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Every day, 3M people find new ways to make amazing things happen. This ingenuity and quality are found in the 3M brands Scotch®, Post-it®, Scotchgard, Thinsulate, Scotch-Brite®, Filtrete, Command and Nexcare that you've come to love and trust.  http://www.3m.com/

Cheap Therapy
I've always loved to send homemade cards to people. In fact, my sister teases that I send them to taxi drivers and toll booth operators. Well I just did that once. OK, twice, but they were both exceptionally kind souls!

Anyway, when I stepped-out of a long banking career, due to the adventures of multiple sclerosis, I decided to start making cards and journals to donate to places where I'd once donated money. To my surprise, people started contacting me to actually buy my stuff.

Even though my handcrafted paper art is now in galleries and shops across the US, Caribbean and UK, I still consider this a very small business. Because of the way my body limits my energy, I work hard at finding and maintaining a healthy balance. I create each piece of my paper art at my kitchen counter. I love to imagine who'll end up with each one. I hope you'll be one of those people soon.

The Toymaker
Welcome to my odd, little world of paper toys, holiday cards, valentines, sun boxes, baskets and bags, origami and ephemera... all for you to make.  http://www.thetoymaker.com

West Press
West Press believes in protecting the environment and supporting the community. In addition to encouraging our customers to use recycled papers, we use vegetable oil based inks, recycle used printing plates and scrap paper, and dispose of used chemicals properly.  http://www.westpress.com


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