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Jackie's Pencil Portraits
As a little girl of about eight years old, my father took me to the Southeastern Fair in Atlanta, GA, and there I saw a portrait artist rendering pencil portraits. I immediately became mesmerized by the process and was fascinated by the skill and discipline required. The pencil artist began very lightly to layer the graphite onto the paper then, stroke by stroke, he progressed to a lovely pencil portrait of the person being drawn. Since that time, to be able to draw pencil portraits has always been my highest aspiration as an artist.  http://www.jackiespencilportraits.com

Jim's Studio
Jim Zhang was born in Shanghai, China. After he completed his art study in China, he worked as interior designer for a Shanghai Design Company. Then he began his oversea journey to Tokyo, Japan and Berlin, Germany for several years, to pursue advanced studies, and to enlarge his vision in art of different fields.

In Europe he became famous portrait professional. Maybe some of you enjoyed his portrait's work at Mall of Georgia early when he has been in the united State. Later, he started to explore a new direction and developed his unique art style by combining the asian traditional art, such as calligraphy, with the west contemporary style; the name-painting is one of them which he shows to the public, and won the popularity now.

Jim Zhang is a prolific artist in different style by using different medium. His works are exhibited in many shows in different countries, and collected by some corporations and private art lovers in many countries. If you meet him, you will amazed by his talent.

The Desert Dancer Studio
Here you will find original, unique, affordable Southwestern &
Western art and home decor by Arizona artist Susan Lorae.

Look for digital art prints that look like oil paintings or watercolors,
developed from my original photographs and drawings.

Take a leisurely stroll through the site. Southwestern & Western Art
and Decor is my passion and I hope you will enjoy my work as much
as I love creating it!



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