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Angelic Cat
Developed by cat breeders and cat lovers who are intimately familiar with cats and their behaviors, our furniture meets the scratching, sleeping, exercise, and play needs of cats of all ages and abilities. We offer the best and largest selection of feline furniture anywhere, with over 140 models to choose from; and all of our pieces are made in the USA.  http://www.angelicalcat.com

Angels' Eyes
Angels' Eyes®. is the first product specifically developed for BOTH DOGS & CATS to eliminate unsightly tearstains from the inside out! Go From Tear To Clear™

Other products are topical requiring high maintenance and yet will only remove the tear stains temporarily causing it to return worse than before. Angels' Eyes®. also helps to eliminate staining around the mouth and their coats due to licking. Angels' Eyes®. starts working before the tear stains begin and never adds food dyes or wheat which can have negative effects on your pet. All of our ingredients are products of the USA.

Animals Essentials
Developed by leading experts in the field of holistic animal care, Animal Essentials supplements are made from the best natural ingredients available. Plus, all are safe and easy to use ... with flavors and aromas that appeal to most dogs and cats.  http://www.animalessentials.com

As dog lovers and experienced dog owners ourselves, we know that the condition of a dog’s skin and coat is frequently a reflection of overall health. Poor skin health can sometimes be traced to dietary insufficiencies or imbalances. Problems with the skin and coat are never just cosmetic. Symptoms such as hair loss, thinning coat, dullness, dry flaky skin, excessive scratching, thickened skin, infections, and odors can often be traced back to either a shortage or an excess of a specific nutrient. In fact, there is no more visible indicator of problems with your dog’s overall health than problems with the skin and coat. The right nutrients in the right proportions are indispensable to keeping your dog healthy.

As cat lovers and experienced cat owners ourselves, we know that the condition of a cat’s skin and fur is frequently a reflection of overall health. Poor skin health can sometimes be traced to dietary insufficiencies or imbalances. Problems with the skin and fur are never just cosmetic. Symptoms such as hair loss, thinning fur, dullness, dry flaky skin, excessive scratching, thickened skin, infections, and odors can often be traced back to either a shortage or an excess of a specific nutrient. In fact, there is no more visible indicator of problems with your cat’s overall health than problems with the skin and fur. The right nutrients in the right proportions are indispensable to keeping your cat healthy.

Cain and Able Collection
Our adventure started as a small bone of an idea way back in 2001, but with the support and enthusiasm of our family and friends – both human and canine, we decided to put the paws in motion and get our all natural products on store shelves and available to the public.

We never cut corners in quality, and we don’t think short term on anything that we do. We pay attention to the needs of our customers and their humans.

Citrus Magic
Everywhere you look you'll see where Beaumont Products touches the world we live in. Whether it's the highly effective hospital cleaner used in your doctor's office or the truly all-natural air freshener in your home bathroom, you'll be amazed where you might find us. When creating our products we focus on efficacy, value, and using safe, natural, and renewable resources whenever possible.  http://www.citrusmagic.com

Complete Natural Nutrition
In 2005, Complete Natural Nutrition set out to develop products that would make a significant difference in the daily lives of dogs and cats. We understood that pet parents did not need another treat, cookie, raw hide or body part to feed their companion pet. Rather, we set out to provide frustrated pet parents with treat solutions for their beloved pets; pets with specific health issues like diabetes, overweight, finicky, allergies or on restricted diets. We set out to provide discriminating pet parents, who read labels and who want US made, US sourced ingredients with the world's healthiest treats.  http://www.completenaturalnutrition.com

products literally wipe out infecting agents. They also treat those difficult-to-heal “hot spots.” A wide variety of skin diseases can be easily averted if DERMagic products are applied at the first sign of an itch, bite, cut or infection. DERMagic works where everything else fails. We guarantee it!  http://www.dermagic.com

Doggone Good!
Doggone Good! is owned and operated by Elizabeth Heyenga. Started in 1995, the company has grown to a full-scale manufacturing and mail order enterprise. I began by offering items I used and enjoyed in training, travel and play. Product design grew as customers gave me their wants and needs, and before long I had far more ideas than time!

I have a passion for design. Taking something from my mind's eye and making it reality is a very exciting process. Meeting demands for top flight equipment from trainers and enthusiasts is challenging and rewarding. I have been blessed with kind and interesting customers, many I now count as friends.

I am honored to be well-received and am a growing company, but like being a small business and focus on keeping the level of quality I demand and the "personal" touch I value alive and well. There are lots more ideas than time even now, and many more years of excitement to come.

Dun Craft
Our goal has been to build wonderful birdfeeders in our shop in Penacook, New Hampshire.  http://www.duncraft.com

Funny Fur
Urban Chic Designer Dog Clothes

Fashion forward styles for the pet fashionistas and discriminating fashion addicts. Pamper your pets with designer dog clothes, designer dog carriers, luxurious dog beds, novelty dog toys, organic shampoos, and other fashionable pet accessories.

GLC Direct
GLCDirect LLC is a privately held company and is the originator, manufacturer and distributor for the Patented and Trademarked GLC line of products. We are a long standing member of the Natrural Products Association and a proud participant in the NPA Truth in Labeling Program. Since our inception in 1999, GLC Direct has held a prestigious AAA rating with Dun and Bradstreet.

Our main goal is to provide the public with the absolute highest quality nutraceuticals and dietary supplements available. Exclusive distribution of the GLC Full Spectrum Formula is a fine example of our commitment in providing the consumer with clinically proven formulations and unequaled purity.

Happy Tails Spa
Launched in 2004, Los Angeles-based happytails sells and markets all-natural happytails spa products for the dog about town;

All our products are manufactured in an FDA approved lab with better than human quality ingredients to pamper, soothe and beautify today's harried hound.

We wouldn't use anything on our dogs tha we wouldn't use on ourselves.

Herbs n Pets
Herbs and natural medicines for pets.  http://www.herbsnpets.com

Kauffman's Animal Health, Inc
Kauffman's Animal Health, Inc. was founded in 1978 by Leon J. Kauffman as a small family oriented business with the intent to manufacture, package and market a line of nutritional supplements and premixes aimed at feed manufacturers and feed dealers.

The company is currently owned and operated by Dave and Tom Kauffman, with help from their father Leon, the founder of the company, and other family members. Including family members, the company currently employs ten full time employees. It is our employees that truly drive our company. Our low turnover and high employee loyalty are your guarantee of rock solid quality.

Made in the USA and a family owned business. The secret to our products is the simplistic approach we take in making them. We are a simple processor, meaning that we use the least amount of steps as possible during our manufacturing process. We want to retain as much of the natural benefits as we can. We do that by staying away from any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives  http://www.merrickpetcare.com

The Garmon Corporation manufactures the NaturVet®, GreenTree® and Pet Organics® lines of pet products. We specialize in manufacturing high quality natural products.

We offer natural alternatives to conventional drugs and pesticides that may cause harmful side effects.

Patio Pacific, Inc.
America's finest pet doors for over 35 years!

Patio Pacific, Inc, was incorporated in 1976 specifically to market a new type of pet door--the 'panel' pet door for sliding glass door. This new product, the 'Instant' Pet Door, was the first of it's kind to offer an adjustable height capability which was desperately needed because sliding glass door tracks are not all the same height. It is a tribute to Lucile, founder of the company, that she had the vision to see a need in the market and the initiative to start a company from scratch to meet that need.

Sadly, the new pet door suffered from poor engineering and was quickly eclipsed by other, better, brands. Patio Pacific continued, however, by selling those as well and moved toward specializing in pet doors only.

I purchased the company in 1984 and in about 1991 introduced the Thermo Panel, the worlds first dual-pane, insulated glass panel pet door. That patio panel was followed not long after by the Quick Panel, a single pane glass product with a 'spring-load' height adjustment making installation a breeze.

Though a major improvement over anything yet on the market, the Thermo Panel installation was more difficult than our customers liked and in 2002 I introduced the Thermo Panel II which incorporated a spring loaded height adjustment similar to but better than the Quick Panel making installation quite simple. Then the Quick Panel was upgraded to the Quick Panel II by incorporating the new, improved height adjustment. These projects benefited greatly from the help of a talented local design and manufacturing engineer, Scott Ganaja, who was able to upgrade us from 'home-made' to the top tier of finely engineered and manufactured products.

Peak Performance Nutrients
Peak Performance Nutrients Inc. manufacturers premium quality, effective equine supplements for performance horses without fillers and sugars.  http://www.peakperformancenutrients.com

Petkin Inc. is an innovative California based consumer products company founded in 1989 on the key principle of making better products that are easier to use. Every product Petkin develops must pass two very simple yet important tests before ever being sold: one, is the quality of the product the best it can possibly be and two, is the product easy to use. Currently, Petkin offers an extensive line of easy to use pet care products and a growing line of easy to use baby care products all designed with quality and ease of use in mind.

Petkin began in 1989 after it's founder David Goldberg, an animal lover, discovered that old fashioned pet care products were simply too messy to use and potentially harmful to pets. So David set out to make life easier for people and healthier for pets by developing a line of pet care products that were safer and easier to use.

10 years later, David decided to use the same principals of safety and convenience that proved so successful in the pet care industry and apply them to the baby care industry. David always believed that "pets were like babies that never grew up", so expanding into the baby care business was a natural step for the company.

Today Petkin offers an extensive line of easy to use pet care products and a growing line of easy to use baby care products all designed with quality and ease of use in mind.

PetzLife Oral Care Spray & PetzLife Oral Care Gel work fast and naturally to remove plaque and tartar on dogs and cats. It also safely kills bacteria on contact, helping to eliminate bad breath.  http://www.petzlife.com

Planet Dog
Over the past several years, we have evolved into an award-winning, socially responsible, values-based design house.

The fire in our belly is to concept, innovate and develop premium products "made for dog, by dog lovers" all the while being fully dedicated to satisfying both you and your best friend's needs.

You buy pet food for its nutrition, but your pet probably isn’t absorbing enough of it. Absorption rates can be lower than 30%. So you pay big money for nutrition, but your pet doesn’t get it. Your pet may suffer as a result. PROZYME® is proven to increase the absorption of vital nutrients, including essential fatty acids, by up to 71%. This increased absorption provides natural relief from the following difficulties, just ask your veterinarian about this highly specialized enzyme formula  http://www.prozymeproducts.com

Puppy Stairs
This company was formed because we at Puppy Stairs have a desire to help animals by enabling them to live a better quality of life. We are happy to present a product that not only helps pets who are injured, elderly or have developed bone and joint diseases; our product helps prevent injury.  http://www.puppystairs.com

SNAPWARE® Airtight Canisters
SNAPWARE® Airtight Canisters are designed to keep dry food fresher far longer than traditional plastic containers. Shatterproof Flexiglass® provides an oxygen barrier 40 times greater than other plastics to keep moisture and air out. Convenient Snap Lock lids open and close easily, and are fitted with a special silicone seal to ensure airtight storage.

Snap N Serve™ All Purpose Food Storage
Snap ‘N Serve™ is food storage that’s stylish enough to serve from on your dining room table and strong enough to go from freezer to microwave to dishwasher. Innovative Snap Lock lids keep your favorite foods fresh. These containers are shatterproof and stainproof, and they stack in the refrigerator and nest in the pantry to save your valuable space.

Make-A-Gift™ Containers
Homemade cookies, candies and other treats are even more appreciated in a SNAPWARE® Make-A-Gift® container. It’s the perfect way to give a gift that will be enjoyed long after the occasion. Simply fill the container and address the included gift tag.

Pet Treat Jars
Pets enjoy fresh treats just as much as people do. That’s why SNAPWARE® has created a line of airtight jars, specifically designed to keep your four-legged pals’ treats as fresh as the day you bought them.

Snap ‘N Stack Seasonal Storage
SNAPWARE® Snap ‘N Stack Seasonal Storage boxes have patented Snap Lock trays that protect all your valuable seasonal items and make decorating easy. Trays unlock so you can see all your items at the same time, and then stack for space saving storage.

The Honest Kitchen
We love what we do, and we hope your animal companions will love it, too! We take pride in preparing fresh, healthy products that make a meaningful difference in pets' lives and in our world.

The Honest Kitchen provides natural & organic pet food.

The Spectrum Group
Since it’s inception in 1989, Spectrum Labs has been committed to providing the very best in vet allergy testing. Having performed hundreds of thousands of tests, we are dedicated to utilizing and improving on available testing methods, which gave rise to our unique patented SPOT testing technology. This technology provides the highest specificity and sensitivity to our results. By doing this and keeping our focus on our clients, and their patients, we have secured our place at the forefront of our industry.

Veterinarians currently serviced by Spectrum Labs reside in all 50 states as well as more than 30 countries around the globe.

Triple Pet
The Triple•Pet product line is a collection of products for the loving pet owner and their pets

All of our products are made in North America. That is in the USA and Canada. We do not manufacture in China or use Chinese ingredients..

Urine Gone!
Find out why millions use Urine Gone™. Urine Gone™ effectively removes new or old stains and odors from carpets, mattresses, furniture. Urine Gone™ works just about any washable surface or fabric! Just darken the room and use the included Urine Gone™ "stain detector" black light to show urine messes. Spray Urine Gone™ on and let it dry. Urine Gone’s™ enzyme action immediately goes to work. Making stains and odors disappear, Urine Gone™ keeps pets from re-marking their territory. Clean and deodorize with Urine Gone™. Urine Gone™ makes odors go away. Urine Gone™ isn’t only for pet messes! Use Urine Gone™ in the bathroom too!  

US Bones
USBones.com was developed to support our Rewards Fundraising program through online sales.

Rewards Fundraising originated when we realized just how many groups were interested in using our gift baskets for their fundraising events.

As parents and pet owners, we realized we needed to be using our own homegrown products to support the fundraising efforts of schools and animal shelters. And, so we did.

Walking your dog at night can be risky. Dark-colored dogs especially can be hard to see by moonlight - especially to drivers already overwhelmed by other traffic, street lights, signage, cell phones, and other distractions.

The Dog VizVest from Warntex USA keeps your pet safe by making it easy to see. The flourescent orange and yellow stripes are reflective to make them stand out. And the washable vest is made of 100% Polytex TM for lasting durability.

The Dog VizVest is easy to apply on and comfortable for your dog.

The Dog VizVest is Patent Pending


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