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Channel Craft
Channel Craft has been manufacturing Authentic American Toys, Games and Puzzles that are "Quality Crafted" right here in the U.S.A. for over 25 years now. You'll find American Pastimes that are produced by skilled craftsmen and women to ensure aesthetic beauty, durability and great play value.  http://www.channelcraft.com

ELMS Puzzles, Inc
Welcome to the fabulous world of ELMS extraordinary and elegant hand cut wooden jigsaw puzzles.  http://www.elmspuzzles.com

Gator Tots
They have a large selection of USA made toys and other American-made products for children.

Toys Made in USA...unfortunately, they're pretty difficult to find. As a mom myself, I understand that American made children's products are almost nonexistent in stores, and it can also be frustrating trying to find websites that sell a large selection of toys made in USA.

You have come to the right place. Gator Tots (one of the "small guys", owned and operated by a teacher turned mom) offers an ever-growing selection of children's products and educational toys MADE IN USA!

Holgate Toy
With the great consumer success of its toys, Holgate began concentrating on this segment of it's business. Today Holgate is synonymous with toys... and still making the finest wooden toys in America. Our factory is now located in Bradford, Pennsylvania, still in the middle of America's premier hardwood forests. Today, Holgate is recognized as the premier maker of children's wooden toys in America.

You're purchase comes with a personal guarantee. We pledge that our product is made of 100% natural kiln dried hardwoods, non toxic paints, and quality engeneered.

KJ Puzzles
Using Your Own Photographs Or Prints Each puzzle is given an antiqued patina with gold leaf edging, creating the finish of a very old keepsake and comes with a matching tray. Wooden block puzzles, made from six photographs with six solutions to the puzzle  http://www.kjpuzzles.com

Maine Toys
“Lead Free Toys” The current news frenzy about lead and other chemicals being found in children’s toys has many parents and grandparents concerned for their kids’ safety.

Mainetoys.com is the internet arm of the Different Drummer Workshop, handcrafters of high quality and natural finished wooden toys for kids since 1973.

Mamasoes' puzzles feature a knob glued to each piece so they can be lifted from the frame without having to tip the puzzle. Mamasoes also chooses fun designs with bright colors that challenge children to think ahead, increase vocabulary, and develop motor skills.  http://www.mamasoes.com

Morrison Woodworks
Personalized, educational and fun gifts for the special child in your life. We offer wooden block letter
Name Puzzles, personalized wooden Coatracks, coatracks with a
Book Shelf or Knick-Knack shelf and Name Puzzle Step Stools.

Journey through our world of family-friendly games, puzzles and toys. There is a lot to explore! In addition, Patch now is the proud maker of Lauri and Smethport products. Look for new educational toys, activity kits and classroom teaching tools that will be coming soon!  http://www.lauritoys.com

Puzzle People
Our puzzles are handcrafted here in California using only non-toxic water based paints and finishes.

The Puzzle People was started in 1972 by Michael Smith, who was at the time a probation officer, working at a teen detention center. One Christmas Michael made a wooden USA map puzzle for a young nephew, and came to realize there was real satisfaction in making wooden puzzles as well as the potential for earning a living. Within a year he had shifted over to full-time puzzle manufacturing and sales.

Sunsout, Inc.
SunsOut offers a complete range of contemporary jigsaw puzzles from 48 pieces up to 6,000 pices available in over 70 different sizes and shapes. We are dedicated to providing you with that uniques and high-quality jigsaw puzzle that your customers are looking for. All Sunsout puzzles are made in the USA!  http://www.sunsout.com

Tavern Puzzle
Tavern Puzzles® are reproductions of a type of puzzle traditionally forged by blacksmiths to amuse their friends at country taverns and inns.

All the puzzles are handcrafted and individually assembled. Each puzzle is mechanical in nature; removal of the object piece does not rely on force or trickery.

Three Crazy Monkeys, LLC
Like many parents of young children we found ourselves surrounded by toys. We began to realize that the quality of many of these toys was poor and some toys were even unsafe and were recalled! We also realized that about 95% of the children's toys in our house were made in China. We began looking for toys that were not made in China. After much searching we found many wonderful toys that are made right here in the USA.

Combining our experiences as an engineer, teacher, and stay at home mom of three, we formed Three Crazy Monkeys, LLC to provide a one-stop shopping experience for the Best Toys Made in the USA.

We are proud to offer only extraordinary toys made in the USA.

Turner Toys
Turner Toys has wooden trains,balsa planes, sleds, tops, wooden blocks rattles, puzzles, riding toys, for all creative girls & boys.

The toys we grew up with still challenge, educate, and entertain today's kids. Introduce the young people in your life to wholesome active fun and constructive, creative play.

Under the Green Roof
Under the Green Roof Wood Toys specializes in made-to-order wood letters, wood toys, wood animal "cars", word art, personalized wood toys and educational puzzles.

Our wooden toys are proudly made in the USA of durable woods and non-toxic paints and finishes. In contrast to the recent headlines of hundreds of thousands of toys recalled due to toxic lead paint finishes which can be deadly for children, we make wood toys and puzzles that are fun, beautiful and safe.

Wooden Inlaid Puzzles
"WOOD-N-PUZZLES" was formed in 1992 by Ernie and Bobbie Pratt in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire where it remains today.

The puzzles are all made from top quality products. All puzzles are cut out of 1/2" Birch or Maple plywood with a 1/2" Birch or Maple backer making each puzzle a full 1" thick. Our puzzle stools are made with two 1/2" laminated Birch or Maple pieces making the top a full 1" thick. The stool sides are made from 3/4" #2 Eastern Pine.

All painted surfaces are done with nontoxic acrylic water based enamel. The frame(box) and stool bottoms are supplied ready to finish

This company was started as an extension of a hobby and has evolved into the busy operation it is today. Approximately 125 different puzzles are offered with new patterns constantly being added.


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