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Dot Art
Do·A·Dot Art ® is easy to use, there are no cups or brushes to set up or clean up, no drips or spill and the product won't dry out if the cap is left off. Our special formula will provide hours of self expression as children blend colors to create new and exciting colors.  http://www.dotart.com

Imagination Box Co.
At Imagination Box Co. our mission is to create environmentally and socially responsible arts and crafts toys that will inspire a child's imagination and help educate them about recycling along the way. We have been making these toys for our own homeschooled children since they were young, they are all adults now, but the desire to be a change in the toy industry prompted us to begin our business in April of 2007.

Our toys are made from 45% post consumer materials, and since both the toy itself and the packaging are 100% recyclable we consider ourselves to have a 95% zero waste product, the watercolor set being the only non recyclable part of the toy. We are 100% made in America, focusing mainly on dropship and E-commerce, lessening our carbon footprint on the planet. Our toys are assembled at Panhandle Special Needs, Inc., providing people with disabilities a good job and a viable place in society.


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