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HLM Corp
Premium furniture makers, cabinet specialists, flooring experts, and woodworkers have a shared vision ? to create the world?s most beautiful, natural products. Collectively, they know discerning consumers embrace the sense of quality that can only be achieved when they are selective about raw materials ? choosing only high quality hardwoods with tight grain, the lowest gum content, and the most uniform color.

While other mills claim quality and consistency, few can boast of the material selection and process efforts undertaken at Emporium Hardwoods. Our vision, and our mission is to supply you with unsurpassed excellence in our specialty hardwoods.

Rossi Amercian Hardwood
Rossi American Hardwoods, headquartered in Cromwell Connecticut, USA has production and export facilities in ten of the Eastern States. The company is committed to both domestic and export markets and staffed by highly experienced personnel who are mobile, travelling across the US and world markets, speaking a variety of foreign languages.  http://www.rossiamericanhardwoods.com


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