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Bookadoo’s come in hilarious magazines and unique children’s books. But what makes it exceptional? Not only textual personalization characterizes a Bookadoo, but your picture is embedded in each and every page of the book too. In the Funny Magazines you will be reinvented in a personalized glossy by utilizing your picture in both its editorials and advertisements.

It’s more than just pasting a picture. We studiously clip your head from the picture and embed it on the model in the book. This way you will not only recognize yourself, friend, partner or child, the subject becomes the centre of attention in this story. A truly wonderful gift for an adult who already has all it desires and a unique children’s book that will be read over and over again . All that’s required is a proper picture of the future leading role.

Bowtie Press
elcome to BowTie Press! We're the book division of BowTie, Inc., the largest publisher of pet magazines such as Cat Fancy and Dog Fancy, and the power behind the hottest web site for pet lovers — AnimalNetwork.com.

BowTie Press has a collection of fun books devoted to the joy, care, understanding and history of companion animals. Our mission is to publish books that enhance the understanding and relationship between people and their pets. Each fact-filled book is sometimes playful, sometimes heartwarming, always informative and always fun to read. From mass market paperbacks to beautifully illustrated, high-quality coffee table books, BowTie Press is bound to have pet books that are just right for you.

Center for Independent Publishing
The NYCIP’s annual signature programs include: the Independent and Small Press Book Fair ; National Small Press Month, and its host of reading marathons, lectures, and publishing workshops; the New York Round Table Writers’ Conference; and the series, Emerging Voices: Writers Published by Groundbreaking Independent Presses. In addition to such public programs, beginning in the fall of 2007, the Center will also be giving a yearly NYCIP Award to a publisher who has made an outstanding contribution to the field of independent publishing.

With its ever-expanding calendar of events, and by offering extensive publisher membership benefits, the NYCIP will continue to grow as the go-to place for independent publishers seeking to network with each other, as well as with industry insiders, while gaining a more competitive edge in today's marketplace. For more details on membership benefits, and to join, click here.

Children's Books Made in the USA
I've only included links to books I found that are printed or manufactured in the USA (this took some searching!). Other books sold at Amazon may be manufactured elsewhere, including China.  http://toysmadeinamerica.com/books.html

Flatten Me
It takes 1.5-2 weeks to receive your personalized book or cards. All you need to order your personalized item is one photo of your child looking straight into the camera. We can work with any skin color and hair length to make your child’s personalized book magical.  http://www.flattenme.com

Four Ingredient Cookbook
You will be amazed at the great tasting dishes you can easily create in your kitchen with only four ingredients! All five of The Four Ingredient Cookbooks®, by Linda Coffee and Emily Cale, help busy people conserve time, energy and money while preparing.  http://www.fouringredientcookbook.com

I See Me!, Inc.
As seen in People magazine, our personalized children's books make unique baby gifts, birthday and holiday gifts for newborns and children through age 12.

We offer a 100% satisfied or it's free guarantee, with your money back if you don't receive a glowing response from the recipient.

Our storybooks are a favorite baby gift among A-list celebrities, including Courteney Cox and Brooke Shields!

I've only included links to those I SPY books I found that are printed or manufactured in the USA (this took some searching!). Other I SPY books sold at Amazon may be manufactured elsewhere, including China.  http://toysmadeinamerica.com/ispy.html

Maple Springs
Maple Springs Farms is a small working farm situated in the dairy country of north-central Pennsylvania. Nestled amongst the Armenia mountain range, the water and air are fresh and pure, offering an ideal area to produce our quality products.

Most of our products are all natural and always fresh. We offer handcrafted soaps, maple syrup, health and beauty care items made with pure refined emu oil, custom embroidered wedding gifts, custom embroidered baby gifts, custom embroidered anniversary gifts, nature, dog and wildlife limited edition art prints and books and everything else in association with Amazon.com.

Midnight the Cow
You’ve read how Midnight learned about sharing. Now, young children will get to join Midnight in her new experiences in Midnight the Cow Learns About Cooperation! Karen & Lara join forces again, producing the second in the Midnight the Cow book series teaching young children good character traits.  http://www.midnightthecow.com

Northeast Model Products
NORTHEAST MODEL PRODUCTS INC. is a Maine based producer of wood and metal kits. Our first kit, for a radio controlled model sailboat, was introduced in 1972. The business grew and was incorporated in 1981. Today, NORTHEAST MODEL PRODUCTS INC. manufactures over one hundred different kits.

The kits include all the necessary parts, stainless & brass wire, cast fittings, full size plans and simple instructions. Complete listings of all kits under each of the trade names is available from NORTHEAST MODEL PRODUCTS INC. which can be accessed by mail, phone, fax, and e-mail.

Small Press
As major publishing houses are consolidating, contracting, and groaning under the weight of returns and operating costs, small independent publishers are thriving. Driven primarily by a desire to publish what interests them, what they believe in, this de  http://www.smallpress.org

Treble Heart Books
Hello, and welcome to Treble Heart Books. I first conceived the idea for this company in 1991, when I developed my logo for this purpose. However, I was still working at a daytime job, writing books and operating Lee's Creative services. The time wasn't right for me to take on any more commitments.

However, we plan to grow Treble Heart Books very slowly, so that we do not become overwhelmed and ineffective. For that reason we will accept only a small number of manuscripts per month to consider. This doorstop must be placed in the interest of keeping the company healthy and operating smoothly. Your books will need to have outstanding potential to be considered. There is no other way to say it. Write the very best book you can, follow our guidelines and style sheet to the letter and we''ll do our best to make your dreams come true.

Xlibris is one of the pioneers of the print-on-demand publishing services industry, and still leads the way today. One of our founding principles, dating back to when we were newly incorporated and making books out of a basement office, is that authors should have control over their work. This principle still stands today as we help hundreds of authors every month publish their work in the manner and form that they envision.

Giving authors control is why we don’t take rights and why we’re nonexclusive. This means that you can achieve publication with us and offer your work to publishers and agents. And if you are one of the fortunate few, you can immediately go with your new publisher with no strings attached. Xlibris is here to provide services that help you succeed as a writer.

Xlibris has been publishing books for more than a decade with the same CEO at the helm. With over 20,000 titles now in print for over 15,000 authors, you can count on Xlibris’ extensive experience to provide dependable, long-term, individualized support through the publishing process and in the years that follow.


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