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A Rocking Horse to Love
Handcrafted in the USA

Grandparents – Surprise your grandchildren. A rocking horse from Grandma or Grandpa will be their favorite gift!

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Bath Boats
Everybody loves taking a bath with a wooden bath boat. Our family has been producing these durable, enjoyable, collectible bath toys since 1971.

Our boats are toys first and foremost, but since the beginning, we’ve built each boat with an eye toward durability. Consequently, we hear over and over again — to our delight — that one of our boats has done yeoman duty for years as a toy companion and has since been elevated to the status of beloved family keepsake.

So whether you’re looking for a unique, personalized gift for a child or adult, or you’re adding to your own collection, welcome aboard!

BEKA, Inc.
BEKA, Inc. is a specialty manufacturer, producing high quality wood products for over thirty years in St. Paul, Minnesota.

We began producing specialty wood products in 1973, originally building hand weaving looms for sale through specialty yarn stores. In the early 1980's, our focus shifted to large scale creative play products for children. The BEKA name is now known throughout the specialty toy market and school supply industry for high quality art easels, puppet theaters, unit blocks and other creative play products for children.

Channel Cameoez
Each year, new products grace the pages of their catalog and are tailor-made for each specialty toy and gift store, museum, park and attraction. You'll never find Channel Craft products in the major discount stores or worldwide superstore chains. Continue to look for the "Quality Crafted Fun" that is still made right here in the U.S.A. for another twenty-five more years to come.  http://channel.cameoez.com

Chickory Wood Products, Inc.
Chickory Wood Products offers handmade wooden toys including wooden trucks, trains, airplanes, and other wood products. All our toys are made in America.

We started by making wooden toys for our own children and soon realized there was a demand for quality, wooden toys. Our wooden toys have become highly prized as both toys and collectable items, as we make a limited number each year.

Cubby Hole Toys
The Cubbyhole specializes in made-to-order wood toys, wood coat racks, wood rocking horses, wood toy chests, step stools and educational puzzles.  http://www.cubbyholetoys.com

D and Me
If you would like to see our handmade "Made in Montana, USA" wood toys, please click on the following link:
D and ME Handmade Wood Toys

If you would like to see our handmade "Made in Montana, USA" country style quilts for beds, walls and tables, please click on the following link:
D and ME Handmade Quilts

David Levy Creations
all wood creations. Cutting boards, desk accessories, exotic cutting boards, furniture, game boards, game tables, kitchen accessories knife blocks, lazy susans and other wood creations  http://www.davidlevycreations.com

Different Drummer Workshop
Mainetoys.com is the internet arm of the Different Drummer Workshop, handcrafters of high quality and natural finished wooden toys for kids since 1973.

In 1973 our family fled the “big city industrial rat race” to live in the small town of Solon, Maine, where we started the Different Drummer Workshop. We have always remained a small family wood craft business, aimed at making traditional wooden toys for kids using native Maine resources.

Our wooden toys are best known for the quality of their craftsmanship. The primary material is white pine, and every board of wood is carefully selected to show off its natural beauty and grain. The completed wooden toy is finely sanded to a satin smooth natural finish

Don Edwards Toy Works
Everything here made in the USA by retired Americans.  http://www.donedwardstoyworks.com

Doodle Town Toys
We make safe wooden toys for your children that will be loved and shared for generations. For over 30 years Doodletown Toys has specialized in designing and handcrafting imaginative, high quality wooden toys.  http://www.doodletowntoys.com

ELMS Puzzles, Inc
Welcome to the fabulous world of ELMS extraordinary and elegant hand cut wooden jigsaw puzzles.  http://www.elmspuzzles.com

Frost Hollow Puzzles
Frost Hollow Puzzles are made from the finest materials available. We use maple surfaced plywood to provide an exceptionally smooth finish and to ensure stability.

The puzzle frames are finished with non-toxic oils and paints. So, while we don't recommend eating our puzzles, the occasional teether is safe.

The only small pieces, the centers of the Os and Qs are glued down and screwed in place from the back to prevent removal. All other pieces conform to State of Connecticut standards for toys.

Green Mountain Blocks
Few toys come close to packing the fun and educational value of a good set of blocks. Children learn relational concepts, fine motor skills, cooperation and problem solving all at the same time.

Blocks encourage creativity like no other toy. Within minutes, farms, cities, castles and forts are created, destroyed and rebuilt in new and imaginative ways.

Children will return to building blocks time and time again. Blocks last longer in their original condition than any other toy. All this makes building blocks an unbeatable choice.

Holgate Toy
With the great consumer success of its toys, Holgate began concentrating on this segment of it's business. Today Holgate is synonymous with toys... and still making the finest wooden toys in America. Our factory is now located in Bradford, Pennsylvania, still in the middle of America's premier hardwood forests. Today, Holgate is recognized as the premier maker of children's wooden toys in America.

You're purchase comes with a personal guarantee. We pledge that our product is made of 100% natural kiln dried hardwoods, non toxic paints, and quality engeneered.

Keva Planks
We are here to help inspire the creative spirit in people of all ages. KEVA planks are the only product we manufacture and sell.  http://www.kevaplanks.com

KJ Puzzles
Using Your Own Photographs Or Prints Each puzzle is given an antiqued patina with gold leaf edging, creating the finish of a very old keepsake and comes with a matching tray. Wooden block puzzles, made from six photographs with six solutions to the puzzle  http://www.kjpuzzles.com

Knockabout Toys
Each truck is individually handcrafted at our shop in Searsmont, Maine. Made with precision and care each truck is made to last for a lifetime of play.

This season the shop offers four different styles of wooden trucks and equipment to choose from: the ever-popular Big and Little Rig line, the Executive Line, featuring vehicles designed with a higher level of detail and our personalized custom trucks, made to your specifications.

Lee Chesson
The design of this website is based upon a belief that fancy scripts and all the new-fangled, whiz-bang elements that can be imbedded in web pages are not necessary to present my work. From the very beginning, I wanted a clean looking site that would focus on the quality of my work and representative images. In my mind, it is extremely difficult to accurately capture the warmth and beauty of wood with pictures, so for the time being, I am going to forego fancy design and keep things clean and simple. After all, I am a woodworker, not a highly skilled web designer.

Hopefully the amateurish design of these pages will give way to an appreciation for relevant content, while presenting realistic representations of my work - beautiful wooden gifts and accessories for your home.

All of our blocks are handcrafted in Grand Rapids, Michigan from sustainable Michigan basswood. Uncle Goose blocks have been honored with Parent Choice Awards, Dr. Toy’s “100 Best Toys” award, and Oppenheim Toy Portfolio awards.

In this age of high-tech playthings, classic wooden blocks are a welcome, high-touch toy that engages both child and parent.

Mamasoes' puzzles feature a knob glued to each piece so they can be lifted from the frame without having to tip the puzzle. Mamasoes also chooses fun designs with bright colors that challenge children to think ahead, increase vocabulary, and develop motor skills.  http://www.mamasoes.com

Maple Landmark
While much is being made of the dangers of imported products, there are alternatives. We craft a wide range of wooden toys, games, and gifts made right here in Vermont, USA. We follow American standards of product safety, employee safety, and environmental protection. The shortcuts of doing it any other way are not what Maple Landmark is about.

We design our toys to provide the best in hands-on learning and exploration. Surely it is becoming an electronic world but children still need to learn basic manipulation and construction. Our products can be found in toy stores, gifts shops, catalogs and online merchants throughout the United States and beyond.

Martin Doll Houses
Barbie Size Dollhouse kits, Heirloom Toys dollhouse, Fashion Doll, Barbie size. These are Dollhouses that children can play with and are true Toy Heirlooms that will be handed down from one generation to the next.  http://www.martindollhouses.com

North Star Toys
Our family has been making high quality, non-toxic wooden toys at affordable prices for children of all ages since 1979. We are a green business that offers simple toys to stimulate creative, imaginative play.  http://www.northstartoys.com

Old Fashioned Blocks
Wooden Blocks and Wooden Toys from Old Fashioned Blocks Old Fashioned Blocks is a wood shop located in Rhode Island and dedicated to building high quality old fashioned wooden blocks and other wooden toys. We are a "Made in the USA" manufacturer.

Our maple wood unit building blocks and ABC alphabet blocks and the entire line of wooden toys are designed to use the joy of play to foster and contribute to the educational and physical development of children.

Roy Toy
Our wood log building sets are made from 100% USA materials, with food-grade dyes used to provide color. We lightly emboss the surfaces of each wooden block for a smooth finish that is comfortable for little hands. Our building sets can be configured in an unlimited number of ways, providing hours of imaginative play  http://www.roytoy.com

Sanders Handcrafted Toys
Welcome to Sanders Toys Handcrafted Wooden Toys Shop! We offer a full line of wooden toy trucks, trains, push-pull toys, bookends and crayon holders guaranteed to stimulate the imagination of children of all ages  http://www.sanderstoys.com

Seasons Natural Toys
Seasons Natural Toys is dedicated to inspiring and expanding Children's imagination and love of nature by creating enchanting wee worlds where imaginary play has no boundaries.  http://www.seasonsnaturaltoys.com

The Wood Station
All our personalized wooden products are handmade of quality materials, one at a time, to your custom specifications. Thank you for choosing us to make your quality wooden furniture and puzzles.  http://www.woodstation.com

The Woodchuck
We are an American owned and operated Woodwowrking site. We are located in Buckingham, Virginia, in the HEART of Virginia.

I am a retired Air Force Officer who along with my wife of over 42 years is offering custom-made fine wood specialties.

We believe in the "Buy American" ideal and support that in our purchases.

Three Crazy Monkeys, LLC
Like many parents of young children we found ourselves surrounded by toys. We began to realize that the quality of many of these toys was poor and some toys were even unsafe and were recalled! We also realized that about 95% of the children's toys in our house were made in China. We began looking for toys that were not made in China. After much searching we found many wonderful toys that are made right here in the USA.

Combining our experiences as an engineer, teacher, and stay at home mom of three, we formed Three Crazy Monkeys, LLC to provide a one-stop shopping experience for the Best Toys Made in the USA.

We are proud to offer only extraordinary toys made in the USA.

Under the Green Roof
Under the Green Roof Wood Toys specializes in made-to-order wood letters, wood toys, wood animal "cars", word art, personalized wood toys and educational puzzles.

Our wooden toys are proudly made in the USA of durable woods and non-toxic paints and finishes. In contrast to the recent headlines of hundreds of thousands of toys recalled due to toxic lead paint finishes which can be deadly for children, we make wood toys and puzzles that are fun, beautiful and safe.

Wild Apples
Gunther Keil's Wild Apples workshop has been creating wooden toys for more than 30 years. Wild Apples specializes in wooden animals and Noah's Arks. Situated in the heart of New York State's Finger Lakes region we use local hardwoods including cherry, oak and walnut.  http://www.wildapples.com

Wooden Inlaid Puzzles
"WOOD-N-PUZZLES" was formed in 1992 by Ernie and Bobbie Pratt in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire where it remains today.

The puzzles are all made from top quality products. All puzzles are cut out of 1/2" Birch or Maple plywood with a 1/2" Birch or Maple backer making each puzzle a full 1" thick. Our puzzle stools are made with two 1/2" laminated Birch or Maple pieces making the top a full 1" thick. The stool sides are made from 3/4" #2 Eastern Pine.

All painted surfaces are done with nontoxic acrylic water based enamel. The frame(box) and stool bottoms are supplied ready to finish

This company was started as an extension of a hobby and has evolved into the busy operation it is today. Approximately 125 different puzzles are offered with new patterns constantly being added.

Wooden Toys
Fine woodworking has been my living for the past 32 years and a family tradition for more than a century, starting with my great grandfather in the Black Forest. Upon completing his cabinetmaking apprenticeship he sailed to America in 1867. Here he taught and worked with his son, my grandfather. I see the results of their partnership in the ornate wood interiors of many churches and public buildings in my home town, Danville, Illinois.

One hundred years later, I continue their tradition in fine hardwood toys. My apprenticeship began in my father's basement workshop and ended with a degree in Forest Science and Design at the University of Illinois. But, it was really the following years in my Danville storefront workshop that taught me how to make durable wonderful toys and after moving to Madison in 1982 I am still learning every day. I build each toy with care, using Wisconsin hardwoods purchased from a 3rd generation family owned lumber company that provides sustainably harvested wood. These woods are durable, beautiful and timeless. I want my toys to furnish an alternative to some of the throw-away aspects of life today.

Wooden Toys
Wooden Toys from upstate NY! Handcrafted wooden toy trucks, trains and farm equipment. Our wooden toys make great gifts for kids and adults. Our toy store sells rugged, high quality wooden toys which are unfinished so they will show off the natural beauty of wood! We craft each wooden toy so it will remind you of the real trucks and trains you see every day. Feel free to browse our online store full of uniquely handcrafted toys!  http://www.woodtoyz.com

Wooden Train
The story of the Whittle Shortline Railroad is many stories rolled into one. It is the story of a family-owned company handcrafting children's wooden toys in a world that is all too often mass-produced.

It is the story of a business that literally started by accident. But start it did. And after ten years of constant growth, Whittle's product standards and operating philosophy remain 100% true to the original vision of its founder.

The Whittle Shortline Railroad story also resembles that of another railroad legend which overcame rather large odds to achieve the unthinkable - a certain little engine that turned the simple phrase "I think I can, I think I can!" into an inspiring, integral part of growing up in America.

Wunderwork Toys
At Wunderworks of America, we believe that children need opportunities for exercising their imagination, expanding their creativity, and exploring and inventing their own world within a safe and supervised play environment.

Wunderworks of America is committed to improving the lives of children and adults through the design, development, and manufacture of exceptional toys. Our safe, durable, and innovative products are intended to stimulate children’s creativity, support safe play experiences, and advance interaction between children and their loved ones. The values that we embrace, imagination, courage, innovation, quality, and respect, make up the foundation by which we hope to improve the lives of our customers.


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