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Ace of Spades Garden Art
All of my pieces are designed to go outside. They have a clear, weather-resistant finish that helps keep them shiny. Lots of people use them inside - on porches, on patios, in atriums, by fireplaces, in little girls' rooms - but they're also fun out in the garden.  http://www.gardendance.com

Daka Studios
Limited edition metal artwork, candle holders, steel garden sculptures.  http://www.dakamfg.com/studios

EZArt Graphics
EZArt has now evolved into the main designer and supplier of Western Theme "Cowboys & Critters" Silhouette packages. These Silhouette Sets are offered in my popular 600 dpi series in .BMP format that are geared for the Metal Art and Vinyl cutter industry.  http://www.ezart.com

Frank Morrow
The Company's product line is a very broad array of decorative metal stampings, trims (solid embossed bandings and perforated filigree galleries) and a smaller line of grey iron and white metal motif castings.  http://www.frankmorrow.com

Fusion Studios
Welcome to Fusion Studios, the creative home of mixed media artist Richard Altman and his team of collaborators. Fusion Studios is a reliable source for fine and functional art objects. The studio creates engaging works of art that accentuate the light, shadow, color and reflection of custom glass designs.

The fused and cast glass forms are tastefully integrated into sculptures for display on walls, suspended in atriums, or fabricated into functional objects for residential or commercial use. Each work of art is designed to contribute to a memorable experience for people living in or visiting contemporary spaces.

Ginger Meek Allen
Metal is an incredible medium. With states of both fluidity and rigidity, it is a force to be reckoned with in the creative process. It is not a submissive substance, but a responsive one.

My work is organic in style, and yet contemporary. I celebrate the marks of the process, such as hammer blows, because the process is what drives me. I seldom begin with a detailed design to follow. I prefer to begin with a general idea like "necklace" or "spoon" and let the piece develop.

This loose way of working suits me best, and I find that when I can manage to get out the way, that's when the beautiful comes. There is a sort of "dying to self" that is a prerequisite to collaborative creation, although some days it is difficult to achieve.

Jerry Parra
Jerry Parra is an accomplished sculptor of unique and unusual metal artwork. He puts his wild imagination to good use by creating "larger than life" sculpture and garden art. His pieces are made from recycled metal, car and motorcycle parts. Jerry is also keeping the mining culture alive in the Oracle area by using in his artwork old scrap metal and tools purchased from the now-closed local copper mine.

Jerry will work with you to design a custom piece to fit your business or home decor or add the finishing touch to your landscaped yard. Come meet Jerry at work in his shop, and visit his art gallery at the Ranch Store Center in Oracle, Arizona.

Kirwan Industries
Kirwan Industries is a metal fabrication shop located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Ronan Kirwan, who started the business over 10 years ago.  http://www.customizedmetal.com

Moran & Brown
Our current body of work is focused on contemporary, abstract wall sculpture, emphasizing rich color and exquisite design to create focal points of dynamic beauty. We achieve a wide range of color from heating copper sheet with an oxy-acetylene torch. There is a large amount of spontaneity to this process which inspire and direct our designs. We utilize the metal?s reflective quality, which underneath oxidized pigments, produces a luminescent richness unique to this medium. Our wall sculpture can be designed any size to fit your specifications. We have created many custom pieces for hotel lobbies, financial institutions and medical facilities throughout the United States, working closely with architects, designers and art consultants.  http://www.moranbrown.com

Rustic Accents
Western, Southwestern, Wildlife and Rodeo home d├ęcor is designed and created by hand in Tucson, Arizona, since 1986.

Unique switch plate covers and dramatic wall art are created from rustic metals. Through a special process, painted designs are applied and then burnished on many of our items to achieve an antiquated finish not found elsewhere.

Aged rustic barbed wire is hand-coiled and connected, forming decorative wreaths, which are further adorned with our metal silhouettes. Our pride and commitment to quality, will insure your many years of satisfaction with our products.

Thank you for visiting our site.

Zackarya Leek
Zackarya Leck divides his time between his studio on Orcas Island (Washington State) and the coast of Maine. Trained in the traditional art of blacksmithing, Leck draws on time honored techniques. His work was first influenced by his father, Andrew Leck, and later refined during study with Masters in Europe and Israel. As a sculptor, Zackarya loves the plastic nature of hot iron, but frequently uses mixed media including, but not limited to, bronze, stone, and titanium.

In addition to one-of-a-kind works of art, Zackarya undertakes commissions working directly with the client or architect.


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