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1 Cute Pooch
Cute pet outfits! Most made in the USA!  http://www.1cutepooch.com

In early 1921, Mathew Andis, Sr. built a working model of an electric clipper. Small and self-contained, this new clipper withstood every possible performance test. Production began in the basement of the family home;  http://www.andis.com/usa

Angelic Cat
Developed by cat breeders and cat lovers who are intimately familiar with cats and their behaviors, our furniture meets the scratching, sleeping, exercise, and play needs of cats of all ages and abilities. We offer the best and largest selection of feline furniture anywhere, with over 140 models to choose from; and all of our pieces are made in the USA.  http://www.angelicalcat.com

Bath and Body Care
Complete source for natural products (includes men's products, hair care too!)

During the summer and fall months, you can find Arcadia Aromatics natural soap, bath and body products and pure soy candles at the Monroe Farmer's Market. Open every Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon from May through October.

Bio-Derm Laboratories, Inc. started when a german immigrant anmed Claus Pohl brought his family to america in 1971 and now 35 years later Bio-groom is manufactured on a 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility in texas.  http://www.biogroom.com

Cain and Able Collection
Our adventure started as a small bone of an idea way back in 2001, but with the support and enthusiasm of our family and friends – both human and canine, we decided to put the paws in motion and get our all natural products on store shelves and available to the public.

We never cut corners in quality, and we don’t think short term on anything that we do. We pay attention to the needs of our customers and their humans.

Citrus Magic
Everywhere you look you'll see where Beaumont Products touches the world we live in. Whether it's the highly effective hospital cleaner used in your doctor's office or the truly all-natural air freshener in your home bathroom, you'll be amazed where you might find us. When creating our products we focus on efficacy, value, and using safe, natural, and renewable resources whenever possible.  http://www.citrusmagic.com

Fancy Lulu
Fancy Lulu pet boutique offers a complete selection of designer quality and the must-have items of the season with affordable price tag! Don't let Hollywood celebrities be the only one who can spoil their pets with luxurious pet clothing and product, now you can,too!  http://www.fancylulu.com

Gordon MacIntyre
From the heritage of the Scottish Highlands comes these fresh lathering cleansers for the health and well-being of your pet. Rare botanicals and uniques fragrances combine to calm and nuture the skin and energize the spirit.

Designed by noted verternarian and dermatologist John Gordon, the formulations feature 100% natural fragrances blended with a mild conditioningt cleanser intended for regular use.

Happy Tails Spa
Launched in 2004, Los Angeles-based happytails sells and markets all-natural happytails spa products for the dog about town;

All our products are manufactured in an FDA approved lab with better than human quality ingredients to pamper, soothe and beautify today's harried hound.

We wouldn't use anything on our dogs tha we wouldn't use on ourselves.

Petkin Inc. is an innovative California based consumer products company founded in 1989 on the key principle of making better products that are easier to use. Every product Petkin develops must pass two very simple yet important tests before ever being sold: one, is the quality of the product the best it can possibly be and two, is the product easy to use. Currently, Petkin offers an extensive line of easy to use pet care products and a growing line of easy to use baby care products all designed with quality and ease of use in mind.

Petkin began in 1989 after it's founder David Goldberg, an animal lover, discovered that old fashioned pet care products were simply too messy to use and potentially harmful to pets. So David set out to make life easier for people and healthier for pets by developing a line of pet care products that were safer and easier to use.

10 years later, David decided to use the same principals of safety and convenience that proved so successful in the pet care industry and apply them to the baby care industry. David always believed that "pets were like babies that never grew up", so expanding into the baby care business was a natural step for the company.

Today Petkin offers an extensive line of easy to use pet care products and a growing line of easy to use baby care products all designed with quality and ease of use in mind.

Triple Pet
The Triple•Pet product line is a collection of products for the loving pet owner and their pets

All of our products are made in North America. That is in the USA and Canada. We do not manufacture in China or use Chinese ingredients..


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