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Frank Morrow
The Company's product line is a very broad array of decorative metal stampings, trims (solid embossed bandings and perforated filigree galleries) and a smaller line of grey iron and white metal motif castings.  http://www.frankmorrow.com

Fusion Studios
Welcome to Fusion Studios, the creative home of mixed media artist Richard Altman and his team of collaborators. Fusion Studios is a reliable source for fine and functional art objects. The studio creates engaging works of art that accentuate the light, shadow, color and reflection of custom glass designs.

The fused and cast glass forms are tastefully integrated into sculptures for display on walls, suspended in atriums, or fabricated into functional objects for residential or commercial use. Each work of art is designed to contribute to a memorable experience for people living in or visiting contemporary spaces.

Handmade Fish Hooks
GAC Design Inc. is a company that produces giant fishing hooks and related products intended for decorative use. The company founder, Gary Cumro is a mechanical engineer with 20 years experience in product design and development with emphasis in machine design, metal forming and machined parts.

The company was founded after he decided to combine his interests in metal work and fishing to create a giant fish hook. The goal of the company is to create original products using a combination of art, engineering, and blacksmithing techniques.

Julie Martin Fine Art
I don't talk about my art much, only because I want you, the viewer, to experience it for yourself..without my ideas or intentions interfering with what you may take away from the art..
But...here are some little tidbits for ya....

My art is sensual, sometimes confrontational...it asks that you look within yourself or maybe the world around you and to think.....it asks questions of you...

I am fascinated by people..and all of the masks that we wear..how we are different people at different times, in different circumstances....

Have you ever watched someone..when they are not aware that you are doing so...and what they do..how they act......the marked change in people when they leave the office, and pick up their tennis raquet, or listen to their favorite music...that one moment when we all become who we are at our cores..that is my art..

Pumpkins Seeds Originals
Janell's folk art is hand crafted from
the finest materials available.
Whether you purchase
one of her papier mache clay creations or one of her folk art paintings your unique piece will bring you pleasure for years to come!

Ron C Guthrie
California artist Ron Guthrie creates studio and plein air oil paintings of California's Central Coast. Ron also creates highly detailed pen & ink drawings that are created using the stippling technique.

Stippling, also known as Pointellism,
means that Ron applies dots of ink one at a time to create these award winning pen & ink drawings.

These drawings are offered in Signed Limited Edition and Signed Open Edition prints. Numerous awards have been presented to Ron for his oil paintings depicting scenes of the Central Coast and other great areas.


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