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Acme Lures
For over five decades, fishermen have equated the name Acme with quality in metal fishing lures; quality of design, components and finish. Our motto "designed to catch fish, not fishermen" is as true today as when our company was started by Art Lavallee in 1950.
All Acme lures are extensively field-tested by expert fishermen. When we recommend a specific lure for trout, bass, pike or walleye, it will catch them.

As fishermen, we realize a lure must not only cause fish to strike, it must also be able to hook and hold 'em. We use the finest stainless steel split rings and world-famous Mustad hooks that strike deep and hold fast.

Ardent is a 100% American-owned company that designs and manufactures fishing reels and fishing reel accessories that are made in the USA.

Ardent is located in Macon, Missouri and is proud to be the only Made in the U.S.A. manufacturer of casting and spinning reels.

Ardent was founded on the principle of creating high performance fishing reels that can endure the test of time, and to fulfill this vision Ardent designs and manufactures every reel and accessory at our Macon, Missouri facility. In addition, every Ardent reel is hand assembled and performance tested prior to shipment and is backed by the industry best 3 year warranty to ensure you enjoy years of great performance from your reels. Compared to other reels that are foreign produced and only offer a 1 year warranty, your Ardent reel is the best value you can buy.

Bag Depot
Welcome to our online store where we strive to be your premier source for all your bag and accessory needs. Whether it's hiking, skiing, hunting or traveling for a day or a week, we have the bags and accessories that you need to enjoy your outdoor experience. We specialize in bringing you functional and quality bags and gear at affordable prices. Enjoy our online store and save with great warehouse pricing and value on everything.  http://www.bagdepot.com

Edge Maker Pro
the power house of cutting, even the dullest hardest knives ,as you move down thru the grits,the blades get polished to a razor sharp edge,you will love this set ! GUARANTEED FOR ONE YEAR!  http://www.edgemakerpro.com

Ferguson Knives
LEE FERGUSON and his wife LINDA FERGUSON are both knifemakers. Each has their own style, and each handcrafts their own knives completely. We offer many different kinds of custom knives. All are handmade from the finest materials available that are suitable for the use of the knife.

The WOODCARVING KNIVES are handmade with tool steel blades and rosewood handles. They come pre-sharpened---ready to use. These knives hold an edge well and are easy to maintain. Most can be shipped within a few days, and shipping is FREE on woodcarving knives.

Gary Yamamoto
Team Yamamoto Tip of the Day

27 January 2009 - Physics ‘n’ Fishin’

When you have a few minutes sometime, go out in the backyard, and flip a bait you usually use, out in the grass. Then, lay an old sheet over the bait and about 1/3 of the line. Now, go back and pick up your rod, and “work” the bait just like you would fishing. Check the location of the bait after a few “bumps,” “lifts,” or whatever movement you’re using. It’s at least an even bet that the bait has moved 3 times farther than it did in your mind’s eye. Most of us regulate our bait movement by how our hand movement feels, and don’t allow for the amplification of the length of the rod. Move your hands an inch, and the rod tip may move a foot, depending on length. Remember to watch your rod tip to tell how much you’re moving the bait, even when you’re practicing in the back yard. No, especially when you’re practicing in the back yard. - Al Pugh

Grandt Industries
ll rods are made in the USA with the finest components available and come with a Lifetime Warranty. The blanks are designed by a former Heddon Rod Company designer Jim Grandt to the exact specifications. The Production Line Custom features are no doubt the finest in the world. All designs are unique fast action, with extreme high modulus material. The fibers used are all high strain graphite utilizing the thinner wall diameters and reducing weight in the rod blanks.  http://www.grandtrods.com

Handmade Fish Hooks
GAC Design Inc. is a company that produces giant fishing hooks and related products intended for decorative use. The company founder, Gary Cumro is a mechanical engineer with 20 years experience in product design and development with emphasis in machine design, metal forming and machined parts.

The company was founded after he decided to combine his interests in metal work and fishing to create a giant fish hook. The goal of the company is to create original products using a combination of art, engineering, and blacksmithing techniques.

Igloo Online Store
Igloo products are for picnics, parties, barbeques, lunches, beverages, camping, fishing, hunting, and more!  http://www.igloo-store.com

Johnson Outdoors
While the world's economy was faltering in the late 1960's, Sam understood that when the going gets tough, people like to get away from it all in the great outdoors. In 1970, he created Johnson Outdoors, bringing together a family of brands that reflected his entrepreneurial spirit, love of outdoor adventure and passion for quality products. Brands like Minn Kota®, the world's first electric fishing motor, and Old Town Canoe®, the brand that gave birth to the plastic boat industry under Sam's leadership.  http://www.johnsonoutdoors.com

Lake Clear Wabbler
No. 1 Lake Clear Wabbler ~
This the original wobbling spoon, is designed for taking Lake Trout-trolling at a slow speed with a narrow strip of fish belly or worms. This lure is also available with two-hook gang tested to 40 lbs. blade length 3 1/4inches.

Leland's Lures
It is our goal at Leland's Lures to make trout and crappie enthusiasts the best fishermen on the stream. If you have any questions or comments about our products, our company, or this website, please feel free to contact us.  http://www.lelandslures.com

Neumann & Bennetts
We have been manufacturing since 1956. Home of the Original Plasti-Duk Decoys, Plasti-Fenders which are our Non-Toxic Boat and Docks Fenders, Marker Buoys, Plasti-Products which are our Non-Toxic Knobby Dummies, Puppy Duks, Squeaky Puppy Duks, Ded-Duks just to name a few. Our products we manufacture are made in the USA.  http://plasti-duk.com

Plano Molding Co.
Plano introduced the first plastic tool box ever in 1981 to a metal-dominated industry. Plastic would go on to dominate the industry.

Plano ventured into the fashion/cosmetic industry with the introductino of Caboodles organizers.

Plano re-invented the cabinet business in 2000 with an easy-to-assembly modular product that could be used into thehome as well as the garage.

~2008-2009 Sport Show Schedule
View our 2008-2009 Sport Show Schedule! The perfect places to view the full line of 2009 Sage fly rods and new fly reels. Casting ponds available!

~Sage joins forces with Redington and Rio to Save Bristol Bay
Sage has teamed up with Redington and Rio to offer a very special, limited edition rod, reel and fly line package as a fundraiser for Trout Unlimited - Alaska. Check out Redington's site for more details

~Guide Spacing For All 2008 Models Added
Click here to view the newly added Guide Spacing charts, This is an excellent resource for rod builders designing their rod with a Sage blank.

Squid Bars Co.
Squid Bars Co. is a professional manufacturer of Squid bars, Daisy Chains, and Offshore Leaders.

We are located in Massachusetts and regularly receive custom orders and repairs of any Squid Bar type product.

We make Squid Bars and Daisy Chains suitable for all size fish and gear; trolling with 20# rod and reel to 130# rod and reel. These rigs are used World Wide by professional charter captains and recreational high liners.

Our Squid Bars and Daisy Chains are proven to catch every thing from Striped Bass to Giant Bluefin Tuna.

Zap Lures
Each ZAP LURE ® is hand made one at a time, only from the very finest american made component products available! Each line of product has been field tested by tournament fishermen, fishing guides, and charter boat captains to meet their demanding requirements. The folks who test our products catch fish for a living. We all need the edge that our products give them! Custom hooks/hand honed to a razor edge, or, chemically sharpened, to insure more and better hook ups. More flash and more vibration; insures more fish attraction. All ZAP LURES ® are pre-tuned and ready to tie on and fish right from the package, meaning more time to fish and less time wasted getting ready.

We don't claim that ZAP LURES ® are the 'prettiest' lures made! They aren't meant to be! They are simply the "very best made" lures on the market today! In product quality, there are none better! In fish catching ability, they can not be beaten! And at their reasonable price, they are impossible to top! And do they catch fish; lots of fish! They outlast and out perform the competition every time! The ZAP Custom Lure Company prides itself at being able to offer what no one else can, or does, a custom made product at a reasonable down-to-earth price.

Without having options your gear has limitations built into them. We engineered a reel system that allows you to switch from a light weight to a medium or heavy weight reel without the cost of purchasing multiple reels. Our new saltwater reels can also be converted from a right-hand to a left-hand fishing reel, single to dual roller or a bail systems. Even the handle has options.  http://www.zeebaas.com


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