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Aubrey Organic
AUBREY ORGANICS® has always been natural, and now we're being certified organic*. This means that first our factory, where we make all AUBREY ORGANICS® products (except our soap bars, which are made in France) was inspected and certified as a manufacturing facility where organic ingredients can be handled, well...organically.  http://www.aubrey-organics.com/

Aunt Jeni
Home Made 4 Life® frozen, raw, organic pet food  http://www.auntjeni.com/

Blue Buffalo Company
Now you can feed your dog or cat like you feed your family with the BLUE line of natural, healthy and holistic foods for dogs. All BLUE recipes contain real meat as the first ingredient, along with wholesome whole grains, garden veggies and healthy fruit—the kinds of things you put on your own dinner table.  http://www.bluebuffalocompany.com

Canine Earth
All Canine Earth™ products are certified organic under USDA National Organic Program standards and display the USDA Organic seal. Naturally self-preserving, petro chemical free and hypo allergenic.  http://www.canineearth.com

Cloud Star
The home kitchen has long been outgrown... although Melton and Johnson are still sampling treats off the line every day (along with Samantha and her more recently adopted furry sister, Nala), Buddy Biscuits are now manufactured in a fully-automated process. That's not to say that love isn't still baked into each batch. There is love. Lots of love.

Cloud Star is dedicated to preserving the environment that belongs to all of our animal and human friends. Recycled products and soy-based inks are used whenever possible.

Colorado Nautrals
Colorado Naturals and Nature’s Deli processes treats that are nutritious and beneficial to the health of your pet. Products are 100% natural, chemical and preservative free, and contain no artificial colors or soy.  http://www.coloradonaturals.net/pc/viewcontent.asp?idpage=2

Del Monte
We make the foods that nourish and enrich families, including the center of many families — pets. Just a glance at our products reveals familiar brands you know and trust. You probably even have many of our brands in your pantry right now.  http://www.delmonte.com

Doggie Paw Delites
Doggie Paw Delites are truly the finest dog treats you will find anywhere. All of our treats are baked using only the highest quality natural human grade ingredients. [No preservatives or additives] Not only do we have a panel of canine experts but people taste test all of our treats to make doubly sure that they are the tastiest. Your dog will agree “Doggie Paw Delites” are a bark and a wag above the rest.

We love our dog Sophie, our grand dogs, and our neighbor dogs. Holidays were always dog treat time. It is amazing how many holidays we could think of so we would have an excuse to make special treats for all of the dogs in our lives. It was always a pleasure to make fun treats for the four legged people that have enriched and blessed our lives. Out of this love to pamper our pets and everyone else’s too “Doggie Paw Delites” was created.

MA Snax
Ma Snax Superior Treats are delicious & nutritious whole grain organic dog biscuits. Ma Snax is committed to using the finest human-quality organic ingredients in our fresh baked treats.

Naturally w in fat and full of flavor with many varieties to tempt your four legged friends and family members. Make Ma Snax Superior Treats part of your everyday life by rewarding your dog with the best! they’ll know you care, they’ll be delighted!—Ma Snax.

Mammal Mama
Mammal Mama manufactures formulas to support animal milk production. Many animals may need the support of certified organic lactation herbs for increasing milk supply to: feed a large litter Incease or extend dairy milk give a boost to the family’s milk providing animal.  http://www.mammalmama.com

NESTA Organics
A combination of top quality GMO-free, USDA certified organic ingredients, minimal processing, and high manufacturing standards allows us to offer you some of the best organic pet food products available today for your dog or pocket pet.  http://www.onestaorganics.com

Onesta Organics
We create premium USDA certified organic products for pets. Our organic pet food products are 100% human-grade, certified organic, GMO-free, and whole food-based. They are free of low quality ingredients, such as so-called "by-products" or artificial preservatives or colors. Our gentle dehydration process ensures that the nutrients in the ingredients we use retain their potency. Your pet will get the full benefit of quality whole foods, not just a lot of empty calories.

Nature is wise. Respecting her wisdom, we use organic ingredients, sprouted grains and seeds, and gentle dehydration to optimize and preserve the nutritional qualities of our products. At our San Diego, California-based certified organic pet food facility, we handcraft in small batches to assure freshness, safety, and the superb quality of our products.

Our Green House
Our Greenhouse Story "Our Green House" was born in 2003 out of our Environmental Testing Company, Willow Environmental. After years of helping people keep their homes safe, we discovered many wonderful products that we could share. Our goal is to inspire clean, natural living by providing healthy homes to families, As parents, we are committed to finding the best new products to enhance lives while protecting our environment.  http://3k2we.nzs2h.servertrust.com/default.asp?redirected=y

Paw Naturaw
Paw Naturaw offers the first line of USDA Certified Organic, Raw, Frozen Diets for Dogs in America • 100% Human-Grade Ingredients.  http://www.pawnaturaw.com

Healthy Home's mission is to make your home a safe and clean environment, free of harmful chemicals and toxins found in many common household cleaning products.

Our products are specifically formulated to be more effective than conventional cleaners, while ensuring the safety of children, pets and growing families.

The Honest Kitchen
We love what we do, and we hope your animal companions will love it, too! We take pride in preparing fresh, healthy products that make a meaningful difference in pets' lives and in our world.

The Honest Kitchen provides natural & organic pet food.

The Midas Touch Health
Midas Touch is dedicated to providing you and your pets with premium, healthy food and environmentally safe cleaning products.

At our Berryville, Virginia store you will find a variety of organic groceries, supplements for you and your pets, medicinal and culinary herbs, fresh roasted coffee, original art from local artists, teas, resource books, and much more.
Our selection is varied and new items are added weekly.

The Organic Farm Store
It is our pleasure to bring you a number of high quality, organic products made only from all natural ingredients.

From our Close to Naturenow pet products, to our Bath and Body line and our organic soil amendments and fertilizers, you'll feel good about using our effective, earth-friendly products.

Our gourmet dog treats are 100% certified organic, kosher, and lovingly made in the beautiful state of Vermont.

We hope you enjoy our site and that your best friend enjoys our premium organic dog treats.

Wags ~n~ Wiggles Barkery
We use only high quality, all natural ingredients, such as whole
wheat flour, rolled oats, cornmeal, peanut butter and eggs. Our
treats are also people-friendly. We hope to see you soon!

Wet Nose Dog Bakery
Natural, homemade dog and cat treats baked fresh with human-grade quality ingredients, Wet Nose Dog Bakery offers a variety of tasty biscuits and cookies for your favorite dog or cat!

Have you ever read the ingredients list on store bought pet treats? I don't want to feed my pets anything I can't pronounce, and I don't think you do either. How about treats made with fresh milk, real cheddar cheese, whole wheat flour, molasses, honey and peanut butter! That is just a partial list of the wholesome ingredients we use in our treats.

Whether you’re looking for some puppy treats for a birthday party or healthy cookies as a reward for man’s best friend, you’ll find something here to fit any occasion, or no occasion at all!

Wetnoz provides unique collections for your pet and your home. For larger dogs we offer raised dog feeders up to 5 cups, and in our small pet accessories line we have the 3/4 cup Pee Wee Pet Bowl. From the Ultra Collection made from highly polished surgical grade stainless steel, to the Metro line that combines stainless steel fused to brilliantly colored translucent plastic, our goal is to integrate design and functionality.

Our stainless steel bowls offer a hygienic, chemically-inert eating surface while providing style and grace to your kitchen. We offer ergonomically correct elevated feeders that allow your pet to eat with less of the stress involved from floor elevation bowls. Designed for anti-whisker stress, our feline food dish brings serenity to meals.

Zionsville Candle Company
The internet's leading site for clean-burning, natural Scented SOY CANDLES! We offer over 50 fragrance choices and many different types of "styles" including a traditional soy candle line , a rustic soy candle line, contemporary/spa line of candles, and even a pet soy candle line.

Our natural soy candles are made using lead-free wicks, soy bean wax, high quality fragrance, and quality color dyes. In fact, we are considered to be one of the best soy candle companies for making truly natural soy candles.

Many companies mix their waxes and add artificial stabilizers. Others "plug" the middle and bottom of their candles while "over saturating" the top of their candles (to make you think they're stronger than they really are.) We guarantee that ours are made using high doses of premium fragrance oil, and it is consistent through-out.


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