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CableNet Products
Cablenet Products, Inc. is a premier contract manufacturer of cables, cable assemblies, wiring harnesses, mechanical and electro-mechanical assemblies, and accessories for world class OEM's.  We specialize in turnkey applications including engineering / design, prototyping and manufacturing to customer specifications.  http://www.cablenet5.com/index.html

At LaCie, we mix design and technology. Some like the look of our products, while others choose LaCie for performance. We work hard to make your life and work easier, better and faster.

We want you to feel confident when you use LaCie’s products. You can replace a keyboard, processor or printer but you do not want to lose your data. Your hard drive is your memory; you need to be able to back up on a second device easily. As you keep a lot of yourself and your life inside this box, we want you to look outside the box and feel good about your choice. We hope that you appreciate our ergonomic designs and superior aesthetics.

To better understand and serve the needs of our customers, we do not outsource our tech support or repair center. We work locally, with offices and tech support in 15 different countries and languages. We are proud of our two manufacturing sites in Oregon and France. About half of LaCie’s approximately 400 employees are part of our technical teams - jobs that our competitors outsource. It is an excellent way to stay connected.

Technology Partners Inc.
Established in May 1995, Technology Partners Incorporated (TPI) has quickly become a premier source for IBM compatible computer systems and components in Arizona. Operating in an extremely competitive industry, TPI expands its business by providing customers with top-notch products and services at the most reasonable prices. Whether it is a game system at home or a server that runs a multi-million dollar business, there is a product at TPI that fits your need.  http://www.tpi-us.com

Tenba Gear
U.S.-made cases to protect, transport and ship Apple, iMac, and Mac Pro computers; Apple, Eizo, and LaCie LCD displays; as well as laptops and multimedia projectors.  http://www.tenba.com

Tough Traveler
Expert Designers and Manufacturers
Baby Carriers, Luggage, Backpacks, EMS Bags, Music Bags, & More!


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