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Ewe Phoric
We combine an abundance of years of experience and attention to your individual needs ~
Gregg and Marlene understand the many, many questions that come to mind when raising sheep. Especially when purchasing Dorsets for the first time. There is no such thing as a "silly question" or "asking too many questions" as we sometimes hear apologetically from new clients. Ask Away!! Our Toll Free number or email is handy for multitudes of questions. You will always be answered promptly. Email us at: ewe4ic@etcrier.net

Mammal Mama
Mammal Mama manufactures formulas to support animal milk production. Many animals may need the support of certified organic lactation herbs for increasing milk supply to: feed a large litter Incease or extend dairy milk give a boost to the family‚Äôs milk providing animal.  http://www.mammalmama.com


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