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A Rocking Horse to Love
Handcrafted in the USA

Grandparents – Surprise your grandchildren. A rocking horse from Grandma or Grandpa will be their favorite gift!

Why Buy Anywhere Else?
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American Plastic Toys Inc.
American Plastic Toys has proudly manufactured safe toys in United States since 1962. We currently operate a total of three facilities in Michigan and Mississippi. Our product line includes over 125 different items ranging from a simple sand pail to a play kitchen set.  http://www.aptoys.net

ArtHouse is perfect for project based learning across the curriculum & at all grade levels! Students put characters in scenes with labels or captions, and display these storyboards in interesting combinations.  http://www.storyboardtoys.com

BEKA, Inc.
BEKA, Inc. is a specialty manufacturer, producing high quality wood products for over thirty years in St. Paul, Minnesota.

We began producing specialty wood products in 1973, originally building hand weaving looms for sale through specialty yarn stores. In the early 1980's, our focus shifted to large scale creative play products for children. The BEKA name is now known throughout the specialty toy market and school supply industry for high quality art easels, puppet theaters, unit blocks and other creative play products for children.

By-The-Hearth introduces Tub-Trax - the new learning activity
available since November, 2007. Designed & produced by Judith Brunson after spending many hours by the tub while her children played with various bath toys. By enhancing their routine life activity with educational and conversational opportunity both parent and child enjoyed many benefits. And now Tub-Trax is available in 5 themes with more on the way!

Community Playthings
Whether or not you know us, your commitment to early childhood education puts us on common ground. Like you, we care deeply about children and their environment.  http://www.communityplaythings.com

Different Drummer Workshop
Mainetoys.com is the internet arm of the Different Drummer Workshop, handcrafters of high quality and natural finished wooden toys for kids since 1973.

In 1973 our family fled the “big city industrial rat race” to live in the small town of Solon, Maine, where we started the Different Drummer Workshop. We have always remained a small family wood craft business, aimed at making traditional wooden toys for kids using native Maine resources.

Our wooden toys are best known for the quality of their craftsmanship. The primary material is white pine, and every board of wood is carefully selected to show off its natural beauty and grain. The completed wooden toy is finely sanded to a satin smooth natural finish

Downi Creations
The only collectible-quality dolls created with the realistic features of children with Down Syndrome.

When Donna Moore, the founder of Downi Creations, Inc. worked as a Special Education teacher and program administrator, she was aware of the problem every day. In the average Special Education classroom, children with Down syndrome represent a large percentage of the students. (Statistics confirm that one in 800 births worldwide is a Down syndrome birth.) In spite of these facts, there still exists surprisingly little educational support or public awareness programs to help the families or the general public to better understand and deal positively with people with Down syndrome.

Down Syndrome Originals© were created to help close this troubling knowledge gap. Each doll was carefully designed to reflect the special beauty of babies with Down syndrome by faithfully representing the 13 features of Down syndrome:

Finga Zinga
Welcome to our Finga Zinga store! We began as a weekend project in the backyard workshop and now, 5 years later, FingaZinga.com is growing every day. Check out the interview! http://justnotchina.com/2007/11/interview-with-lynn-tierney/

Skill toys will always be in style; there is just something about a challenge that people can't ignore and Finga Zinga is the newest challenge on the scene. Go ahead! Get wild and crazy creative! There really isn't any wrong way to Finga Zinga (unless you're using it to bean your little brother, but you would never do that, would you?) You can twirl it, spin it, balance it, pass it, juggle it, or catch it. You can even drop it and take it apart; that's why it's called a "skill" toy, and skill takes practice, right?

Using angles based on the number 7, these unique MAGNETIC tiles allow you to easily make your own aesthetically pleasing designs with repeating and non-repeating patterns. Use FRACTILES-7 to create starbursts, spirals, butterflies, beautiful mandalas of infinite complexity, bouquets of flowers, swarms of fireflies, spaceships, illusions of 3D space, and lots more.  http://www.fractiles.com

Frost Hollow Puzzles
Frost Hollow Puzzles are made from the finest materials available. We use maple surfaced plywood to provide an exceptionally smooth finish and to ensure stability.

The puzzle frames are finished with non-toxic oils and paints. So, while we don't recommend eating our puzzles, the occasional teether is safe.

The only small pieces, the centers of the Os and Qs are glued down and screwed in place from the back to prevent removal. All other pieces conform to State of Connecticut standards for toys.

Fun Felt
Story Time Felts offers the very finest in felt board stories and visual aids for learning. Strict attention is paid to the quality as well as the educational value of each product. We carry an extensive line of educational felt board story sets and non-denominational religious felts as well as dress-up dolls, felt activity books, finger plays, puppets, and audio story and song CDs for preschool through school aged children.  http://www.funfelt.com/

Gator Tots
They have a large selection of USA made toys and other American-made products for children.

Toys Made in USA...unfortunately, they're pretty difficult to find. As a mom myself, I understand that American made children's products are almost nonexistent in stores, and it can also be frustrating trying to find websites that sell a large selection of toys made in USA.

You have come to the right place. Gator Tots (one of the "small guys", owned and operated by a teacher turned mom) offers an ever-growing selection of children's products and educational toys MADE IN USA!

Gontza Games
Gontza Games, which began 2002 as Thwaprs Company, now has an expanded product line of three games: MINDFIELD (introduced in 2003), Pass the Grogger! (2008) and Christmas Cards (2008).
Pass the Grogger! and Christmas Cards debuted at DEXCON in East Brunswick, NJ in July 2008.
Here’s a brief summary of each game:

Green Mountain Blocks
Few toys come close to packing the fun and educational value of a good set of blocks. Children learn relational concepts, fine motor skills, cooperation and problem solving all at the same time.

Blocks encourage creativity like no other toy. Within minutes, farms, cities, castles and forts are created, destroyed and rebuilt in new and imaginative ways.

Children will return to building blocks time and time again. Blocks last longer in their original condition than any other toy. All this makes building blocks an unbeatable choice.

Holgate Toy
With the great consumer success of its toys, Holgate began concentrating on this segment of it's business. Today Holgate is synonymous with toys... and still making the finest wooden toys in America. Our factory is now located in Bradford, Pennsylvania, still in the middle of America's premier hardwood forests. Today, Holgate is recognized as the premier maker of children's wooden toys in America.

You're purchase comes with a personal guarantee. We pledge that our product is made of 100% natural kiln dried hardwoods, non toxic paints, and quality engeneered.

K'NEX is the next generation of construction sets. It inspires creativity, builds self-confidence and encourages interaction among children and parents. The possibilities are endless!  http://www.knex.com

Karmel Games
We are fortunate to have a distinguished educator, David Niecikowski, MAED/CI, on our educational advisory board. Mr. Niecikowski is recognized as an expert on the use of games for improving academic and social achievement, and is certified in elementary education and secondary social studies. He has taught all grade levels and is currently teaching gifted children, grades 1-6. He has reviewed more than 700 games over the last three years for national publications. David has also devised and adapted games for professional developmental training, which he has lead at schools, libraries and juvenile centers, as well as at national and state education conferences.  http://www.karmelgames.com

Little Tikes
Little Tikes is the maker of quality toys for children. Little Tikes specializes in colorful toys, imagination-building toys, durable toys, baby toys, playhouses, infant toys, toddler toys, outdoor toys and ride-on toys for babies, infants, toddlers, preschoolers and other children.  http://www.littletikes.com

Mamasoes' puzzles feature a knob glued to each piece so they can be lifted from the frame without having to tip the puzzle. Mamasoes also chooses fun designs with bright colors that challenge children to think ahead, increase vocabulary, and develop motor skills.  http://www.mamasoes.com

Maple Landmark
While much is being made of the dangers of imported products, there are alternatives. We craft a wide range of wooden toys, games, and gifts made right here in Vermont, USA. We follow American standards of product safety, employee safety, and environmental protection. The shortcuts of doing it any other way are not what Maple Landmark is about.

We design our toys to provide the best in hands-on learning and exploration. Surely it is becoming an electronic world but children still need to learn basic manipulation and construction. Our products can be found in toy stores, gifts shops, catalogs and online merchants throughout the United States and beyond.

Mini Me Geology
Welcome! You have found the internet home for the best mineral and rock collections; metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary rock samples; mineral samples, and earth science / geology educational information and free puzzles.

At Mini Me Geology we believe that kids learn best when their toys and games are fun, educational, and require imagination.

Natural Pod
As parents we found it increasingly difficult to find quality natural play items that supported creative and imaginative play. During our search, we soon realized that many parents shared our passion.  http://www.naturalpod.com

Nico & Zoe
Our inspiration is our children. As parents, we are always on the lookout for quality, locally made, funky toys, while still getting a good value for your money.
We have a section of products made only here in the USA.

Pamela and Stacy are the moms and owners of Nico & Zoe. Pamela (Mother of Zoe) comes from an Interactive Design/Graphic design background. After working in the industry for over 14 years, she began her own interactive design company, RM Design.

Stacy (Mother of Nico) has an education and retail background. Stacy worked in the retail toy business for three years, as a teacher for seven years, and is now tutoring children and adults. In her spare time, she is buying, selling, and boxing up toys!

About a year ago, Pam had the idea to make soft dolls. Stacy wanted to do something new. Thus came the idea for Zoe Babies and Nico & Zoe. Now, we are working hard to bring the best toys to you!

These paper cut-outs will provide hours upon hours of fun for the kids and the whole family. A truly creative, unique and innovative pastime for ages 4 and up.

THE PERFECT gift for all occasions. If you can't decide on a Birthday present for that youngster in your life, well, this is it. Kindergarten graduation, clean room reward, or simply the best gift one can give to prepare that Harvard bound child's creativity. So, stop your search because you need to go no further. ORDER now! The ONE AND ONLY Paperscapes ™ paper doll cut-outs are here!

Journey through our world of family-friendly games, puzzles and toys. There is a lot to explore! In addition, Patch now is the proud maker of Lauri and Smethport products. Look for new educational toys, activity kits and classroom teaching tools that will be coming soon!  http://www.lauritoys.com

Patriot Challenge
Play the Patriot Challenge board game and have fun learning about the USA in this unique educational trivia game that features stamp art to tell the American story. Challenge your knowledge, share life experiences, and exchange points of view during spirited conversations about contemporary life in America. Patriot Challenge is great family fun and teachers will find it an enriching classroom activity. This award-winning game is entertaining, educational, and inspires the patriot in each of us! The Patriot Challenge game is made in America.  http://www.patriotchallenge.com

The Slinky® is still made in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania with the original equipment Richard James created. The Slinky® has changed little in over 60 years.  http://www.poof-slinky.com

Puzzle People
Our puzzles are handcrafted here in California using only non-toxic water based paints and finishes.

The Puzzle People was started in 1972 by Michael Smith, who was at the time a probation officer, working at a teen detention center. One Christmas Michael made a wooden USA map puzzle for a young nephew, and came to realize there was real satisfaction in making wooden puzzles as well as the potential for earning a living. Within a year he had shifted over to full-time puzzle manufacturing and sales.

Rock Detective Geoscience Education
Rock Detective Kits contain specimens, each with Mystery Questions for kids to solve and Answer Sheets for teachers. See photos of samples and Teaching Objectives of Mysteries about them.

By handling and examining the specimens and thinking about the Mystery Questions, students begin to discover basic earth science concepts on their own -- they get the "Oh, Wow!" of science.

At a "Staff Meeting" described on the Answer Sheet, all students gather to share their ideas and help solve the mysteries. Together, they discover how our planet works.

Spark Games
The game is filled with outrageous fun and laughter and is even educational for teens.  http://www.sparkgamesllc.com/

Standi Toys
As a boy on the farm, Stan Krueger liked his toys. Today, he still enjoys them, especially those made by Standi Toys, Inc. Yes, the "Stan" in Standi comes from the male influence of this husband-and-wife-founded business. Meanwhile, wife Sandi contributes the "di" to the tile

By the time 1981 rolled around, Standi Toys was born, and its first product - 1/16 scale replacement fenders for tractors - had hit the market. The part-time business that began in the Kruegers' home has since been moved to three consecutively larger warehouses. The most recent move came in January of 1993, when they transplanted the toy company from the Gopher State and set up shop in Somerset, a community of about 1,100 in Wisconsin's St. Croix County.

Sandi and Stan take pride in getting the details of their farm toys right. As evidence that they've succeeded.

TAG Toys are designed for all children from one to six years of age, with the clearly defined goal of stimulating the development of sensory motor skills and thinking abilities. Virtually all scientific and educational research recognizes that these early years are the most critical to the development of intelligence.

TAG Toys are proudly designed and made in the USA. Our unique product designs, based on learning theory and educational research, provide a truly educational product at a reasonable price.

Terrapin Toys
Mary's Softdough is a soft, non-crumbly modeling dough that's fun to play with! It holds up well to lots of creative play and when stored in it's container will last up to a year.
Mary's softdough is available in our classic solid colors and Rainbow tub versions.

In addition, Sofdough also comes in new scented and glitter playdough. Also check out our wonderful and exciting glow in the dark play dough.

Mary's Softdough is made in the USA based in Eugene, Oregon.

The Toymaker
Welcome to my odd, little world of paper toys, holiday cards, valentines, sun boxes, baskets and bags, origami and ephemera... all for you to make.  http://www.thetoymaker.com

Three Crazy Monkeys, LLC
Like many parents of young children we found ourselves surrounded by toys. We began to realize that the quality of many of these toys was poor and some toys were even unsafe and were recalled! We also realized that about 95% of the children's toys in our house were made in China. We began looking for toys that were not made in China. After much searching we found many wonderful toys that are made right here in the USA.

Combining our experiences as an engineer, teacher, and stay at home mom of three, we formed Three Crazy Monkeys, LLC to provide a one-stop shopping experience for the Best Toys Made in the USA.

We are proud to offer only extraordinary toys made in the USA.

Tigercandy Arts, Inc.
A Sockett® is a whimsical, lovable, magical sock puppet that will inspire the imagination of any child or child-at-heart! Socketts® are constructed on high-quality, genuine American cotton socks for maximum softness and vibrant color. Their felt body parts are made from 100% ecospun® and detailed using lush, soft, faux fur.

Their unique personalities make them perfect for story telling and puppet shows. Born in an artist’s studio not on an assembly line every Sockett® is a handmade, one-of-a-kind original that comes directly from the Tigercandy Arts Studio in New York.
Your child (or adult) will love playing and performing with loveable Sockett® sock puppets.

Turner Toys
Turner Toys has wooden trains,balsa planes, sleds, tops, wooden blocks rattles, puzzles, riding toys, for all creative girls & boys.

The toys we grew up with still challenge, educate, and entertain today's kids. Introduce the young people in your life to wholesome active fun and constructive, creative play.

Under the Green Roof
Under the Green Roof Wood Toys specializes in made-to-order wood letters, wood toys, wood animal "cars", word art, personalized wood toys and educational puzzles.

Our wooden toys are proudly made in the USA of durable woods and non-toxic paints and finishes. In contrast to the recent headlines of hundreds of thousands of toys recalled due to toxic lead paint finishes which can be deadly for children, we make wood toys and puzzles that are fun, beautiful and safe.

Venture Manufacturing
Since 1975 Venture Manufacturing has been making I.Q. Tester Games which are sold in hundreds of restaurants across the United States.  http://www.pegame.com


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