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Aegis Bicycles
Aegis continues to produce the most comfortable and fastest carbon frames. Even though most traditional metal frame companies have tried to mimic our techniques, their focus is on weight and not ride quality.

While we are always experimenting with new carbon and new layups, we will not sacrifice the reason why we believe riding a carbon fiber bike is so great.. the ride.

American Racer Online
Welcome to the official web site for American Racer Racing Tires! Known across the nation for their quality, durability and 100% Made in America workmanship, American Racer tires are part of a tradition of craftsmanship and innovation that date back to 1915.

Our web site will help you to learn more about American Racer, our history as McCreary Tires, the latest news and, of course, our unmatched line of quality American Racer Tires.

When we started Co-Motion Cycles in 1988 we gave a lot of thought to the name and purpose of our company. "Co-Motion" can mean a lot of things, but what our name means to us is the unique relationship between people and their bicycles: Our bicycles. We want to make this bond between you and your machine stronger. By designing and building bicycles of substance, we're working hard to help you develop that spirit of teamwork whether your Co-Motion is a tandem, road bike, travel or touring bike, or a custom Co-Motion built just for you  http://www.co-motion.com

DaVinci Tandem Bicycles
you have ever spent time on a tandem, perhaps you, too, thought the ability to coast independently would significantly improve your ride. It is an idea whose time has long been coming. That's why da Vinci Designs is excited to offer quality handbuilt tandems that showcase the Independent Drive, an intermediate shaft that allows the captain and stoker the freedom to coast independently of each other.  http://www.davincitandems.com

Design 500
Design 500 has been protecting its customers since 1982.

Offering head-to-toe coverage for drivers and crew, Design 500 manufactures driver?s suits for both auto racing & karting, fire-retardant crew suits and traditional crew uniforms.

Other items designed for driver protection include neck collars for both auto & kart racing, harness pads and both CarbonX® & Nomex® underwear, headsocks & socks. At Design 500, we create every suit from the ground up, to insure the best fit, protection, comfort and style possible.

Our seamstresses provide the best in quality construction, right from our US manufacturing facilities. Whether you are a national champion or a family favorite, check us out.

Hayes Brake
Proving our brake systems in the toughest environments is how we?ve earned our place as a leader in the brake industry. Every Hayes product must adhere to the utmost standards in quality, extreme performance and long-term dependability. It?s the only way we can ensure our customers have the most reliable and best value brake system for their application.  http://www.hayesbrake.com

Litespeed quickly got a great reputation as a very experienced titanium manufacturer, and before too long Litespeed was creating frames for many notable brands within the bike industry, including but not limited to: DeRosa, Merckx, Tommassini, Basso, Univega, Alpinestars, Marin and Rocky Mountain. This work actually helped Litespeed in more than one way as basically some of the greatest minds in cycling were sharing their bike design philosophies with Litespeed and all the folks at Litespeed soaked up all that information like sponges. Before too long, bicycle frames and components were the main business of Litespeed and outsource work was less and less accepted.  http://www.litespeed.com

Serotta is the bike company that puts cutting edge technology under discerning riders worldwide. We're innovators with long heritage of our road bikes being raced to gold medals internationally. We're riders on road, track and trail. We're passionate about cycling. We push the envelope in service. Every time you get on a Serotta we want you to have the ride of your life.  http://www.serotta.com/index.html

Seven Cycles
Our mission at Seven Cycles is to enhance your cycling experience through the optimum fit, function, performance, and comfort of your bicycle. We've built our business on understanding what you really want and value in a bicycle and delivering precisely that, accompanied by a level of service unparalleled in the industry.  http://www.sevencycles.com

Shock Doctor
Shock Doctor has grown from being the undisputed leader in mouthguard technology, to being the leading innovator in sports protection around the globe. Our belief in combining design and technology to achieve better protection and performance is now trusted by fearless athletes in a growing number of products and sports, from youth to amateur to pro.
At first it was our founders who were fearless. Where conventional thinking saw a necessary inconvenience, they saw an opportunity to rethink, retool and redefine the mouthguard. They invested in research and product testing. They applied innovative design technology. And they revolutionized the industry with their first Shock Doctor mouthguard.
Ever since, Shock Doctor products have been created with this same passion for sports and innovation as we remain committed to the fearless athlete.

In 2002, Waterford revamped its philosophy, adding the 33-series and 14-series technologies plus introducing its make-to-measure program, which it continues to today

In 1998 and as part of an expansion into a second building to accomodate the booming BMX business, Waterford introduced the Gunnar line of bikes, economical TIG-welded bikes which in the intervening decade have established their own reputation for design, craftsmanship and long life

Waterford supplemented its own brand with an extensive private label business, that is, buiding bikes for other brands. Paramounts were the first example of this, but during the first year, Waterford also began building BMX bikes for Standard Byke Company, developing expertise in TIG-welding. Waterford earned other customers, including Rivendell, Heron, Salsa, among others.

Works Performance Products
In 1973, Works Performance Products began producing unique off-road shocks, with a revolutionary damping system. At the same time, Works Performance started a tradition of winning championships. This same winning tradition goes into every Works Performance shock whether it's for off-road motorcycles, ATVs, high-performance street bikes or custom cruisers. Each Works Performance shock is built to order based on riders weight, specific length requirements, chassis geometry and intended use. We have no "one size fits all" shock. For more than three decades, that's been the Works Performance philosophy: shocks custom built to order. It sometimes takes a little longer to make them (as opposed to off-the-shelf) but we feel that the benefits in handling and comfort are worth the wait.  http://www.worksperformance.com


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