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A Journey of the Heart
Each month or so, new creations are designed by Chris Miller. These creations include our exclusive "Made In America" products. Amoung them are our lovely 14 inch collectible dolls and our extraordinary line of 14 inch doll clothing. We are now offering clothing ensembles for the popular 7 1/2 inch and 11 inch dolls (including Bitty Bethany, Riley and Bleuette) under our new Fancy Frocks line. Each of our offerings are designed with love by Chris Miller and created at our Journey Studio located here in Pennsylvania. We are proud to say that our products are completely "Made in America". Although we would love to have you as a member of our growing collector family, membership is not a requirement to make purchases. To become a member and to receive a monthly mailing of our new 14 inch line of dolls and clothing you may register now.  http://www.chrismillerdolls.com

Adorable Doll Clothes
Our Adorable Doll Clothes store features doll clothes and doll accessories to fit a variety of dolls.

Our Adorable Doll Clothes store features doll clothes and doll accessories to fit dolls such as the 18 inch American Girl® , Ashton - Drake® , Baby Alive® Dolls , Bitty Baby® , Berenguer® , Cabbage Patch® , Corolle® , Dora The Explorer® , Effenbee® , Lissi® , Gotz® , My Twinn® , Bitty Twins® , Little Mommy® , My Twinn Baby® , My Twinn Cuddly Brother® , My Twinn Cuddly Sister® , Baby Annabel® , Apple Valley® , Lee Middleton® Dolls , Lee Middleton Newborn Baby® , Lee Middleton Newborn Wonder® , Lee Middleton Small Wonder® , Lee Middleton Playtime Wonder® , Madame Alexander Little Huggums® , Madame Alexander Victoria® , Little Snookums® , Magic Attic® , Terri Lee® Baby , Wild Planet Water Babies® , Unbelievably Soft Baby™ , Zapf Baby Born® , Zapf Chou Chou® , Porcelain dolls and most baby dolls sizes 9" to 24".

Adorable Kinders
Here at GRANZA Inc., we are committed to providing quality safe toys and rag dolls made in USA. Our Adorable Kinders® Rag Dolls are soft dolls with a unique theme and designed-in features as explained in the “Our Rag Dolls” section of this website. Our Friendly Pillows® are also toys made in USA.  http://dorablekinders.com

Applehead Dolls
It is not known for sure how long apple dolls have been made. We do know they go back to the l800’s and the pioneers. It is possible they were first made by Native Americans.

I have been making apple dolls for twenty-eight years from Golden Delicious apples. I enjoy the different personalities that appear from the dried apple. The color of the apple will darken over time and will bring a new character to the doll.

Childhood Fantasies
Your response to the Jennifer Esteban mold and pattern line has been well received. I was glad I was able to make it available once more. It was very nice to meet many of you at the shows I attended as well as speaking to you on the phone and corresponding via email. We are now the home of three mold and patterns lines: Ali Hansen's mold and pattern line, Jennifer Esteban Originals molds and pattern line and I just recently also purchased Klowns by Kay mold and pattern line - original artist: Kay McKee. I have been very lax in getting Jennifer's information on the website (thank you for those who keep nudging me to update the site). Kay's information will follow after I get Jennifer's information completed. I will be working on acquiring other lines as they become available.  http://www.childhoodfantasies.com

Chris Miller Dolls
This site is dedicated to the fans of Chris Miller. A Journey of the Heart is the celebration of the artistry of the award-winning doll designer Chris Miller. Many of you who collect her creations are certainly aware of the quality, love and emotion that goes into each one of her designs. This unique club was created to keep her heartfelt artistry alive to those who have loved and enjoyed her work through out the years. We would love to have you as a member of our collector family.  http://www.chrismillerdolls.com/

"Here you will find a fun collection of dolls and handbags looking for homes with gentle hearts like you!! "  http://www.coconutannies.com

Creative Rag Dolls by Bonnie
I offer a large variety of Quality Handcrafted Rag Dolls, and many other unique and original gifts at reasonable prices.

Everything is Homemade, No patterns are used. Each Doll is numbered, dated, and signed for originality.

All of my "custom' dolls are made upon request to meet your specifications.

Dolls by Jerri
Dolls by Jerri has been based in Charlotte, NC since its inception. All dolls are produced in the United States of America, Charlotte, NC. Jerri and her husband Jim are committed to the best quality dolls available on the market today. She states, that without Jim running the business, Dolls by Jerri would not be here today.

Jerri does all the sculpting herself and paints the majority of dolls as well. The costumes are designed by Jerri and produced here in the United States as evidenced by the fine workmanship and the fullness of laces and fabrics.

Even though Jerri is past retirement age, her love for dolls continues to be the important factor in her business career. "By giving a person something to love, it is my hope they will share this love everywhere" states Jerri.

Dolls by Jerri
Dolls by Jerri has been based in Charlotte, NC since its inception. All dolls are produced in the United States of America.

Jerri McCloud has been creating dolls since the early '70's. She is the winner of numerous awards from DOLL READER'S DOTY AWARDS as well as from DOLLS MAGAZINE, DOLL AWARD OF EXCELLENCE.

The award she loves the most is having won the very first Doll Award ever, THE DOTY AWARD, in 1985 with Scottie--MANUFACTURER'S ARTIST DOLL AWARD. Scottie was the twin brother of Emily, 1984, that changed dolls forever! Emily with the first commercial doll that introduced real children images into dolls.

She was a people doll, not a "doll doll". Jerri's definition of a "doll doll" is one that does not resemble a person, just a toy. From that point on, artists everywhere started creating dolls that had real children features as did Emily.

Dolls by Margie
Welcome to Dolls By Margie! The home of beautiful porcelain dolls.

My dolls are all handcrafted. They are made right here in Mercersburg, PA out of the finest materials available. The dolls are 28” tall with porcelain heads, arms and legs, which are made from the best porcelain, poured into molds and fired in a kiln. Their bodies are made cloth. Each doll is dressed in a different outfit individually designed for that doll. Their outfits are all hand made. Each doll is truly a unique creation.

Please look through my collection and see if any of my dolls might be of interest to you. They are all available to a good home.

Downi Creations
The only collectible-quality dolls created with the realistic features of children with Down Syndrome.

When Donna Moore, the founder of Downi Creations, Inc. worked as a Special Education teacher and program administrator, she was aware of the problem every day. In the average Special Education classroom, children with Down syndrome represent a large percentage of the students. (Statistics confirm that one in 800 births worldwide is a Down syndrome birth.) In spite of these facts, there still exists surprisingly little educational support or public awareness programs to help the families or the general public to better understand and deal positively with people with Down syndrome.

Down Syndrome Originals© were created to help close this troubling knowledge gap. Each doll was carefully designed to reflect the special beauty of babies with Down syndrome by faithfully representing the 13 features of Down syndrome:

Downi Creations
The only collectible-quality dolls created with the realistic features of children with Down Syndrome  http://www.downicreations.com

Fun Felt
Story Time Felts offers the very finest in felt board stories and visual aids for learning. Strict attention is paid to the quality as well as the educational value of each product. We carry an extensive line of educational felt board story sets and non-denominational religious felts as well as dress-up dolls, felt activity books, finger plays, puppets, and audio story and song CDs for preschool through school aged children.  http://www.funfelt.com/

Magnetic Paper Dolls
These original refrigerator dress-up dolls are inspired by classic paper doll designs. Choose from our 18 different designs to give a charming, sentimental gift to adults, or a delightful, memorable toy for children.

Magnetic paper dolls are lovely as a decoration or as a toy. Liven any metallically adherent appliance such as a filing cabinet, refrigerator, washer or dryer. What a great waiting room, office or kitchen toy! They require no clean up and virtually no space. Use magnetic paint to turn an entire wall into a playing surface, or buy one of our blank magnetic playing boards that can be colored, customized and personalized into the perfect travel toy for the car, train or plane.

Maine Toys
“Lead Free Toys” The current news frenzy about lead and other chemicals being found in children’s toys has many parents and grandparents concerned for their kids’ safety.

Mainetoys.com is the internet arm of the Different Drummer Workshop, handcrafters of high quality and natural finished wooden toys for kids since 1973.

Martin Doll Houses
Barbie Size Dollhouse kits, Heirloom Toys dollhouse, Fashion Doll, Barbie size. These are Dollhouses that children can play with and are true Toy Heirlooms that will be handed down from one generation to the next.  http://www.martindollhouses.com

Natural Pod
As parents we found it increasingly difficult to find quality natural play items that supported creative and imaginative play. During our search, we soon realized that many parents shared our passion.  http://www.naturalpod.com

Nico & Zoe
Our inspiration is our children. As parents, we are always on the lookout for quality, locally made, funky toys, while still getting a good value for your money.
We have a section of products made only here in the USA.

Pamela and Stacy are the moms and owners of Nico & Zoe. Pamela (Mother of Zoe) comes from an Interactive Design/Graphic design background. After working in the industry for over 14 years, she began her own interactive design company, RM Design.

Stacy (Mother of Nico) has an education and retail background. Stacy worked in the retail toy business for three years, as a teacher for seven years, and is now tutoring children and adults. In her spare time, she is buying, selling, and boxing up toys!

About a year ago, Pam had the idea to make soft dolls. Stacy wanted to do something new. Thus came the idea for Zoe Babies and Nico & Zoe. Now, we are working hard to bring the best toys to you!

Rag Dolls
Creative Rag Dolls by Bonnie

Hello and Welcome! I offer a large variety of Quality Handcrafted Rag Dolls, and many other unique and original gifts at reasonable prices.

Everything is Homemade, No patterns are used. Each Doll is numbered, dated, and signed for originality. All of my "custom' dolls are made upon request to meet your specifications

Seasons Natural Toys
Seasons Natural Toys is dedicated to inspiring and expanding Children's imagination and love of nature by creating enchanting wee worlds where imaginary play has no boundaries.  http://www.seasonsnaturaltoys.com

Sock Monkey Doll Creations
If you love Rockfor red-heel sock monkey dolls, or know someone else who does, or just want to "monkey around," this site is for you!  http://www.sockmonkeylady.com

Teddy Bear Artists
Artist bears designed and made by teddy bear artists from all over America are featured in our Gallery below. Dolls, birds and other pals are found too! All of our bears as well as their pals are hand made teddy bears. We have bears and pals made from various mohairs, and real fur bears from recycled fur coats, as well as other materials.  http://www.teddy-bear-artists.com

Three Crazy Monkeys, LLC
Like many parents of young children we found ourselves surrounded by toys. We began to realize that the quality of many of these toys was poor and some toys were even unsafe and were recalled! We also realized that about 95% of the children's toys in our house were made in China. We began looking for toys that were not made in China. After much searching we found many wonderful toys that are made right here in the USA.

Combining our experiences as an engineer, teacher, and stay at home mom of three, we formed Three Crazy Monkeys, LLC to provide a one-stop shopping experience for the Best Toys Made in the USA.

We are proud to offer only extraordinary toys made in the USA.

Uniquely Me Handcrafts
Soft as a pillow and perfect for snuggling up with. Each doll is
custom made to your specifications. Each doll is unique - there
are no 2 dolls alike in the world. Each doll is 12"-17" in length and
filled with non-allergenic soft cloud polyfill. Clothing is
non-detachable. Hands are stationery. You specify boy or girl,
skin color and hair color. Each Peek-A-Boo Baby Baby is uniquely
dressed and arrives with an Adoption Certificate.

Whendi's Bears
I specialize in handmade Vintage & Whimsical style mohair teddy bears, pandas, rabbits, elephants and now dogs too! All my designs are original and created by me.

I strive to make each piece look wonderfully distressed and aged. I try to achieve the look of an old primitive antique toy, as if they were just found in an old attic trunk after many years!

Each piece is handmade the traditional way by award winning artist Wendy Meagher (pronounced 'Mahar'). They are made to look old and time-worn, using only the finest materials such as German and English mohair, wood wool for filling, German glass eyes or antique shoe buttons, fully jointed bodies and aged leather, wool or mohair for paw pads. Often, vintage clothing, fabrics, trims and accessories are used


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