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  Rocking Horses

A Rocking Horse to Love
Handcrafted in the USA

Grandparents – Surprise your grandchildren. A rocking horse from Grandma or Grandpa will be their favorite gift!

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Flexible Flyer
Flexible Flyer is the largest American manufacturer of consumer swing sets and hobby horses - all of which are Manufactured in the USA.  http://www.flexible-flyer.com

The Woodchuck
We are an American owned and operated Woodwowrking site. We are located in Buckingham, Virginia, in the HEART of Virginia.

I am a retired Air Force Officer who along with my wife of over 42 years is offering custom-made fine wood specialties.

We believe in the "Buy American" ideal and support that in our purchases.

Wooden Toys
Fine woodworking has been my living for the past 32 years and a family tradition for more than a century, starting with my great grandfather in the Black Forest. Upon completing his cabinetmaking apprenticeship he sailed to America in 1867. Here he taught and worked with his son, my grandfather. I see the results of their partnership in the ornate wood interiors of many churches and public buildings in my home town, Danville, Illinois.

One hundred years later, I continue their tradition in fine hardwood toys. My apprenticeship began in my father's basement workshop and ended with a degree in Forest Science and Design at the University of Illinois. But, it was really the following years in my Danville storefront workshop that taught me how to make durable wonderful toys and after moving to Madison in 1982 I am still learning every day. I build each toy with care, using Wisconsin hardwoods purchased from a 3rd generation family owned lumber company that provides sustainably harvested wood. These woods are durable, beautiful and timeless. I want my toys to furnish an alternative to some of the throw-away aspects of life today.


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