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David Henry Wood Arts
You will find contemporary candleholders and vases that capture the extraordinary natural beauty of wood in forms both aesthetic and functiona  http://www.davidhenrywoodarts.com

Janell Berryman
I invite you to take a look inside where you will find one of a kind hand made treasures inspired from vintage finding. Featuring touches of halloween and Christmas with folk art flair.
Come on... take a peek!

Nelson Illustrations
My work expresses an ongoing fascination with the beauty of wonderfully diverse cities and unique places. From New York City and the Hawaiian Islands to whimsical fairy tale places and fables retold, I have pulled prints of what I love best--structure and beauty, and fables retold. My work reflects an old-world flavor in a modern day setting. From concept to finished print, the creative process involves rediscovering line, texture, color, and composition. The irony lies in the fact that I create by destroying a plate.

My artistic creations reflect my heart, soul, and spirit.

Traditional Hopi Kachinas
Many Hopi support their families by carving. Though the traditional style has always been carved, the demand for ultra-realistic dolls forced carvers away from the traditional style out of necessity. It is only in the last decade that a new market has emerged.

Because of the competitive contemporary market, many young carvers have returned to their roots, carving the traditional style not only as a means of income but as a means to reconnect with their culture.


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