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California Box Company
Boxes that make themselves to a design team that can make an important sales difference by providing you with outstanding workable package and display ideas West of the Rocky Mountains over 60% of the average corrugated box price is paper.

To drive down prices and up quality with consistent delivery, a new corrugated is the best solution. CB Sheets has one of the best for its niche in America. Our performance speaks for itself. Do a supplier audit and see for yourself.

CB Sheets
We believe the West Coast corrugated box market today is a "zero sum game." One plant's gain is another plant's loss. Our new state-of-the-art computer controlled corrugator is running well. We are 100% ON TIME, QUICK DELIVERY with the flattest quality sheets (boxes) and competitive prices. Try our E Flute, for example, no "wash boarding." You cannot find a smoother sheet in town. Our order mix still is that of a fast responding (JIT) sheet plant, and we are now bar coding our customers finished goods inventory of boxes. You can now ask, at anytime, for an up-to-date computer printout of what you have on our floor, etc. Order today. We will run your custom sheets and convert them into boxes at night and deliver them for breakfast in the morning. That's revolutionary! We produce the sheets, convert them into custom boxes and deliver them all in less than 24 hours.  http://www.calbox.com

Supply One
We are a fully integrated packaging manufacturer, offering everything from custom corrugated products to foam fabrication, hot-wiring, foam-in-place, die-cutting, and thermoformed plastic products.  http://www.supplyone.com

Western Container
Western Container Corporation is a progressive manufacturer of spiral wound paper tubes and precision cores.

Specializing in the Tape & Label, Film, Converting, Foil, Textile, Promotional and Advertising Industries.


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