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All American Clothing
Most of our clothing is UNION MADE IN THE USA. However, when we cannot find something union made, we will offer "Made in the USA" products. Currently only three of our products are not union made, but they are "Made in the USA"  http://www.allamericanclothing.com

Alpha Industries
Today, Alpha Industries is not only a global enterprise, manufacturing and selling its products throughout the world, but also the premier supplier of jackets for the U.S. Air Force, Navy, Army, and Marine Corps. Alpha sets the standard as a leader in cutting-edge outerwear design. From flight decks to civilian sidewalks, Alpha stands on the frontlines of quality and fashion, as a testament to innovation, creativity and manufacturing know-how. The honest truth is that Alpha is tried, and tested, and proven. And that's where you come in. Now it's your turn to try it out.  http://www.alphaindustries.com

American Made Shirts
Vector Shirts, our parent company has been serving the embroidery community since 1996. We specialize in American Made products. We offer a variety of products that represent the very best in personalized clothing. All prices include embroidery.  http://www.americanmadeshirts.com

American Ranchwear
Each Schaefer Outfitter garment is proudly American made in our family owned and operated factory, which means we design, engineer, cut, sew and inspect each and every garment featured in the product line. In fact, Schaefer is one of the last full line apparel manufacturers left in this great nation of ours.

We not only produce American made garments, but firmly stand behind purchasing American made raw materials right down to thread, snaps and labels.

The result of your support is not only heart felt to our small company and its employees, but to the hundreds of folks from coast to coast in the textile industry who provide the finest raw materials possible.

Apparel USA
Need American made products - then think of Apparel USA Corporation. Our product line consists of numerous styles of jackets, fleece, woven shirts, polos, tees, henleys and more. ALL are USA MADE and most items are also UNION MADE.  http://www.usamadeapparel.com

The company continues to thrive as a creative incubator for new talent and ideas. In recent years Babette and her Co-Designer, Josephine Tchang have expanded the company's offerings to create an entire sportwear collection that is a life-style solution for discerning women.  http://www.babettesf.com

Beagle Wear
Made from tightly woven melton wool, Beagle's wool hunting clothing - wool jackets, wool pants and accessories - is made with high-tech, innovative materials that keep the serious outdoorsman warmer, drier and more comfortable in the harshest of conditions.  http://www.beaglewear.com

Bicycle Clothing
Bicycle clothing is what makes or breaks the bicycling experience. It determines if you're comfortable while riding, and therefore happy! Your bicycle clothing keeps you warm, dry, well padded, and safe. We have cycling apparel that breathes, keeps you dry, has Velcro for convenience, and 3M-brand reflective elements for safety. We have bike shorts that have padding where it's most critical, and bicycle jerseys and other garments that have extra room where it's needed most. We designed our bicycle clothing thoughtfully; and we take bicycling, bicycle clothing and bicycle accessories very seriously.  http://www.bicycleclothing.com

For over 115 years, Carhartt has manufactured premium workwear known for exceptional durability, comfort, quality of construction, and fit that you can feel in the fabrics and see in the performance.  http://www.carhartt.com

David Morgan
Since 1962 when David and Dorothy Morgan started the company, David Morgan has been a family owned and operated mail order business presenting traditional, quality items discovered in the pursuit of their own personal interests.

Check to be sure where it is from not everything is USA made.

Filson does make some of their own clothes and items. They do tell you on their web site which ones are made in the USA.  http://www.filson.com

Flight Suits
Flight Suits is America's largest manufacturer of high-quality, made-to-order, flight suits, uniforms, leather jackets, and flying helmets for aviation, emergency medicine, and law enforcement. In the last 22 years we have outfitted more pilots, police officers, and EMS personnel than anyone else. Over 35,000 customers in extreme occupations use our products daily to do their jobs. We manufacture our products in our own 20,000 square-foot factory in El Cajon, California so you can have exactly what you want...  http://www.flightsuits.com/

Globe Firesuits
Over the years, Globe has been responsible for introducing many of the materials, designs, and construction methods we now take for granted in firefighter suites. Globe was the first to use DuPont NOMEX® inherently flame resistant materials, first to use 3M SCOTCHLITE® reflective materials, and first to use expanded PTFE technology including GORE-TEX® and CROSSTECH® moisture barriers.  http://www.globefiresuits.com

Greenlee Texxtron, Inc./Nichols
Welcome to the Greenlee Company Store!

Here you will find high-quality items from the Greenlee, Fairmont and Tempo stock of sportswear and specialty items. Every piece of merchandise carries either the Greenlee, Fairmont or Tempo logo and high standards for quality and excellence.

Johnson Woolen Mills
Located in the village of Johnson, Vermont, just north of skiing mecca Stowe, Vermont, the clothing company still makes the same woolen shirts, jackets and the famous iceman's pants that have been best sellers for decades.  http://www.johnsonwoolenmills.com

Kell Spot
Kellsport sweatshirts are recognized as the highest quality sweatshirts available in the industry. Kellsport brand sweatshirts are requested by more utility companies throughout the country than any other sweatshirt brand. Construction companies, homebuilders, electrical and plumbing trades, landscapers and tree companies, all prefer Kellsport sweatshirts for their employees and corporate gifts. The Kellsport sweatshirt line includes heavyweight hoods, zippers, crewnecks, heavyweight thermal sweatshirts, and 100% Cotton Sweatshirts, all Made in U.S.A.  http://www.kellsport.com

King of the Mountain
Shirts, Jackets, Pants,,Bibs Vests, Belts, Hitches, Extreme Gear, Hats, Caps, Feet,& Hands Packs  http://www.kingofthemountain.com

North Star Trading Company
We're proud to have been part of the Pike Place Market community since 1978, handcrafting all of our products on beautiful Whidbey Island . After so long in the business, we have established a great relationship with our customers, who come from all over the world.

Wheather you are snuggled up on the couch or out walking the dog, nothing feels quite like a pair of North Star sheepskin slippers.

Northeast Knitting Mills
For over eighty-five years these three factors have been the foundation of Northeast Knitting Mills. And just like the granite foundation of our mammoth 150,000 square foot mill, these factors have served us well. Nearly a century of making and selling sweaters have made us the best at what we do.  http://www.neknitting.com

Pointer Brand
Pointer Brand High Back, Low Back and Carpenter Overalls, Carpenter Jeans, Blue Jeans, Coveralls, Hunting Clothes, Denim Jackets, Shorts and Shortalls for Adults and Children. All made in
the USA, since 1913.

Polar Wear
PolarWear is American made insulated industrial work clothing for extreme cold temperatures and environments like blast freezers, commercial coolers and ice cream processing facilities.

PolarWear freezerwear is comfortable and insulated with durable industrial machine washable Dupont Hollofill that is strong, well insulated and engineered to give PolarWear brand freezer wear long lasting warmth and performance.

Rain Coat Lady
It's more than a raincoat! Compact: you never go anywhere without it and you will wear it more than you imagine, because this coat is very light.  http://www.raincoatlady.com

Rivers West
The products found on this website are the most durable ever made. Feel free to take them through briar patches, thorn bushes, or even over barbed wire fences.

At Rivers West, we don't expect you to hunt from your truck. And we don't think you should have to worry about your gear. That's out job. If anyting goes wrong with any of our products within the first 12-months of ownership, please call us and it will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

Round House Brand Workwear
"Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." ~The Golden Rule

As a company that values respect for others, the strength of family, the worth of freedom, and the power of faith, Round House is thankful for the opportunity to share this idea with you. God Bless America.

Solar Eclipose Sun Protective Clothing
Solar Eclipse is made with a patented fiber called Supplex which blocks 95% to 99% of all UVA and UVB rays. That's equivalent to wearing a SPF 30+ sunscreen - without the need to keep reapplying lotion. With Solar Eclipse, all you need to do is get dressed.

Our fashionable, lightweight, easy-care clothing keeps you cool, comfortable and shielded from solar radiation all day long. And because the sun protection is woven right into the fabric, it will never wash out. Every Solar Eclipse garment is hand-crafted to our high quality standards in the USA, and meets or exceeds the rigorous sun protective certification requirements.

Sterlingwear of Boston
Sterlingwear of Boston has supplied over 1 million Peacoats to the U.S. Navy and is the leader in the manufacture of government issued Peacoats and outerwear. Our reputation is defined by our high quality standards, superior customer service, state-of-the-art systems and machinery, and on time delivery. The made in the U.S.A. label reflects the family owned pride and craftsmanship sewn into every garment produced.  http://www.sterlingwear.com

Texas Jeans
Texas Jeans was founded long ago with one idea in mind. Keep it American. Owner and President Wallace Thompson wanted to have a jean that was top quality, rugged, and great fitting. But he also wanted to keep the price so everyone could take advantage of this idea. Many other big name brand jean companies moved their production overseas to keep their costs down, yet for some reason the price of the jean went up!

Mr. Thompson vowed his factory would never go overseas, nor would he compromise quality for cash. He would bring a great fitting, high quality, reasonably priced jean to the masses. 100% made in the USA Texas Brand Jeans became not only a jean, but a idea. American workers making an American product of top quality priced right.

U.S. Wings
All US Wings Signature Series™ Jackets are Made in the USA! Beware of inferior imitations being sold by others. Inexpensive imported leather jackets found in department or discount stores and overpriced imported "designer labeled" leather jackets found in boutiques are often inferior in construction and materials.

In fact, many "pilot shops" also sell only imported leather flight jackets. But all US Wings Signature Series™ leather jackets are American-made from the highest quality Grade "A" leather, constructed to US Military specs or better.

In addition, you can feel good about wearing a quality garment that was handcrafted in the USA

UpWest Leather
UPWEST offers unusual and exclusive deerskin, elk and lamb items. We create custom manufacturing in addition to our standard patterns. If you have an idea that you've always wanted to wear, we will happily assist you in any design modifications.

In addition, we carry leather hats, belts, handbags, wallets, luggage, and rattlesnake items. We also have a wide variety of "artifact style" Native American Indian made items such as Dream Catchers, Bows and Arrows, Rattles, Turtle Drums and Talking Sticks, as well as other very unique items.

Wickers was started in 1981 by Anthony Mazzenga, the founder and current CEO and Chairman, as Anrotex Inc., which was primarily a fabric company. In 1990, seeing an opportunity in the performance underwear market, Anthony combined the innovative fabric company with performance garment manufacturing to create Wickers Sportswear, Inc. In 1998 he set up Wickers Europe to market performance underwear garments primarily in the UK. Wickers.com was set up in 2000.

Since its inception, Wickers has been a leader in the development and introduction of performance fabric technology. Wickers pioneering development of its propriety Akwatek fabric, established a new standard by which all other wicking technology fabrics were judged. The fabric has been tested by independent agencies and found to have capabilities superior to that of standard "wicking" fabrics for thermoregulation in performance sports apparel.


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