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Dottie Erdmann
Though I began by sculpting an autobiographical figure, the years have given proof to what a universal image that lanky kid is. Let me personalize a keepsake of a special memory handmade just for you from a favorite photo or description.  http://www.dottieerdmann.com

Garden Art
Our goal is to offer you both fanciful and functional artistically designed products which will enhance the natural beauty of any outdoor settin  http://www.gardenart.com

Ginger Meek Allen
Metal is an incredible medium. With states of both fluidity and rigidity, it is a force to be reckoned with in the creative process. It is not a submissive substance, but a responsive one.

My work is organic in style, and yet contemporary. I celebrate the marks of the process, such as hammer blows, because the process is what drives me. I seldom begin with a detailed design to follow. I prefer to begin with a general idea like "necklace" or "spoon" and let the piece develop.

This loose way of working suits me best, and I find that when I can manage to get out the way, that's when the beautiful comes. There is a sort of "dying to self" that is a prerequisite to collaborative creation, although some days it is difficult to achieve.

Handmade Fish Hooks
GAC Design Inc. is a company that produces giant fishing hooks and related products intended for decorative use. The company founder, Gary Cumro is a mechanical engineer with 20 years experience in product design and development with emphasis in machine design, metal forming and machined parts.

The company was founded after he decided to combine his interests in metal work and fishing to create a giant fish hook. The goal of the company is to create original products using a combination of art, engineering, and blacksmithing techniques.

Janell Berryman
I invite you to take a look inside where you will find one of a kind hand made treasures inspired from vintage finding. Featuring touches of halloween and Christmas with folk art flair.
Come on... take a peek!

Kirk McGuire Bronze Sculputre
About "On The Move"

I created "On The Move" in 1987 while working for MSC or the Monterey Sculpture Center, a bronze foundry in Monterey County. It took two years to complete, and before I was happy with it enough to mold it.

The first time "On The Move" was displayed in a Carmel Art Gallery a passing Art foundry was so amazed by my bronze Octopus they accused me of some how molding a real octopus then casting it in bronze. This was a great compliment, and also very funny.

The edition is of nine, and there is only one left in the edition. Three Artist proofs will be made at a higher price. But only two are still available . The origional was sculpted hollow from wax.

Moran & Brown
Our current body of work is focused on contemporary, abstract wall sculpture, emphasizing rich color and exquisite design to create focal points of dynamic beauty. We achieve a wide range of color from heating copper sheet with an oxy-acetylene torch. There is a large amount of spontaneity to this process which inspire and direct our designs. We utilize the metal?s reflective quality, which underneath oxidized pigments, produces a luminescent richness unique to this medium. Our wall sculpture can be designed any size to fit your specifications. We have created many custom pieces for hotel lobbies, financial institutions and medical facilities throughout the United States, working closely with architects, designers and art consultants.  http://www.moranbrown.com

Once upon a time an advertising guy said, "Hey, I've been marketing products for other people for years. It's time to design and market my own creations." With a background in design, photography, computeruter graphics and sundry bits of other desultory knowledge, Schoenechea set out to create a group of unique wall sculptures.  http://www.omnishop.net

Peter Greenwood
His career now spans the range of his imagination, resulting in numerous exhibitions of his art, and nationwide critical acclaim. Peter's portfolio includes work as varied as an enormous dining table with twin pedestals, to a finely detailed 18-inch statuette, a replica of the 18 foot statue called the Genius of Connecticut. He refers to his signature work as lace glass, a 17th century Venetian technique characterized by a symmetrical black grid pattern on clear glass, with minute air bubbles centered in each opening.

Peter thinks three dimensionally with ease and is a natural builder. His works include finely crafted wood furniture, hand forged iron, and stone fireplaces. Peter's insatiable desire to develop and refine new designs motivates him to continually explore the infinite possibilities of working with hot glass.

Professional Muggers
We make MUGS! These are hand thrown, high fired, stoneware, sculpted in caricature of you or your friends, from your submitted photos.  http://www.professionalmuggers.com

Rogoway's Turquoise Tortoise Gallery
Welcome to Rogoway's Turquoise Tortoise Gallery in Tubac, Arizona. We're a gallery dedicated to the artist and the promotion of art and jewelry for sophisticated tastes. Come browse through our web pages; enjoy the colorful images of our paintings, the curves and line of our sculptures and glass, the uniqueness of our jewelry and the ambiance of our gallery.  http://www.turquoisetortoise.com

Tacoma Glassblowing Studio
Tacoma Glassblowing Studio serves all Northwest potential students and vistors. We are another alternative to the Seattle glassblowing community and currently welcome all Puget Sound areas including: Seattle, Olympia, Puyallup, Gig Harbor, Lakewood, Bellevue, Federal Way and all other local cities. Glassblowing classes, blow your own glass, group events, tour groups, private parties, custom lighting and a glass gallery featuring Tacoma Glass Artists. We have glassblowing group events & glassblowing parties. Be sure to check out our hand-blown glass vessel sinks and lighting. Glassblowing classes are held in Tacoma.  http://www.tacomaglassblowing.com


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