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Blessed Nest
All Blessed Nest products are made in America (by moms, grandmas and aunties!) using organic materials. Our pillows are made with 100% organic fabrics, filled with organic, pesticide-free buckwheat hulls from a US farm, and all orders are even shipped in recyclable and compostable packaging.  http://www.blessednest.com

Japanese Weekend
Japanese Weekend Maternity designs have changed the way mothers-to-be look at maternity wear. Gone are the days of sloppy upsizing and non-functional clothing. Gone are the big bows and Peter Pan collars of "traditional" maternity wear. Japanese Weekend Maternity offers contemporary, functional and comfortable clothing, made with quality fabrics and solid construction. Because of White's care and fashion-forward designs, a modern day woman can feel assured that she looks good while being comfortable from the early months of pregnancy throughout her nursing days.

Here at Japanese Weekend we are committed to keeping our production in our community whenever we can. All of our designing, sample sewing, and shipping takes place in our San Francisco based headquarters, and nearly all of our garments are manufactured in San Francisco and Oakland. We also pride ourselves on using California made fabrics whenever possible. Those few styles that are produced elsewhere are clearly marked on our website. Crafting as much of our product as we can close to our corporate home is a very high priority for Japanese Weekend, and we value customers who seek us out for that reason!

we offer a full line of basic styles under the Majamas label. We also have a full line of beautiful fashion pieces designed for wearing during and after pregnancy under our Nixilu label.

We pride ourselves in sourcing and making all our garments here in the United States, and we even source our fabrics from textile mills based here. We’re passionate about the environment, and we do our best to ensure we leave the smallest footprint possible when making our clothing.

Look for our non-maternity line Eliseo, now available at www.eliseofashion.com. Eliseo is made from our excess fabrics that make it whimsical, unique, fashionable and comfortable.

Melinda G
Melinda G bra styles include sizing options so you are sure to find your most comfortable fit. All feature easy nursing access, great styling, beautiful fabrics, seamless cups, non-stretch comfort straps and easy back closures.  http://www.melindag.com

Modest Apparel USA
Welcome to Modest Apparel USA.com . We believe that a modest woman is a beautiful woman.It is our intention to provide women with a wide selection of modest clothing. There will be more modest dresses and culottes added soon, so check back often. We know you will be pleased with the quality of our dresses. All our garments are made from top quality fabric and are manufactured right here in the United States of America. We stand behind all of our clothing 100%. If you are not satisfied with any of our garments please return it to the address below within 30 days of purchase, with the reason you are returning the garment. Many of our styles can be fit to size or be special ordered in the fabric of your choice.  http://www.modestapparelusa.com

Round Belly
Most of these fabrics are baby soft organic cottons and hemps. With every washing they grow more perfect for wear. In fact, these may be the only rnity clothes you ever cried over being done with (but no worry, that's why we offer nursing and women's).  http://www.roundbelly.com


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