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ASV Inventions
All ASV products carry an unconditional guarantee against breakage. That’s right, you break your ASV product we replace it. No questions asked. No matter how you broke it. ASV is the only lever manufacturer that offers this guarantee in writing. Think about how much money you would save in replacement levers if you had ASV levers on your bike over the last year. We also apply "Unbreakable" guarantees to all of our products.  http://www.asvinventions.com

Barker's Performance
Barker's Inc. is a 100% American owned company researching and developing the best performance racing products for ATVs and motorcycles. And it shows... our products help racers win. We at Barker's know and love engines. Heck, we've been racing since 1985, so we know how important quality performance products are. Whether you're at Nationals, the County Fair or trying to beat your brother-in-law, we understand the passion of racing and winning. That's why we're proud to offer precision American made cranks, connecting rods and exhaust systems to help you on your quest to the winner's circle.  http://www.barkersexhaust.com

Bling Star
Blingstar Industries has created the next generation in lifestyle and mx accessories. Started in early 2003, the idea of “moto-minded accessories” would soon turn a few products into a full line of clothing, aluminum accessories and a moto-minded home decor. The idea by co-owners Clint Roberts and Freddie Sheppard would instantly set the standard in the motocross industry.

Blingstar® is pleased to provide our partners, customers, employees and friends with ready access to electronic files of our logo. Since these graphic symbols represent our company's reputation and identity as an innovative motocross apparel leader, we appreciate your keeping the logo artwork intact as provided.

Buell Motorcycles
A successful privateer roadracer himself in the late 1970s to early '80s, Erik Buell built his own race bike to meet the rules for the AMA's premiere Formula 1 class. The RW750, a handbuilt and raw pure race bike, was the first official Buell motorcycle. It was a brutally fast a contender in the series, but one year later, the AMA changed the class rules leaving the RW750 without a home. Erik Buell regrouped and began to focus his efforts on building a premium street bike. He translated his trilogy of technology principles from that first race bike into the RR1000 street bike, and, as the saying goes, the rest is history. But Erik Buell has never forgotten his racing roots.  http://www.buell.com/en_us/

Dauntless Motors
Jay and Tara are participating enthusiasts in the sidecar and motorcycling community both locally & nationally.  This inspired the start Dauntless Motors Corporation.  The importation of the Sputnik sidecar and proper bike specific mounting hardware launched the company base which expanded into manufacturing many other custom sidecars, sidecar mounts, special needs modifications, trailers, trailer hitches, trikes and other motorcycle accessories.  http://www.dauntlessmotors.com

Design 500
Design 500 has been protecting its customers since 1982.

Offering head-to-toe coverage for drivers and crew, Design 500 manufactures driver?s suits for both auto racing & karting, fire-retardant crew suits and traditional crew uniforms.

Other items designed for driver protection include neck collars for both auto & kart racing, harness pads and both CarbonX® & Nomex® underwear, headsocks & socks. At Design 500, we create every suit from the ground up, to insure the best fit, protection, comfort and style possible.

Our seamstresses provide the best in quality construction, right from our US manufacturing facilities. Whether you are a national champion or a family favorite, check us out.

DRD - Dubach Racing Development
We started Dubach Racing Development with the goal to produce the best exhaust systems and related mx products that actually make your bike run better, not different. I have worked with the best, tested virtually every motocross bike make over the past 10 years, and still work hand in had with the Yamaha Testing division. Riding YZs and every other brand of motocross bike, continuing to learn and develop motorcycles and moving Dr.D forward is what I do. Throughout my career, I?ve been fortunate that my avocation has also been my vocation. We know the effort that must go into a product for it to perform at a level that exceeds, the admittedly, extremely good stock bikes and ATVs. We put 100% effort into our products and constantly strive to achieve your business.  http://www.dubachracing.com

Dream Bags
Dreambags is a Chicago based manufacturer and retailer of exclusive, customizable and limited editions of purses, handbags, travel and business cases, totes and pet carriers. We use the best leather, fabrics and hardware to create unique, yet functional items for you to enjoy.  http://www.dreambags.com

Fasst Company
The staff at Fasst Company eats sleeps and breathes motorcycles. Stemming from a 3rd generation motorcycle racing background, we have seen the progression of the motorcycle industry and know what it takes to keep moving forward. The foundation that our company is built on is the idea of adding value to our customers riding program, by designing new and innovative products that out perform anything else. Every Fasst Company product is made from start to finish in the U.S.A.  http://www.fasstco.com

Ever wonder what it has taken Don Emler and company to do to bring FMF to the level it is today? There are only a handful of companies in this industry that have a 30+ year history and we are one of them!  http://www.fmfracing.com

Harley Davidson
Motorcycle  http://www.harley-davidson.com

We fulfilll dreams through the experience of motorcycling, by providing to motorcyclists and to the general public an expanding line of motorcycles and branded products and services in selected market segments.  http://www.harley-davidson.com

Hayes Brake
Proving our brake systems in the toughest environments is how we?ve earned our place as a leader in the brake industry. Every Hayes product must adhere to the utmost standards in quality, extreme performance and long-term dependability. It?s the only way we can ensure our customers have the most reliable and best value brake system for their application.  http://www.hayesbrake.com

HD Wheels
HDW is more than just a name - it?s a vision. Innovation, customer partnership and product reliability are all united in the single concept. We offer custom spoke (wire) wheels in all the sizes you?d expect; unique and standard colors, lacing patterns and brilliant powder coating for rim, spokes and hubs; 40, 60, 80, 90, 100 and 120 custom Harley and Choppers wheels; Seamless Aluminum Apollo rim; twisted, new and old diamond, tortoise shell, ripple and standard spokes.  http://www.hdwheels.com

HMF Engineering
HMF Engineering manufactures after market exhaust systems for Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Can-Am, KTM, Polaris, Arctic Cat, and Cannondale ATV's (All terrain vehicles) and Dirt Bikes as well as Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki Street Bikes. Each specific after market exhaust system is dependent on the type of rider you are.  http://www.hmfengineering.com

All Honda Civics are built in Marysville, Ohio.  http://www.honda.com

Hot Cams
Hot Cams is the leader in innovation, design, and development of aftermarket ATV and dirt bike high-performance cam shafts. Hot Cams has a great history of being the first company to provide cams from billet and not requiring a core exchange. This allows our users to get their high-performance cam shafts quicker and for less money.  http://www.hotcamsinc.com

Hygear Suspension
Hygear Suspension specializes in the performance and handling of sport ATV and snomobile suspension systems. Our goal is to provide customers with the most advanced suspension setups that maximize stability, comfort, and reliability.  http://www.hygearsuspension.com

JE Pistons
With over 50-years of experience, JE Pistons is the leader in high performance forged pistons. We've built a reputation that the competition can only follow. JE has a history of manufacturing the highest quality pistons and components that professional engine builders, race teams, and high performance enthusiasts alike trust and rely on.  http://www.jepistons.com

King Off-Road Racing Shocks
"King Shocks is a family owned and operated business with decades of shock design, manufacturing, and tuning experience. King has shocks for every type of off-road vehicle including SCORE Trophy Trucks, Unlimited Class 1 Buggies and Ultimate Sand Rails. All King products are manufactured in house in America. All King shocks are owner rebuildable with no special tools necessary. ALL COMPLETE PURE RACE SHOCK INSTALLATIONS COME WITH FREE LOCAL DESERT SET-UP! NO ONE OFFERS BETTER SERVICE AND SUPPORT!

Krause Racing's Sidewinder
We offer many different sprocket and chain options to choose from. Our staff at Sidewinder headquarters has over seventy-five years cumulative experience in helping riders and racers pick the best sprocket ratios, as well as the most appropriate grade of system for their specific application.  http://www.sidewindersprockets.com

Maier Plastics / Maier USA
We manufacture all our plastic parts here in Grass Valley CA, All metal and electricla parts are imported. Maier USA is the largest manufacturer of custom and O.E.M. type motorcycle and ATV plastics in the United States. We have been a leader in producing top quality plastic accessories for the Powersports Industry since 1972, and our products are used by thousands of riders around the world with great satisfaction.  http://www.maier-mfg.com

Marvin Shaw Shocks
Yarnell Specialties Inc has been in business for over 12 yrs. Marvin Shaw founder and developer of the shocks retired in 2004. New owners Tim & Becky Hethcox have been in the dunning community for over 20yrs. We are a family owned and operated company Tim Jr is our only employee. We manufacture everything in house and use the best suited material for the shocks. Our number one goal is customer service, and we will always answer your questions.  http://www.marvinshawshocks.com

Novelty Helmets
All of our novelty helmets and stickers are made in the USA. Not anything else  http://www.helmetsinc.com

Outerwears Performance Products
Racers and engine builders were experiencing loss of horsepower and engine damage due to sand, dirt, and other debris prematurely packing (clogging) the filter and often passing through the filter into the engine. Filters loading up with dirt meant loss of horsepower and in many cases loss of a race. Race crews were noticing severe engine damage due to dirt entering into the engine. Thus, a true need for a product designed to keep out additional dirt without interfering with airflow was necessary. Pre-filter can be seen on a variety of applications from circle track racing, street, motor-cross, jet-ski, ATV, snowmobile, kart, military, industrial machinery, and consumer appliances. Outerwears has a product for virtually any air intake application.  http://www.outerwears.com

Polaris designs, engineers, manufactures and markets snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), Victory motorcycles and the Polaris RANGER for recreational and utility use.  http://www.polarisindustries.com

Precision Metalcraft
At Precision Metal craft we are dedicated to providing the highest quality metal fabrication anywhere. Established in 1997 owner Jeff Davis has spent the last 10 yeas elevating the process of aluminum fabrication to an art form.  http://www.precision-metalcraft.com

RAD Manufacturing
Our complete production facility is located in the high desert of southern Utah, near Zion Natl. Park, The Grand Canyon and Lake Powell, All of our design and manufacturing is done in-house, as well as our print and web design.  http://www.radmfg.com

RedHead Gadgets
This simple, yet functional map clip:
~Keeps your eyes forward, not looking down
~Replaces those hundreds of yards of ugly blue tape
~Won't scratch your windshield
~No more fumbling in your saddlebag on the side of the road for your map. No more maps stuffed in your pocket, stuffed in your teeth, stuffed down your tank top, flying away in the wind!

If you are really creative, you can make it cross-country on a 3x5 piece of paper clipped to your windshield.

Scary Fast / PowerShot / Powernow
We are the inventors. We pride ourselves on spending the extra money to make our products in America in an aerospace machine shop. You'll never have to worry about fit or structural integrity when using the real  Power Now. The New and Improved Power Now?, is fast becoming known as the "best power product you can buy for your bike for under $100". It gives idle to midrange torque on four strokes and idle to increased top on two strokes. It's been 4 years since PowerNow? was introduced to the world and sales grow like crazy every year. Some rip off places and fly-by-night junkyards keep stealing the idea, but they don't last for long, because their's don't fit and/or don't work as well. The PowerNow? is made just like it is because continuous testing shows this design and these materials work the best."  http://scaryfastracing.net

Skat-Trak Perforamnce Products
When it comes to Sand traction, no one does it better than Skat-Trak Paddle Tires. With tires crafted for ATV’s, Motorcycles, Dune Buggies, Sand Dragsters, Mud Boggers, and Tractor Pullers, we have you covered no matter what your vehicle. For over 30 years we have continued to innovate and give people the traction they want, and need, to make the most out of each trip to the dunes or down the drag strip.  http://www.skat-trak.com

Two Brothers Racing
Power. Innovations. Style. Sound Performance. Two Brothers Racing.  http://www.twobros.com

Vance & Hines
Thirty years of racing. Thirty years of winning... Since 1979, we have sacrificed nothing, and given everything, to provide you with products that are meticulously engineered and manufactured to standards far surpassing the industry.  http://www.vanceandhines.com

Williams Lowbuck Tools, Inc.
Lowbuck Tools has been providing low cost metal fabricating tools to the racer/builder since 1978. We feature the "Lowbuck Tubing Notcher", a shearing/punch type tubing notcher. We also provide tools for use in fence , gate and iron work.  http://www.lowbucktools.com

Works Performance Products
In 1973, Works Performance Products began producing unique off-road shocks, with a revolutionary damping system. At the same time, Works Performance started a tradition of winning championships. This same winning tradition goes into every Works Performance shock whether it's for off-road motorcycles, ATVs, high-performance street bikes or custom cruisers. Each Works Performance shock is built to order based on riders weight, specific length requirements, chassis geometry and intended use. We have no "one size fits all" shock. For more than three decades, that's been the Works Performance philosophy: shocks custom built to order. It sometimes takes a little longer to make them (as opposed to off-the-shelf) but we feel that the benefits in handling and comfort are worth the wait.  http://www.worksperformance.com


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