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Digi Flux
I can create, enhance, repair or alter any image.
I'm a degreed Fine Artist who works mainly in oils and photography.

I have been doing photo restoration since 1998 and have restored thousands of photographs.

KJ Puzzles
Using Your Own Photographs Or Prints Each puzzle is given an antiqued patina with gold leaf edging, creating the finish of a very old keepsake and comes with a matching tray. Wooden block puzzles, made from six photographs with six solutions to the puzzle  http://www.kjpuzzles.com

Post-a-Photo® has created a niche in the photo accessories market since its first line of products was introduced in September 2003.

Since then, the company has launched the Post-a-Photo® Kids line as a co-marketing venture with Crayola®, a holiday greetings pack, and an all-occasion collection. The company's products are made in China and in the US and are distributed internationally through distribution partners and retail outlets.


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