rise; cookies fall flat; muffins shrink.

Here at King Arthur, we refuse to compromise on flour quality–ever. We’ve already purchased the wheat that will become the flour you bake with this coming fall and winter. And we assure you: when you use King Arthur, you’ll see no drop-off in the success of your baking. King Arthur Flour will continue to be the best, most consistent flour in America, as it’s been since 1790. You have our word on it.

Not only is it an American company, it is 100% employee owned!

Maple Grove
Over the years, we have developed products at the request of retails, which respond to a variety of dietary concerns. Fat free, sugar free, gluten free, all natural, and dairy free are among some of our product attributes.

Our goal is great tasting, ‘good for you foods’. Whenever possible, our products are all natural. We also offer a line of organic foods and our commitment to quality is your satisfaction – we guarantee it!


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