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Angera Pork
and Angera Pork Products have been manufacturing fresh sausages and meat products that are rich in flavor and made with the highest quality ingredients.
We manufacture all our sausages using traditional ingredients and methods, while integrating modern packaging and processing techniques when they enhance product safety and quality.

Bilinski's has been around since 1929. We have been making quality meat products for over 75 years! No matter what we make, we always use the highest quality ingredients. When you buy Bilinski's, you know it's going to taste great!  http://bilinski.stores.yahoo.net/

Cadwell Farms
Belted Galloways "Belties" are a beautiful heirloom breed from Scotland. We chose this efficient beef breed for several reasons. They are great foragers and are the perfect breed for grass-fed beef production.

Central Wisconsin winters are cold. Most cattle breeds adapt to winter by adding a thick layer of body fat for insulation. Belties grow an additional hair coat in winter getting to 4,000 hairs per square inch. This coat provides such efficient insulation to keep body heat in that the snows of Wisconsin will not even melt on their back. Thus the animal is comfortable in the cold, and does not lay down the excessive back fat found in some other breeds and therefore provides and increase in beef yield.

Coleman Natural
Coleman Natural Foods offers a full line of natural and organic fresh meat and prepared foods, including fresh chicken, pork, bison, and lamb, as well as sausage, hot dogs, and bacon.  http://www.colemannatural.com

At Eaturna, we’re not out to change the world—just the way it eats. So, we seek out only the finest ingredients, from organic flour, to antibiotic and hormone-free meats and poultry. Everything on our menu is always chef-created, freshly-prepared, and delivered daily, so we don’t need to use preservatives or additives (heck - even some of our containers are all-natural and fully compostable!).  http://www.eaturna.com/home.asp

Free Range Organically Grown Fryers...
Eberly's whole organic fryers are plump, meaty, free-range raised birds with a rich, natural buttery flavor. Fed on organically grown grains and pure fresh water, they mature to tender, juicy frying size of 2 ½ to 5 lbs. in 6 to 8 weeks.
Free Range Organically Grown Turkeys
All Eberly free range, organically grown turkeys receive only the best Certified organically grown grains, and fresh water. No poultry or fish protein supplements are added to their diet. They are allowed to grow to size naturally, and receive no growth hormones. The result is a naturally superior turkey with more abundant flavor than birds raised in Turkey "factories," greater meatiness and tenderness.

Our 14 to 20 week hen turkeys weigh from 8 to 22 lbs. and are available fresh year around. We deliver them individually packaged or packed on ice. Each case contains 3 to 5 turkeys, depending on size.

We let our tom turkeys grow for 16 to 24 weeks for full meatiness filled with savory and succulent goodness. They weigh from 22 to 34 lbs. when prepared for market. We pack them 2 to 3 birds per case. They may be ordered either individually packaged or on ice.

Empire Kosher
Empire, which was founded in 1938, is becoming the choice of a growing number of people who choose kosher meats for non-religious reasons. They repeatedly praise the taste and prefer the natural kosher process used to prepare the poultry. The New York Times and Boston Globe rated Empire Kosher Poultry number one in taste tests.  http://www.empirekosher.com

Foster Farms
Today, Foster Farms' CEO Ron Foster oversees operations in California, Oregon, Washington and Alabama, serving consumers across the country. We're committed to providing you and your family with the highest-quality poultry products everyday. Time passes, great traditions go on.  http://www.fosterfarms.com

Hickory Farms
It's as true today as it was in Richard Ransom's day. . . once you taste Hickory Farms quality, you're sold. Our delicious recipes have been developed with hospitality, relaxation and tradition in mind.

We at Hickory Farms believe the greatest memories of all are created by the aromas, tastes and traditions of home. We hope you enjoy making our signature products part of your home traditions and thank you for making Hickory Farms part of your special occasions!

Honeysuckle White
You don't have to buy a whole turkey. With Honeysuckle White® brand, white meat lovers can get the turkey breasts they crave. Dark meat lovers can grab a leg or thigh. So, whether you're grilling, roasting or simmering, Honeysuckle White® turkey offers the selection you need.  http://www.honeysucklewhite.com

For 116 years, we’ve made our name with products that bring more to the table—more quality and taste to your eating experience. We have a long and proud history of bringing more to the table for our employees, our business partners, and our investors, too.  http://www.hormel.com

Llano Seco
Over the years, agriculture on the ranch has included raising cattle, horses, sheep and hogs, as well as farming barley, rice, safflower, alfalfa hay, corn, oats, sunflowers, almonds, walnuts, vineseeds, beans and wheat.

We also practice organic farming and ranching in order to provide a healthier environment for the people and animals living and working on the ranch.

Natures Sun Grown
Hal Shenson, President, of Nature’s SunGrown Foods, and members of his family have been successfully supplying high quality foods to companies in the U.S.A., Pacific Rim and Europe for over one hundred years from San Francisco, the "Gateway to the Pacific."  http://www.naturessungrown.com

Oscar Mayer
In 2003, Oscar Mayer brought the deli experience home with Oscar Mayer Deli Shaved Meats. Packaged in re-sealable trays, they offered consumers all the texture and flavor of deli-style cold cuts without the wait.

Today, Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Meats are available in 3 thicknesses (shaved, sliced and thin-sliced) and 9 mouthwatering flavors including Mesquite Turkey Breast, Honey Ham, Roast Beef and Beef Salami! Look for them in your grocer's refrigerated meat case

Rocky Mountain Custom Cuts
Rocky Mountain Custom Cuts offers the finest Certified Organic meats in the country.

Brought to you by Rocky Mountain producers with help from thousands of acres of grazing land and some of the cleanest water and freshest air anywhere, Rocky Mountain Custom Cuts offers certified organic beef raised and processed according to stringent USDA regulations.

Each type of meat can be ordered cut according to your specifications. Tell us what cuts and how thick to cut them. Order a quarter, half or full side of meat and save money while filling your freezer with grass fed organic meat.

Visit our shopping cart to place your order.

Sommers Organic
We've developed a line of affordable, convenient products that are always prepared under the most rigorous organic regulations. That guarantees that Sommers Organic™ meat is pure, healthy and always tastes great.  http://www.sommersorganic.com

Check out our website where you can visit the Spam Museum, join the Spam Fan Club or browse the Spam Store! See when the pammobile is coming to your neighborhood!

The SPAMMOBILETM is on a mission. A mission of deliciousness. Traveling the world, handing out free samples of SPAM®, and making the world a better place ­ one bite of SPAM® at a time.

The Buffalo Guys
The Buffalo Guys, LLC is a group of skilled buffalo ranchers who have joined forces to bring nature's finest buffalo meat to the marketplace. We believe we have a responsibility to our consumers and to the lands we steward to make each healthier by our actions.

Our U.S.D.A. inspected buffalo meat products, include All Natural Buffalo Hot Dogs, Buffalo Sausages, tasty Buffalo Jerky and the best Buffalo Steaks, Buffalo Burgers and Buffalo Roasts you will ever sink your teeth into. All are made from our top quality buffalo meat and are All Natural.

We have very high standards and all our products are distinguished by their exceptional taste and quality. Also, buffalo meat is widely acclaimed for its' health benefits. Moreover, bison grazing habits tend to improve the rangelands they inhabit.

Over the years the company has evolved from apple and peach orchards, lumber milling and grain production into a leading poultry products company.

Today under the third generation leadership of P. Coleman Townsend we are focused on growing our Value Added and Fresh Chicken businesses.

Wholesome Harvest
Wholesome Harvest is a coalition of over 40 concerned small family farms. Since 2001, Wholesome Harvest has been offering premium organic certified poultry and meats to grocers, chefs and households. Our commitment to quality extends above USDA organic standards to additionally include pasture based production methods--and no feedlots or confinement/factory farms. Low density pasture production on small family farms ensures a higher quality of life for the animals, better environmental stewardship, and added flavor and nutrition.

Because we are the producers and not the packing houses, we absolutely know and control the traceability of our product and have the freedom to choose the processors with the best practices both for social responsibility and food safety. You are really buying direct from the farmer when you buy Wholesome Harvest, an option that is hard to find in the supermarket these days.


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