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Alden Shoe
Alden is now the only original New England shoe and bootmaker remaining of the hundreds who began so long ago. Still a family owned business, still carrying forward a tradition of quality genuine welted shoemaking that is exceptional in every way.  http://www.aldenshoe.com

Allen Edmonds
At Allen-Edmonds, we are committed to quality, service and integrity. These three words make up our motto and provide the roadmap to guide all of our decisions. As manufacturers of premium men's footwear, accessories and cedar products, our number one priority is to deliver exceptional value to our customers every day. After all, we know our customers are the reason we exist.  http://www.allenedmonds.com

American Made Workboots
Family owned and operated since 1989, our mission is to provide you, the American worker with high quality, comfortable American made in U.S.A. work boots and shoes.

Unlike most retailers, we specialize in American work boots and shoes made in the U.S.A. We take great pride in re-investing our profits in Made in U.S.A. work boots and shoes, keeping American manufacturing alive
and Americans working.

B.A. Mason
.A. Mason is a family-owned company located in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin that's been around since 1904. We've built a reputation for offering quality, well-respected name brand shoes for men and women.  http://www.bamason.com

For over 115 years, Carhartt has manufactured premium workwear known for exceptional durability, comfort, quality of construction, and fit that you can feel in the fabrics and see in the performance.  http://www.carhartt.com

We pride ourselves on using the best and most innovative technologies and materials in the construction of our work boots.  http://www.carolinashoe.com

We live in a world that makes faddish, non-recyclable and non-repairable products. In short, we make garbage. Since 1989, Chaco products have been the gold standard for durability and simplicity.

We got our start by creating a product that outlasted the competition—one that could be repaired rather than pitched into a landfill.

Chippewa Boots
Chippewa has a century-long heritage of creating top quality footwear, using only the finest materials available and the most cutting edge construction techniques known. It's part of our mission and our code, something you'll see in every pair of boots we make.
Each pair of boots is still made by hand, ensuring that quality is never sacrificed for the sake of mass production. It's this handcrafted commitment that makes Chippewa products superior.

Cove Shoe
Our Products are made with pride in our Martinsburg, PA facility by people who take pride in thier products, company, and country. Corcoran and Matterhorn Boots and Shoe  http://www.coveshoe.com


Deckers Flip Flops
After a 14 year hiatus, Deckers® flip flops are back! Keeping it simple and keeping it real, this spring we are launching our come-back line of flip flops with styles for men and women. After customers contacted us saying their twenty-year old flip flops had finally passed on to meet their . . .er, maker, we realized we needed to bring these babies back. So we have, and we've learned a lot during our long vacation so they're even better than before. Deckers® flip flops are Serious Flip Flops™.

Like we said, we're keeping it simple and keeping it real. We're not about putting on a show, we're not about hype, we're not about being your next best friend (plus if we tried, you'd call us out on it), and we're not about trying to be something we're not. We're about being real and unpretentious. We're about having fun and creating good times. And we're about doing it all in some kick-ass Serious Flip Flops™.

Foot Wear by Foot Skins
Consider a pair of soft leather moccasin slippers, moccasin shoes or boots - or perhaps a unique hand made deerskin handbag or coinpurse. Footwear by Footskins® moccasin kneeboots and chukka boots are comfortable and durable for outdoor people who want lasting wear and the ultimate in comfort. Many of our moccasin shoe and boot styles now feature SorboAir® insoles for shock absorbing cushion and arch support. Choose from a variety of leather moccasin styles and colors in deerskin or tumbled cowhide, hand made from all USA leathers.  http://www.footwearbyfootskins.com

House of Andar
'Tis well known across the realm that a man is a mite well easiere on the eyes when his garb is accented wi' a fine pair o'boots.

At House of Andar we stock the finest in Renaissance and Pirate Boots. Good for sporting at the faire whether yer a noble or a drunken sot.

Yes, women love to see a man in boots at the Renaissance Faire. House of Andar is committed to providing you with stylish garb at affordable prices. Everything on our site is in stock, ready to ship.

New Balance
There is no "too fast" for love. Whether your'e up against the competition or your own personal time, speed shakes things up and adds some much needes spice to your relationship with running.  http://www.newbalance.com

For over 25 years, Okabashi?s design team and factory has been located outside of metro Atlanta in Buford, Georgia. All Okabashi products are American made.  http://www.okabashi.com

PK Bootmaker
In bygone days of leather-working, the term "Maker" referred to saddle makers. But as the leather trade developed, anyone in need of an item that either didn't exist or was hard to find would go to the "Maker" to have it made.

Paul Krause carries this practice forward, bringing craftsmanship and artistry to both traditional and innovative designs. Whether he's creating leather art or custom boots, decades of experience inform Paul's selection of specific portions of the hide to meet his exacting standards for design characteristics.

And because "creative service" is his purpose in life, he works with each client to discover his or her wants and needs, to assure a perfect custom fit or a design that captures the client's dream..

Red Wing Shoes
In this place where the surrounding plains open up to form the wide Mississippi Valley, humankind has lived, worked and prospered for over a thousand years. The City of Red Wing has been a unique place for centuries.

When the Red Wing Shoe Company first started making boots, people still rode horses to work. Much has changed. Today our boots are found around the globe. For over ninety five years, we've held a solid commitment to four basic principles: Quality, Craftsmanship, Durability and Comfort.

Sebago Since 1946.

Sebago has a heritage of category defining products -- as well as a reputation for premium handsewn construction, fine detailing and true American style. This has been built by combining innovative design and construction with quality materials and appropriate technologies. The result has been the Sebago standard for more than 60 years….Fit. Durability. Comfort.

The Hitchin' Post
Our Deerskin products are expertly handmade in our small facility, nestled in the hills of Wyoming County, New York. We use only the finest choice native deerskin, which will provide long, soft and comfortable service. All of our products carry our unconditional workmanship and materials guarantee.  http://www.thehitchinpost.com

tic-tac-toes® is a premier manufacturer of recreational and professional dance shoes, casual and business-casual everyday footwear as well as specialty items for choruses, organists and harpists. Quality, styling, fit, and functional comfort are combined to provide young looks for feet of all ages, sizes and persuasions.  http://www.tictactoes.com/

U.S. Sheepskin, Inc.
U.S. Sheepskin, Inc. is your place to find sheepskin seat covers, sheepskin slippers, sheepskin hats...rugs, pillos, horse tack, sports accessories and more!  http://www.ussheepskin.com

Wesco Boots
There's nothing quite like getting your Wescos straight from the source - you will not be disappointed with a visit to our factory. A large window in our showroom allows you to look directly into the factory where a team of highly skilled shoemakers is hard at work creating our high quality leather boots and shoes.  http://www.westcoastshoe.com


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