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Annette Hammer Art
Annette Hammer has been painting for over 30 years. What started out as a one time need for a wall painting became a passion to create within the medium of oils, and later, acrylics and watercolor.

Her first art instruction for many years was with Jay Mittel in Santa Monica. Later, several years of study with some of the best Ventura County artists at Ventura College led to the desire to complete an arts degree. Ms. Hammer graduated Magna Cum Laude from USC with a BFA in Fine Arts. Study has also been accomplished through Associates In Art and the California Art Institute. Ms. Hammer also has an A.S. degree in Commercial Art and an A.A degree in Photography from Ventura College.

Civil War Art
When John began drawing, at the age of twenty-one, he created drawings of the river wildlife, mainly waterfowl. When John created his first color works, about four years later, river wildlife remained his primary interest. In 1989 Warr accidentally ventured into the field of Civil War art. With his interest in the Civil War and some photos from Civil War reenactments, he decided to do a scene showing a group of Confederate soldiers marching across a field while two Whitetail Deer watch from a distance. With no intentions of printing the piece, Warr carried it to a few shows and the response was unbelievable.

Over the last thirteen years Warr has spent most of his time painting Civil War scenes, but he hasn't completely given up on his wildlife. In all of his major pieces, the scenes have wildlife as the subject or somewhere in the background. Warr resides in rural Northern Alabama with his wife Tammy and three daughters Lauren, Lindsey, and Laney.

Earth Silhouettes
Using layers of her own hand-painted fabrics, Kimberlee creates unusual landscape images with depth and texture. Each work is cut freehand and sewn by hand into place, thus each piece is entirely unique.

Please explore this site with any of the links to the left of the page. Visit the On-line gallery to view and purchase artworks. Find out where to see Kimberlee’s work by checking exhibits. Or, explore other interesting art on the web through our links.

Enchant Art
Enchant Art offers acrylic hand painted greeting cards and original painted artwork. Also, digital photo restoration, image retouching and glamour enhancement.  http://www.enchantart.com

James Johnston Fine Art
Artist and Sculptor,James Johnston has been painting and sculpting for over 30 years. His work is widely collected in the USA and many other countries.

The fun and appealing "Umbrella Couples" paintings are in great demand today and widely collected in both the USA and Europe.

Jim's Studio
Jim Zhang was born in Shanghai, China. After he completed his art study in China, he worked as interior designer for a Shanghai Design Company. Then he began his oversea journey to Tokyo, Japan and Berlin, Germany for several years, to pursue advanced studies, and to enlarge his vision in art of different fields.

In Europe he became famous portrait professional. Maybe some of you enjoyed his portrait's work at Mall of Georgia early when he has been in the united State. Later, he started to explore a new direction and developed his unique art style by combining the asian traditional art, such as calligraphy, with the west contemporary style; the name-painting is one of them which he shows to the public, and won the popularity now.

Jim Zhang is a prolific artist in different style by using different medium. His works are exhibited in many shows in different countries, and collected by some corporations and private art lovers in many countries. If you meet him, you will amazed by his talent.

Lynette K. Whitesell
I embrace color.
I enjoy challenging society's notions of “sad” colors and “happy” subject matter. I crave strong hues, heavy pigments, screaming color.

I use a layering method, which results in an interesting interplay of contrasting colors and guides the eye of the viewer through a playground of paint.

My goal is to achieve sharp, bold images with skewed and secretive interpretations underlined within the plane - every inch of canvas a cacophony of colors.

Ron C Guthrie
California artist Ron Guthrie creates studio and plein air oil paintings of California's Central Coast. Ron also creates highly detailed pen & ink drawings that are created using the stippling technique.

Stippling, also known as Pointellism,
means that Ron applies dots of ink one at a time to create these award winning pen & ink drawings.

These drawings are offered in Signed Limited Edition and Signed Open Edition prints. Numerous awards have been presented to Ron for his oil paintings depicting scenes of the Central Coast and other great areas.


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