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Amercian Wood Bench
Our American Handmade Workbenches and that you find it to be the center of attention in your garage or work area  http://www.americanworkbench.com

Craftsman Tools
Almost all Craftsmans are still made here in the USA. Check!  http://www.craftsman.com

Serving customers and consumers for more than 70 years, “Quality” has been the cornerstone of the Fuller Tool success story. Since forming an alliance in 2005, Johnson Level & Tool and Fuller Tool have offered customers a one-stop shop opportunity.  http://www.johnsonlevel.com

Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, Inc.
LIE-NIELSEN TOOLWORKS began in 1981 as an effort to make top-quality hand tools available again from a U.S. maker and to revive discontinued, but useful, designs so the average woodworker could obtain them.

Today we make over 50 types of planes, saws, and spokeshaves. We have improved and refined designs, and use better materials like Ductile Iron and Manganese Bronze for castings and cryogenically treated A-2 Tool Steel for the blades.

Our plane blades are much thicker than those of any other production planes. The quality of machining and finishing results in a tool that looks as great as it works, and will be a pleasure to use for years to come.

Orbital Station

~Heavy guage steel with durable powder coat finish
~ Fits virtually all 5 inch palm grip sanders
~ Use to convert your palm sander to a bench mounted machine
~ Functions as support for long boards you wish to plane or sand
~ Easy assembly
~ Proudly made in the USA
` The Orbital Station is the tool accessory that you'll wonder how you ever lived without!


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