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Butler Sun Solutions
We are a small, family owned business "Dedicated to the conserving the Earth's energy & water and resources". We appreciate your interest in our products and look forward to serving your solar hot water needs.

Our web site, www.butlersunsolutions.com, includes pictures of installed systems, a detailed description of our solar assisted hot water system, and downloadable Installation and Operation/Maintenance Manuals to help both Do-It-Yourself & professional installers. Complete "System Kits" are now available with everything you need to install the solar assisted hot water system. "Heat Exchanger Closed Loop Kits" are also available with everything but the solar collectors. The Heat Exchanger Closed Loop Kits include an anti-scald valve, with associated plumbing, and are available with either PV-powered or 115 VAC pump and controller.

Evergreen Solar
There's never been a better choice for solar panels than Evergreen Solar. Our panels are made by state of the art manufacturing featuring our unique String Ribbon wafer technology. Add the fact that we manufacture everything: wafers, cells and panels. All under one roof for ultimate quality control, and it's not surprising then that our solar panels are among the highest quality products in the industry. And that's not all. Because of the unique way they're made, they are the most environmentally friendly solar panels in the business.  http://www.evergreensolar.com

Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation
Super pure polycrystalline silicon (polysilicon) manufactured and sold by Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation is an indispensable feed material for the semiconductor industry.
We sell our polysilicon in the form of chunks or rods and the material is converted by our customers into single crystal ingots, which are sliced into wafers and polished.

These wafers are supplied to semiconductor device manufacturers who fabricate various types of electronic devices such as microprocessors, DRAMS, ASICS, etc. HSC is the world?s largest supplier of semiconductor polysilicon.

Mr. Plastics
Our Design Services department can transform your needs into innovative, effective displays. We can see a project through from initial concept to drawings, prototype, manufacture, and final delivery  http://www.mr-plastics.com

Solar Active
SolarActive® is proud to introduce its SolarActive® line of color change products. SolarActive® offers the latest technology in photochromic ink products for the apparel industry, promotional, advertising, promotional merchandising, toy pet products, pet apparel, color change clothes and novelty industry.  http://www.solaractiveintl.com

Solar Eclipose Sun Protective Clothing
Solar Eclipse is made with a patented fiber called Supplex which blocks 95% to 99% of all UVA and UVB rays. That's equivalent to wearing a SPF 30+ sunscreen - without the need to keep reapplying lotion. With Solar Eclipse, all you need to do is get dressed.

Our fashionable, lightweight, easy-care clothing keeps you cool, comfortable and shielded from solar radiation all day long. And because the sun protection is woven right into the fabric, it will never wash out. Every Solar Eclipse garment is hand-crafted to our high quality standards in the USA, and meets or exceeds the rigorous sun protective certification requirements.

Solar One Solutions
SolarOne Delivers the Promise of Solar Powered Lighting. Effective lighting anywhere and anytime, making public areas safer, creating more usable outdoor space, protecting the environment and saving energy dollars.  http://www.solaronesolutions.com

We are an innovative, 13 year old North American company specializing in low energy evaporative cooling. We are proud to offer the most energy efficient line of evaporative coolers in the world. Southwest Solar offers a variety of products with applications ranging from cooling your home, office, greenhouse, or vehicle.

All of our products are solar compatible and environmentally friendly and are offered in a variety of voltages ranging from 12, 24, 48VDC and 120/240 VAC. Please browse our site to learn more about evaporative cooling, environmentally friendly living, or purchasing one of our products.

SOUTHWEST SOLAR is committed to SUSTAINABLE technology that will preserve the Earth for our Children's Children's Children

Spire Corporation
Spire is a diversified technology company providing innovative solar energy manufacturing equipment and solar systems, biomedical devices, and optoelectronic components. Applying its expertise in materials technologies across all product lines, Spire has a rich heritage of applying science and research to develop products that generate renewable energy, improve healthcare, enhance security and deliver advanced solutions to businesses around the world.  http://www.spirecorp.com

Trojan Battery Company
Trojan Battery Company is the world leader in deep cycle battery technology. Since 1925, Trojan has been a pioneer in the development of superior deep cycle batteries. Decades of experience, ongoing research and dedication go into every deep cycle battery we manufacture.  http://www.trojanbattery.com

Adding a solar electric system in your home or business is an easy way to take advantage of regional incentives, invest in your home or businesses.  http://www.uni-solar.com


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