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Aerospace America
Aerospace America, Inc. is located in beautiful BAY CITY, MICHIGAN. We continue to be recognized as one of the forerunners in manufacturing air filtration equipment for Indoor Air Quality. Since 1981 Aerospace continues to listen to its customers by changing and supplying the most up to date air filtration equipment.

Aerospace America, Inc. is proud to say all of our products are MADE IN USA. Aerospace has met the demands of its customers. From September 11, 2001 to the hurricanes of Florida in 2004. We continue to step up to the plate and do what is necessary to take care of our customers and meet their requirements.

Air Oasis
All Air Oasis units are assembled in our Amarillo, Texas facilities. Being an American-based company, owned by an American corporation, Oasis Enterprises, is paramount to the owners Jon Bennert and Dr. Jeff Bennert PhD. Having patent-pending, state of the art technology assembled and fabricated in the USA, is your guarantee of quality and assurance.  http://www.airoasis.com

Better Air
We make products for a better lifestyle for both your home and work environments. Our Sun Aire™ Ductless Furnaces are a safe, economical way to heat your home or office with clean, comfortable radiant heat.

Our Sun Aire™ Air Purifiers are available in residential and commercial models to clean your air of harmful bacteria, fungi, molds & mildew while removing offensive odors from the air you breathe and alleviating allergy and asthma symptoms.

Replace the expensive, disposable filter in your central air unit with our permanent HVAC Filter and start breathing easier as you rid the air flowing through your home or office of harmful bacteria and fungal spores.

Better Living means better air, better heat, better savings, a better lifestyle!

CCP Industries
ccpindustries®, established in 1921 in Cleveland, Ohio is a diversified manufacturer and distributor of high quality non-woven and woven wiping cloths, cleaning, and safety products.

A leader in the industrial sales market, ccpindustries® is the recognized authority on disposable wiping products, cleaning supplies and protection products. We sell to over 100,000 satisfied customers in the industrial and service industries throughout the United States.

Indoor air is three times as toxic as outdoor air.

According to the EPA, indoor air is one of the top five hazards to human health. With a safer paint remover you can remove paint in the smallest of spaces.

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Connecticut Screen Works
Connecticut Screen Works, Inc. is a manufacturer of insect screen panels for use in porches and other large opening applications.

Our manufacturing is focused towards higher end, very high quality, products that are well above the market standard in terms of quality of finished goods and quality of base materials.

Our manufacturing specialty is aggressively large insect screen panels.

We invite you to learn more about the Dacor family and our extraordinary cooking appliances. Together, we'll bring life into your kitchen and warmth into your home.  http://www.dacor.com/default.aspx

EcoQuest International
EcoQuest International was established in January of 2000 on a 15-year history of proven, pioneering success in the air purification industry. Recognizing the need to make the entire indoor environments safer, the EcoQuest team quickly established multiple product lines to address the many aspects of living and working indoors. Using principles found in nature, EcoQuest uses technologies to duplicate natural processes indoors, and entrusts our family of Independent Dealers to share them with the world.

EcoQuest has over 450 employees in East TN and they do everything they can to build all of the products in the USA, by Americans who live and work in The USA.


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