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Cold Air
Our portable air conditioner units and portable air conditioning spot coolers are made in the USA! Cold Air Products' American made spot coolers are perfect for cooling computer server rooms and more and are available as rentals or for purchase. Contact us today and let us put our portable air conditioners to work for you  http://www.coldair.net

Vornado Air LLC
The original Vornado fans were built in Wichita, Kansas, in the 1940s and '50s by the O.A. Sutton Company, which has long-since retired. Turned-aluminum construction, innovative design and superb performance...these were the qualities that made Vornado the consumers' choice for decades.

At Vornado our specifications are simple: use the quietest, most dependable and energy efficient motor and provide hours of exhaustive testing. This is Vornado's commitment to the science and performance of air flow technology.


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