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Chadwick Art Photography
Fine Art for the home, office or vacation retreat.  http://www.chadwickartphotography.com

Julie Martin Fine Art
I don't talk about my art much, only because I want you, the viewer, to experience it for yourself..without my ideas or intentions interfering with what you may take away from the art..
But...here are some little tidbits for ya....

My art is sensual, sometimes confrontational...it asks that you look within yourself or maybe the world around you and to think.....it asks questions of you...

I am fascinated by people..and all of the masks that we wear..how we are different people at different times, in different circumstances....

Have you ever watched someone..when they are not aware that you are doing so...and what they do..how they act......the marked change in people when they leave the office, and pick up their tennis raquet, or listen to their favorite music...that one moment when we all become who we are at our cores..that is my art..

Everything we make is made from 100% top grain leather. We are only using drum-dyed black leather. This is due to the size of leather hide we must purchase and the relative few requests we get for other colors. In the future we may expand to brown or tan.

For each eveready model a three piece wood mold is made. Once the leather is selected it is cut, wet-molded shaped and tailored so to fit the curves of the camera. Each piece of the case is lined as it is assembled. This gives the interior an upholstered, refined appearance.

Overall our cases look, feel, function and smell wonderfully.

Post-a-Photo® has created a niche in the photo accessories market since its first line of products was introduced in September 2003.

Since then, the company has launched the Post-a-Photo® Kids line as a co-marketing venture with Crayola®, a holiday greetings pack, and an all-occasion collection. The company's products are made in China and in the US and are distributed internationally through distribution partners and retail outlets.

The Desert Dancer Studio
Here you will find original, unique, affordable Southwestern &
Western art and home decor by Arizona artist Susan Lorae.

Look for digital art prints that look like oil paintings or watercolors,
developed from my original photographs and drawings.

Take a leisurely stroll through the site. Southwestern & Western Art
and Decor is my passion and I hope you will enjoy my work as much
as I love creating it!



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