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Hand and Hammer
We are always busy here at Hand & Hammer making silver jewelry and ornaments for our customers. In the course of designing, casting, polishing and packaging our designs, it's fun to think about the people who will buy them.

When Ann and I see someone wearing one of our pins, it's a thrill. We know that every piece we make will be bought by someone for themselves or as a gift, and we often wonder how many of our customers think about the folks who create the pieces they purchase.

We hope our customers share our love for silver. Silver's legendary intrinsic value matters less to silver lovers than its beauty and amazing physical properties. Its unmatched conductivity of heat and electricity make it invaluable in industry and science and its incredible workability makes it the perfect medium for the artist and craftsman.

Just Be Creations
Welcome to the enchanting and empowering world of Just Be Creations. A family owned and operated business, Just Be Creations offers a full assortment of original and handcrafted items, including Choice Sticks, Crystal Feathered Wands, Medicine Bags, Angel Necklaces, Divine Sparks Cards, Smudging Supplies and many other delightful and eye-catching pieces. All items are handmade in Sedona, Arizona, and have been taken to two of Sedona's energy vortexes for prayers and blessing, as a request that these products touch the hearts and souls of others.  http://www.justbecreations.com


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