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The Hextoon has hexagon pontoon floats with a flat bottom that are engineered for performance and give your boat exceptional lift. Lift is what enables your pontoon boat to plane on top of the water, reducing drag. With less drag your motor runs more efficiently, produces greater power and boosts maneuverability.

Ercoa Hextoons also allow you to carry more gear, accommodate more people and ride higher in the water so you can have a safe,enjoyable outing with family and friends.

Fathom Yachts
Our boats are meticulously designed using CAD software resulting in stellar performance, efficiency and ride. CAD also allows better utilization of space and a higher level of fit & finish. Every component and feature was incorporated into the computer design and located for function and ease of repair before the boat was built. Design features like a spacious engine room for easy maintenance, a mid-lazarette with over 100 cubic feet of storage or the folding transom make the Fathom 40 a showpiece. The interior design and layout is spacious, comfortable and perfect for extended cruising or just a weekend away.  http://www.fathomyachts.com

Liquid Technologies, LLE
This state of the art all Aluminum Powerboat is going to turn the speed boat industry on end!

LIQUID TECHNOLOGIES, LLC is proud to announce their first in a series of 44ft. offshore style aluminum boats that are built to the highest standards in the industry. Each boat is custom built for each buyer to fit their own personal needs, not mass produced at any point.

They have been designed with the utmost safety standards available today.

Mirage Manufacturing
We didn’t stay in business for more than 30 years by building boats just like everyone else’s. Our trawlers have had to be different, and they’ve had to be better. We didn’t stay in business for more than 30 years by shrinking from a fight, either. Conventional wisdom in boating nowadays is driven by the marketing efforts of big manufacturers. The internet has proven itself an excellent equalizer, however, letting us put forth opposing philosophies. This has been particularly true in our trawler sections because of the astounding amount of wrongheaded thinking in this growing niche market  http://www.greatharbourtrawlers.com

Nordic Boats
Nordic Boats, an Arizona boat builder, specializes in building and selling world championship race boats and recreational/ family boats.  http:////www.nordicpowerboats.com

Outerwears Performance Products
Racers and engine builders were experiencing loss of horsepower and engine damage due to sand, dirt, and other debris prematurely packing (clogging) the filter and often passing through the filter into the engine. Filters loading up with dirt meant loss of horsepower and in many cases loss of a race. Race crews were noticing severe engine damage due to dirt entering into the engine. Thus, a true need for a product designed to keep out additional dirt without interfering with airflow was necessary. Pre-filter can be seen on a variety of applications from circle track racing, street, motor-cross, jet-ski, ATV, snowmobile, kart, military, industrial machinery, and consumer appliances. Outerwears has a product for virtually any air intake application.  http://www.outerwears.com

The Propeller Company
Richard Schulzkump, with 30 years experience, is one of the best in the welding industry. A third generation welder, Richard's talent with metal is widely recognized and rarely surpassed. With more than 20 years in the marine industry, over 100,000 propeller repairs and thousands of successful propeller sales; Richard can be considered a propeller expert. In July of 2000, Richard ceased contracting his services and with his wife Sandra founded The Propeller Company.

The goal of the company has always been to provide quality products and honest services at fair prices. Customer satisfaction is integral to the business and the number of established and return customers is the The Propeller Company's best advertisement.

TON Anchor
The TON anchor has been designed to handle most of your anchoring needs. It is compact for easy handling and easy storage.

The original TON anchor works best in soft bottoms, sand, mud, small rocks, and shell. It is made of a durable plastic with a stainless steel, rust proof slide bar. The TON will never damage or gouge your boat.

All the TON anchor bodies are the same size: 13.375" in length and 4.5" across. The TON is available as small as 15 pounds and up to 20 pounds.
From the smallest of boats (even inflatables), the TON can be your primary anchor. Larger boats can use the TON too as a lunch hook and stern anchor.


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