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Powell Decks are manufactured in our Santa Barbara skateboard factory so we can optimize every element of the manufacturing proces.  http://www.powellskateboards.com

Our on-line catalogue features products you just gotta have right now. Most of the items you'll find here are Half Ass Expeditions originals, created and/or manufactured by Tim Novak and the Half Ass Expeditions team. All the products in this catalogue are made with pride in the United States of America.

WE INVENT THINGS... HAE provides the world with the cool products you probably really want RIGHT NOW! We are the creators of the Skateluge, gravity powered Thrills! We also came up with Flink, Thax, Mountain Climb and a dice game called Blisters. We also enjoy the Gravity Sport thrills of Streetluging, Buttboarding and Longboarding. Half Ass Expedtions will continue to bring the cool stuff to you


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